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Venkatesh Meda
Venkatesh Meda
Professor of Food Process Engineering and Post-Harvest Technologies
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Trích dẫn bởi
An overview of microwave processing and dielectric properties of agri-food materials
MS Venkatesh, GSV Raghavan
Biosystems engineering 88 (1), 1-18, 2004
An overview of dielectric properties measuring techniques
MS Venkatesh, GSV Raghavan
Canadian biosystems engineering 47 (7), 15-30, 2005
Sea buckthorn berries: A potential source of valuable nutrients for nutraceuticals and cosmoceuticals
LM Bal, V Meda, SN Naik, S Satya
Food research international 44 (7), 1718-1727, 2011
A review on indirect type solar dryers for agricultural crops–Dryer setup, its performance, energy storage and important highlights
AB Lingayat, VP Chandramohan, VRK Raju, V Meda
Applied energy 258, 114005, 2020
Resistant starch: A review of analytical protocols for determining resistant starch and of factors affecting the resistant starch content of foods
A Perera, V Meda, RT Tyler
Food Research International 43 (8), 1959-1974, 2010
Supercritical CO2 extraction of fatty oil from flaxseed and comparison with screw press expression and solvent extraction processes
RC Pradhan, V Meda, PK Rout, S Naik, AK Dalai
Journal of Food Engineering 98 (4), 393-397, 2010
Hydrothermal pretreatment technologies for lignocellulosic biomass: A review of steam explosion and subcritical water hydrolysis
TR Sarker, F Pattnaik, S Nanda, AK Dalai, V Meda, S Naik
Chemosphere 284, 131372, 2021
Microwave heating and the dielectric properties of foods
V Meda, V Orsat, V Raghavan
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Review of solar dryers with latent heat storage systems for agricultural products
LM Bal, S Satya, SN Naik, V Meda
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 15 (1), 876-880, 2011
Torrefaction of wheat and barley straw after microwave heating
SK Satpathy, LG Tabil, V Meda, SN Naik, R Prasad
Fuel 124, 269-278, 2014
Grinding energy and physical properties of chopped and hammer-milled barley, wheat, oat, and canola straws
JS Tumuluru, LG Tabil, Y Song, KL Iroba, V Meda
biomass and bioenergy 60, 58-67, 2014
Synthesis, characterization and comparison of antimicrobial activity of PEG/TritonX-100 capped silver nanoparticles on collagen scaffold
A Mandal, V Meda, WJ Zhang, KM Farhan, A Gnanamani
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 90, 191-196, 2012
A review of torrefaction technology for upgrading lignocellulosic biomass to solid biofuels
TR Sarker, S Nanda, AK Dalai, V Meda
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Aquafaba, a new plant-based rheological additive for food applications
Y He, V Meda, MJT Reaney, R Mustafa
Trends in Food Science & Technology 111, 27-42, 2021
The effects of xanthan and guar gums on staling of gluten‐free rice cakes baked in different ovens
G Sumnu, F Koksel, S Sahin, A Basman, V Meda
International journal of food science & technology 45 (1), 87-93, 2010
Impact of process conditions on the density and durability of wheat, oat, canola, and barley straw briquettes
JS Tumuluru, LG Tabil, Y Song, KL Iroba, V Meda
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Taguchi-based process optimization for activation of agro-food waste biochar and performance test for dye adsorption
BR Patra, S Nanda, AK Dalai, V Meda
Chemosphere 285, 131531, 2021
Effect of microwave treatment on starch digestibility and physico-chemical properties of three barley types
S Emami, A Perera, V Meda, RT Tyler
Food and Bioprocess Technology 5, 2266-2274, 2012
Slow pyrolysis of agro-food wastes and physicochemical characterization of biofuel products
BR Patra, S Nanda, AK Dalai, V Meda
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Microwave technology for food processing: an overview.
V Orsat, V Raghavan, V Meda
The microwave processing of foods, 105-118, 2005
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