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Shahab Abdulla
Shahab Abdulla
Associate Professor (Mathematics/Communication) at UniSQ
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Classification of epileptic EEG signals based on simple random sampling and sequential feature selection
HRA Ghayab, Y Li, S Abdulla, M Diykh, X Wan
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Designing deep-based learning flood forecast model with ConvLSTM hybrid algorithm
M Moishin, RC Deo, R Prasad, N Raj, S Abdulla
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A feature extraction technique based on tunable Q-factor wavelet transform for brain signal classification
HR Al Ghayab, Y Li, S Siuly, S Abdulla
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Adaptive boost LS-SVM classification approach for time-series signal classification in epileptic seizure diagnosis applications
H Al-Hadeethi, S Abdulla, M Diykh, RC Deo, JH Green
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Ensemble of adaboost cascades of 3L-LBPs classifiers for license plates detection with low quality images
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Expert Systems with Applications 92, 216-235, 2018
Sleep EEG signal analysis based on correlation graph similarity coupled with an ensemble extreme machine learning algorithm
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Epileptic seizures detection in EEGs blending frequency domain with information gain technique
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An efficient texture descriptor for the detection of license plates from vehicle images in difficult conditions
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EEG sleep stages identification based on weighted undirected complex networks
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Novel short-term solar radiation hybrid model: Long short-term memory network integrated with robust local mean decomposition
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A new framework for classification of multi-category hand grasps using EMG signals
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Near real-time global solar radiation forecasting at multiple time-step horizons using the long short-term memory network
ANL Huynh, RC Deo, DA An-Vo, M Ali, N Raj, S Abdulla
Energies 13 (14), 3517, 2020
Epileptic EEG signal classification using optimum allocation based power spectral density estimation
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Robust internal model control for depth of anaesthesia
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Texture analysis based graph approach for automatic detection of neonatal seizure from multi-channel EEG signals
AYO Mohammed Diykh, Firas Sabar Miften, Shahab Abdullab, Ravinesh C. Deo ...
Measurement 190, 13, 2022
Robust approach to depth of anaesthesia assessment based on hybrid transform and statistical features<? show [AQ ID= Q1]?>
M Diykh, FS Miften, S Abdulla, K Saleh, JH Green
IET Science, Measurement & Technology 14 (1), 128-136, 2020
Students’ mathematical preparation: differences in staff and student perceptions
AP Wandel, C Robinson, S Abdulla, T Dalby, A Frederiks, L Galligan
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Student teachers’ perceptions of teaching and learning conditions in Fiji and Maldives
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Forecasting daily flood water level using hybrid advanced machine learning based time-varying filtered empirical mode decomposition approach
M Jamei, M Ali, A Malik, R Prasad, S Abdulla, ZM Yaseen
Water Resources Management 36 (12), 4637-4676, 2022
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