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Eva Schreck
Eva Schreck
Géosciences Environnement Toulouse - Université Toulouse 3 Paul Sabatier
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Trích dẫn bởi
Foliar heavy metal uptake, toxicity and detoxification in plants: A comparison of foliar and root metal uptake
M Shahid, C Dumat, S Khalid, E Schreck, T Xiong, NK Niazi
Journal of hazardous materials 325, 36-58, 2017
Metal and metalloid foliar uptake by various plant species exposed to atmospheric industrial fallout: mechanisms involved for lead
E Schreck, Y Foucault, G Sarret, S Sobanska, L Cécillon, ...
Science of the Total Environment 427, 253-262, 2012
Copper oxide nanoparticle foliar uptake, phytotoxicity, and consequences for sustainable urban agriculture
TT Xiong, C Dumat, V Dappe, H Vezin, E Schreck, M Shahid, A Pierart, ...
Environmental Science & Technology 51 (9), 5242-5251, 2017
Neurotoxic effect and metabolic responses induced by a mixture of six pesticides on the earthworm Aporrectodea caliginosa nocturna
E Schreck, F Geret, L Gontier, M Treilhou
Chemosphere 71 (10), 1832-1839, 2008
Behavior and impact of zirconium in the soil–plant system: plant uptake and phytotoxicity
M Shahid, E Ferrand, E Schreck, C Dumat
Reviews of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology Volume 221, 107-127, 2012
Cadmium bioaccumulation and gastric bioaccessibility in cacao: A field study in areas impacted by oil activities in Ecuador
F Barraza, E Schreck, T Lévêque, G Uzu, F López, J Ruales, J Prunier, ...
Environmental Pollution 229, 950-963, 2017
Foliar uptake and metal (loid) bioaccessibility in vegetables exposed to particulate matter
TT Xiong, T Leveque, A Austruy, S Goix, E Schreck, V Dappe, S Sobanska, ...
Environmental Geochemistry and Health 36, 897-909, 2014
Management of human health risk in the context of kitchen gardens polluted by lead and cadmium near a lead recycling company
S Mombo, Y Foucault, F Deola, I Gaillard, S Goix, M Shahid, E Schreck, ...
Journal of soils and sediments 16, 1214-1224, 2016
Environmental and health impacts of fine and ultrafine metallic particles: assessment of threat scores
S Goix, T Lévêque, TT Xiong, E Schreck, A Baeza-Squiban, F Geret, ...
Environmental research 133, 185-194, 2014
Foliar or root exposures to smelter particles: consequences for lead compartmentalization and speciation in plant leaves
E Schreck, V Dappe, G Sarret, S Sobanska, D Nowak, J Nowak, ...
Science of the Total Environment 476, 667-676, 2014
Distribution, contents and health risk assessment of metal (loid) s in small-scale farms in the Ecuadorian Amazon: An insight into impacts of oil activities
F Barraza, L Maurice, G Uzu, S Becerra, F López, V Ochoa-Herrera, ...
Science of the Total Environment 622, 106-120, 2018
Green manure plants for remediation of soils polluted by metals and metalloids: Ecotoxicity and human bioavailability assessment
Y Foucault, T Lévèque, T Xiong, E Schreck, A Austruy, M Shahid, ...
Chemosphere 93 (7), 1430-1435, 2013
Influence of soil ageing on bioavailability and ecotoxicity of lead carried by process waste metallic ultrafine particles
E Schreck, Y Foucault, F Geret, P Pradère, C Dumat
Chemosphere 85 (10), 1555-1562, 2011
Kinetic study of phytotoxicity induced by foliar lead uptake for vegetables exposed to fine particles and implications for sustainable urban agriculture
TT Xiong, A Austruy, A Pierart, M Shahid, E Schreck, S Mombo, C Dumat
Journal of environmental sciences 46, 16-27, 2016
Assessing ecotoxicity and uptake of metals and metalloids in relation to two different earthworm species (Eiseina hortensis and Lumbricus terrestris)
T Leveque, Y Capowiez, E Schreck, C Mazzia, M Auffan, Y Foucault, ...
Environmental Pollution 179, 232-241, 2013
Mitigating the level of cadmium in cacao products: Reviewing the transfer of cadmium from soil to chocolate bar
R Vanderschueren, D Argüello, H Blommaert, D Montalvo, F Barraza, ...
Science of the Total Environment 781, 146779, 2021
Drinking water quality in areas impacted by oil activities in Ecuador: Associated health risks and social perception of human exposure
L Maurice, F López, S Becerra, H Jamhoury, K Le Menach, MH Dévier, ...
Science of the total environment 690, 1203-1217, 2019
Earthworm bioturbation influences the phytoavailability of metals released by particles in cultivated soils
T Leveque, Y Capowiez, E Schreck, T Xiong, Y Foucault, C Dumat
Environmental Pollution 191, 199-206, 2014
Influence of fine process particles enriched with metals and metalloids on Lactuca sativa L. leaf fatty acid composition following air and/or soil-plant field exposure
E Schreck, C Laplanche, M Le Guédard, JJ Bessoule, A Austruy, T Xiong, ...
Environmental pollution 179, 242-249, 2013
Development and validation of a rapid multiresidue method for pesticide determination using gas chromatography–mass spectrometry: a realistic case in vineyard soils
E Schreck, F Geret, L Gontier, M Treilhou
Talanta 77 (1), 298-303, 2008
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