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Mohamed A. Yassin
Mohamed A. Yassin
Research Scientist, Research Institute, KFUPM
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Evolution history of transtensional pull-apart, oblique rift basin and its implication on hydrocarbon exploration: A case study from Sufyan Sub-basin, Muglad Basin, Sudan
MA Yassin, MM Hariri, OM Abdullatif, G Korvin, M Makkawi
Marine and Petroleum Geology 79, 282-299, 2017
Computational machine learning approach for flood susceptibility assessment integrated with remote sensing and GIS techniques from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
AM Al-Areeq, SI Abba, MA Yassin, M Benaafi, M Ghaleb, IH Aljundi
Remote Sensing 14 (21), 5515, 2022
Potential overlooked bioturbated reservoir zones in the shallow marine strata of the Hanifa Formation in central Saudi Arabia
HA Eltom, A Alqubalee, MA Yassin
Marine and Petroleum Geology 124, 104798, 2021
Neurocomputing Modelling of Hydrochemical and Physical Properties of Groundwater Coupled with Spatial Clustering, GIS, and Statistical Techniques
M Benaafi, MA Yassin, AG Usman, SI Abba
Sustainability 14 (4), 2250, 2022
Novel machine learning algorithms to predict the groundwater vulnerability index to nitrate pollution at two levels of modeling
HE Elzain, SY Chung, S Venkatramanan, S Selvam, HA Ahemd, YK Seo, ...
Chemosphere 314, 137671, 2023
Integration of facies architecture, ooid granulometry and morphology for prediction of reservoir quality, Lower Triassic Khuff Formation, Saudi Arabia
HA Eltom, OM Abdullatif, LO Babalola, MA Bashari, M Yassin, MS Osman, ...
Petroleum Geoscience 23 (2), 177-189, 2017
Sedimentologic and reservoir characteristics under a tectono-sequence stratigraphic framework: A case study from the Early Cretaceous, upper Abu Gabra sandstones, Sufyan Sub …
MA Yassin, MM Hariri, OM Abdullatif, M Makkawi, G Bertotti, MA Kaminski
Journal of African Earth Sciences 142, 22-43, 2018
Geochemical characterization of the Permian–Triassic transition at outcrop, central Saudi Arabia
HA Eltom, OM Abdullatif, LO Babalola, MA Bashari, M Yassin, MS Osman, ...
Journal of Petroleum Geology 39 (1), 95-113, 2016
Remote sensing, geophysics, and modeling to support precision agriculture—Part 1: Soil applications
A Pradipta, P Soupios, N Kourgialas, M Doula, Z Dokou, M Makkawi, ...
Water 14 (7), 1158, 2022
Chemostratigraphic and sedimentologic evolution of Wajid Group (Wajid Sandstone): An outcrop analog study from the Cambrian to Permian, SW Saudi Arabia
MA Yassin, OM Abdullatif
Journal of African Earth Sciences 126, 159-175, 2017
Integration of spectral gamma-ray and geochemical analyses for the characterization of the upper Jurassic Arab-D carbonate reservoir: outcrop analogue approach, central Saudi …
H Eltom, O Abdullatif, M Makkawi, M Yasin
EAGE/Geological Society of London 19 (4), 399-415, 2013
Remote Sensing, Geophysics, and Modeling to Support Precision Agriculture—Part 2: Irrigation Management
A Pradipta, P Soupios, N Kourgialas, M Doula, Z Dokou, M Makkawi, ...
Water 14 (7), 1157, 2022
Spatiotemporal variability assessment of trace metals based on subsurface water quality impact integrated with artificial intelligence-based modeling
B Tawabini, MA Yassin, M Benaafi, JA Adetoro, A Al-Shaibani, SI Abba
Sustainability 14 (4), 2192, 2022
High-resolution lithofacies and porosity modeling of the mixed siliciclastic–carbonate deposits of the Burdigalian Dam Formation, Eastern Saudi Arabia
AA Abdelkarim, OM Abdullatif, LO Babalola, MH Makkawi, MA Yassin
International Journal of Earth Sciences 108, 155-172, 2019
Geochemical and Spatial Distribution of Topsoil HMs Coupled with Modeling of Cr Using Chemometrics Intelligent Techniques: Case Study from Dammam Area, Saudi Arabia
MA Yassin, B Tawabini, A Al-Shaibani, JA Adetoro, M Benaafi, ...
Molecules 27 (13), 4220, 2022
Intelligent learning algorithms integrated with feature engineering for sustainable groundwater salinization modelling: Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia
MA Yassin, AG Usman, SI Abba, DU Ozsahin, IH Aljundi
Results in Engineering 20, 101434, 2023
Comparison of the fuzzy analytic hierarchy process (F-AHP) and fuzzy logic for flood exposure risk assessment in arid regions
HM Baalousha, A Younes, MA Yassin, M Fahs
Hydrology 10 (7), 136, 2023
Impact of sedimentary fabrics on small-scale permeability variations within fine-grained sediments: Early Silurian Qusaiba Member, Northern Saudi Arabia
AJ Abdlmutalib, K Ayranci, MA Yassin, SR Hussaini, OA Abdullatif, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 139, 105607, 2022
Three-dimensional modeling and fluid flow simulation for the quantitative description of permeability anisotropy in tidal flat carbonate
HA Eltom, NA Saraih, OG Esteva, L Kusuma, S Ahmed, MA Yassin
Energies 13 (21), 5557, 2020
Enhanced reservoir heterogeneity description; khartam member of the permo-triassic khuff carbonate: outcrop reservoir analog approach from Central Saudi Arabia
AM Adam, O Abdullatif, MA Yassin, HA Eltom, LO Babalola, A Abdelraziq, ...
International Conference & Exhibition, 2014
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