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Amin Asadi
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Thermal conductivity of Cu/TiO2–water/EG hybrid nanofluid: Experimental data and modeling using artificial neural network and correlation
MH Esfe, S Wongwises, A Naderi, A Asadi, MR Safaei, H Rostamian, ...
International communications in heat and mass transfer 66, 100-104, 2015
Effect of sonication characteristics on stability, thermophysical properties, and heat transfer of nanofluids: A comprehensive review
A Asadi, F Pourfattah, IM Szilágyi, M Afrand, G Żyła, HS Ahn, ...
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 58, 104701, 2019
Dynamic viscosity of MWCNT/ZnO–engine oil hybrid nanofluid: an experimental investigation and new correlation in different temperatures and solid concentrations
M Asadi, A Asadi
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 76, 41-45, 2016
An experimental study on stability and thermal conductivity of water/silica nanofluid: Eco-friendly production of nanoparticles
R Ranjbarzadeh, A Moradikazerouni, R Bakhtiari, A Asadi, M Afrand
Journal of Cleaner Production 206, 1089-1100, 2019
Recent advances in preparation methods and thermophysical properties of oil-based nanofluids: A state-of-the-art review
A Asadi, S Aberoumand, A Moradikazerouni, F Pourfattah, G Żyła, ...
Powder Technology, 2019
The effect of temperature and solid concentration on dynamic viscosity of MWCNT/MgO (20–80)–SAE50 hybrid nano-lubricant and proposing a new correlation: An experimental study
A Asadi, M Asadi, M Rezaei, M Siahmargoi, F Asadi
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 78, 48-53, 2016
An experimental investigation on productivity and performance of a new improved design portable asymmetrical solar still utilizing thermoelectric modules
N Rahbar, JA Esfahani, A Asadi
Energy Conversion and Management 118, 55-62, 2016
Applications of feedforward multilayer perceptron artificial neural networks and empirical correlation for prediction of thermal conductivity of Mg (OH) 2–EG using experimental …
MH Esfe, M Afrand, S Wongwises, A Naderi, A Asadi, S Rostami, M Akbari
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 67, 46-50, 2015
An experimental investigation on the effects of ultrasonication time on stability and thermal conductivity of MWCNT-water nanofluid: Finding the optimum ultrasonication time
A Asadi, IM Alarifi, V Ali, HM Nguyen
Ultrasonics sonochemistry 58, 104639, 2019
An experimental and theoretical investigation on heat transfer capability of Mg (OH)2/MWCNT-engine oil hybrid nano-lubricant adopted as a coolant and lubricant fluid
A Asadi, M Asadi, A Rezaniakolaei, L Aistrup Rosendahl, S Wongwises
Applied Thermal Engineering 129, 577-586, 2018
An experimental study on characterization, stability and dynamic viscosity of CuO-TiO2/water hybrid nanofluid
A Asadi, IM Alarifi, LK Foong
Journal of Molecular Liquids 307, 112987, 2020
The effect of surfactant and sonication time on the stability and thermal conductivity of water-based nanofluid containing Mg(OH)2 nanoparticles: An experimental investigation
A Asadi, M Asadi, M Siahmargoi, T Asadi, M Gholami Andarati
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 108, 191-198, 2017
Numerical investigation of turbulent flow and heat transfer of nanofluid inside a wavy microchannel with different wavelengths
H Bazdar, D Toghraie, F Pourfattah, OA Akbari, HM Nguyen, A Asadi
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry, 1-16, 2019
An experimental and theoretical investigation on the effects of adding hybrid nanoparticles on heat transfer efficiency and pumping power of an oil-based nanofluid as a coolant …
A Meisam, A Amin, A Sadegh
International Journal of Refrigeration, 2018
Heat transfer performance of two oil-based nanofluids containing ZnO and MgO nanoparticles; a comparative experimental investigation
A Asadi, F Pourfattah
Powder Technology 343, 296-308, 2019
Performance evaluation of two solar stills of different geometries: Tubular versus triangular: Experimental study, numerical simulation, and second law analysis
N Rahbar, A Asadi, E Fotouhi-Bafghi
Desalination 443, 44-55, 2018
Thermal conductivity and viscosity of Mg(OH)2-ethylene glycol nanofluids: Finding a critical temperature
M Hemmat Esfe, S Saedodin, A Asadi, A Karimipour
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 120, 1145-1149, 2015
On the rheological properties of MWCNT-TiO2/oil hybrid nanofluid: An experimental investigation on the effects of shear rate, temperature, and solid concentration of nanoparticles
IM Alarifi, AB Alkouh, V Ali, HM Nguyen, A Asadi
Powder Technology 355, 157-162, 2019
Effects of magnetic field on the convective heat transfer rate and entropy generation of a nanofluid in an inclined square cavity equipped with a conductor fin: Considering the …
AA Alnaqi, S Aghakhani, AH Pordanjani, R Bakhtiari, A Asadi, MD Tran
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 133, 256-267, 2019
Feasibility of ANFIS-PSO and ANFIS-GA Models in Predicting Thermophysical Properties of Al2O3-MWCNT/Oil Hybrid Nanofluid
IM Alarifi, HM Nguyen, A Naderi Bakhtiyari, A Asadi
Materials 12 (21), 3628, 2019
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