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Shamsuddin Shahid
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Drought risk assessment in the western part of Bangladesh
S Shahid, H Behrawan
Natural hazards 46, 391-413, 2008
Impact of climate change on irrigation water demand of dry season Boro rice in northwest Bangladesh
S Shahid
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Rainfall variability and the trends of wet and dry periods in Bangladesh
S Shahid
International Journal of climatology 30 (15), 2299-2313, 2010
Trends in extreme rainfall events of Bangladesh
S Shahid
Theoretical and applied climatology 104, 489-499, 2011
Groundwater drought in the northwestern districts of Bangladesh
S Shahid, MK Hazarika
Water resources management 24, 1989-2006, 2010
Groundwater potential modelling in a soft rock area using a GIS
S Shahid, SK Nath, J Roy
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An empirical study of construction and demolition waste generation and implication of recycling
R Islam, TH Nazifa, A Yuniarto, ASMS Uddin, S Salmiati, S Shahid
Waste management 95, 10-21, 2019
Low impact development techniques to mitigate the impacts of climate-change-induced urban floods: Current trends, issues and challenges
SH Pour, AK Abd Wahab, S Shahid, M Asaduzzaman, A Dewan
Sustainable Cities and Society 62, 102373, 2020
Adaptation to climate change impacts on water demand
X Wang, J Zhang, S Shahid, E Guan, Y Wu, J Gao, R He
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Statistical downscaling of precipitation using machine learning techniques
DA Sachindra, K Ahmed, MM Rashid, S Shahid, BJC Perera
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Recent trends in the climate of Bangladesh
S Shahid
Climate Research 42 (3), 185-193, 2010
Trends analysis of rainfall and rainfall extremes in Sarawak, Malaysia using modified Mann–Kendall test
Z Sa’adi, S Shahid, T Ismail, ES Chung, XJ Wang
Meteorology and Atmospheric Physics 131, 263-277, 2019
Impacts of climate variability and change on seasonal drought characteristics of Pakistan
K Ahmed, S Shahid, N Nawaz
Atmospheric research 214, 364-374, 2018
Spatial and temporal characteristics of droughts in the western part of Bangladesh
S Shahid
Hydrological Processes: An International Journal 22 (13), 2235-2247, 2008
Long-term trends in daily temperature extremes in Iraq
SA Salman, S Shahid, T Ismail, ES Chung, AM Al-Abadi
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Spatio-temporal variability of rainfall over Bangladesh during the time period 1969-2003
S Shahid
Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Science 45 (3), 375-389, 2009
Multi-model ensemble predictions of precipitation and temperature using machine learning algorithms
K Ahmed, DA Sachindra, S Shahid, Z Iqbal, N Nawaz, N Khan
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Selection of climate models for projection of spatiotemporal changes in temperature of Iraq with uncertainties
SA Salman, S Shahid, T Ismail, K Ahmed, XJ Wang
Atmospheric research 213, 509-522, 2018
Changes in diurnal temperature range in Bangladesh during the time period 1961–2008
S Shahid, SB Harun, A Katimon
Atmospheric Research 118, 260-270, 2012
Selection of multi-model ensemble of general circulation models for the simulation of precipitation and maximum and minimum temperature based on spatial assessment metrics
K Ahmed, DA Sachindra, S Shahid, MC Demirel, ES Chung
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 23 (11), 4803-4824, 2019
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