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PHAM Do Chung
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A simple approach for controlling the morphology of g-C3N4 nanosheets with enhanced photocatalytic properties
PH Linh, P Do Chung, N Van Khien, VT Thu, TN Bach, LT Hang, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 111, 108214, 2021
Fe-Doped g-C3N4: High-Performance Photocatalysts in Rhodamine B Decomposition
M Nguyen Van, OLT Mai, C Pham Do, H Lam Thi, C Pham Manh, ...
Polymers 12 (9), 1963, 2020
Photocatalytic activity enhancement of Bi2WO6 nanoparticles by Gd-doping via microwave assisted method
LH Hoang, ND Phu, P Do Chung, PC Guo, XB Chen, WC Chou
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 28 (16), 12191-12196, 2017
Anomalous and planar Righi-Leduc effects in ferromagnets
B Madon, DC Pham, JE Wegrowe, D Lacour, M Hehn, V Polewczyk, ...
Physical Review B 94 (14), 144423, 2016
Magnetic nanoconstrictions made from nickel electrodeposition in polymeric bi-conical tracks: Magneto-transport behavior
MC Clochard, M El Jouad, N Biziere, P Do Chung, HJ Drouhin, ...
Radiation Physics and Chemistry 94, 66-71, 2014
Strain-induced inverse magnetostriction measured on a single contacted Ni nanowire in a polymer matrix
DC Pham, N Biziere, G Melilli, R Pajon, D Lacour, L Bouvot, M Tabellout, ...
Materials Research Express 1 (4), 045017, 2014
Aqueous electrodeposition of (AuNPs/MWCNT–PEDOT) composite for high-affinity acetylcholinesterase electrochemical sensors
TT Vu, TNN Dau, CT Ly, DC Pham, TTN Nguyen, VT Pham
Journal of Materials Science 55 (21), 9070-9081, 2020
Electrochemical preparation of monodisperse Pt nanoparticles on a grafted 4-aminothiophenol supporting layer for improving the MOR reaction
NT Hoang, PTT Nguyen, P Do Chung, VTT Ha, TQ Hung, PT Nam, VT Thu
RSC advances 12 (13), 8137-8144, 2022
Facile preparation of highly uniform and stable AuNPs/rGO-PEDOT: PSS hybrid film for electrochemical detection of pharmaceutical residue in water
VC Nhung, NN Tien, DTN Nga, P Do Chung, NTT Ngan, VC Tu, VT Thu
Journal of Nanoparticle Research 24 (2), 1-14, 2021
Magnetoresistance in magnetic nanoconstrictions: The role of structural defects
N Biziere, MC Clochard, P Do Chung, JE Wegrowe, M Viret
Journal of Applied Physics 113 (17), 173910, 2013
Effect of heating time on structural, morphology, optical, and photocatalytic properties of g-C3N4 nanosheets
NM Hung, LT Hang, P Do Chung, PT Duyen, DV Thang, N Van Minh
Chinese Physics B 29 (5), 057801, 2020
Acetylcholinesterase sensor based on PANi/rGO film electrochemically grown on screen‐printed electrodes
LC Thanh, DTN Nga, NVB Lam, P Do Chung, LTT Nhi, LH Sinh, VT Thu, ...
Vietnam Journal of Chemistry 59 (2), 253-262, 2021
Tuning the particle size, physical properties, and photocatalytic activity of Ag3PO4 materials by changing the Ag+/ratio
NM Hung, LTM Oanh, DP Chung, DV Thang, VT Mai, LT Hang, NV Minh
Chinese Physics B 32 (3), 038102, 2023
Enhancement of ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties of Gadolinium (Gd) and Nickel (Ni) co-doped BiFeO3
DV Thang, P Do Chung, NM Hung, N Van Quang, N Van Minh
Ceramics International 46 (11), 17423-17429, 2020
A simple and green photoreduction approach for synthesis of Au/g-C3N4 hybrid nanocomposites with high solar light photocatalytic activity
PH Linh, P Do Chung, N Van Khien, TN Bach, LT Hang, NM Hung, ...
Semiconductor Science and Technology 37 (3), 035002, 2022
Effets thermoélectriques anisotropes dans les couches minces ferromagnétiques Py et YIG
DC Pham
Palaiseau, Ecole polytechnique, 2014
An improvement in ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties of low sintering-temperature (1− x)(0.98 (Bi0. 5 (Na0. 78K0. 22) 0.5− TiO3)− 0.02 CuO)−(x) NiFe2O4 particulate 0–3 …
C Do Pham, OTM Le, M Van Nguyen
Applied Physics A 127 (7), 1-7, 2021
Aqueous electrodeposition of (AuNPs/MWCNT–PEDOT) composite for high-affinity acetylcholinesterase electrochemical sensors
VT Thu, DTN Nga, CT Ly, P Do Chung, NTT Ngan, P Van Trinh
Journal of Materials Science 55 (21), 9070-9081, 2020
Effect of monobasic/dibasic phosphate salts on the crystallinity, physical properties and photocatalytic performance of Ag 3 PO 4 material
HN Manh, OLT Mai, CP Do, MV Thanh, ANT Diep, D La Bich, HL Thi, ...
AIMS Materials Science 9 (5), 770-784, 2022
Anisotropic Magnetoresistance Effect of Nickel Nanowires
P Do Chung, N Van Thanh, JE Wegrowe
Communications in Physics 31 (2), 227, 2021
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