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Konstantina Pyrgaki
Konstantina Pyrgaki
Postdoctoral researcher-CERTH -NKUA
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Trích dẫn bởi
Prediction of copper ions adsorption by attapulgite adsorbent using tuned-artificial intelligence model
SK Bhagat, K Pyrgaki, SQ Salih, T Tiyasha, U Beyaztas, S Shahid, ...
Chemosphere 276, 130162, 2021
Comprehensive review on machine learning methodologies for modeling dye removal processes in wastewater
SK Bhagat, KE Pilario, OE Babalola, T Tiyasha, M Yaqub, CE Onu, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 385, 135522, 2023
Prediction of lead (Pb) adsorption on attapulgite clay using the feasibility of data intelligence models
SK Bhagat, M Paramasivan, M Al-Mukhtar, T Tiyasha, K Pyrgaki, TM Tung, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 31670-31688, 2021
Geochemical occurrence of rare earth elements in mining waste and mine water: a review
K Pyrgaki, V Gemeni, C Karkalis, N Koukouzas, P Koutsovitis, ...
Minerals 11 (8), 860, 2021
Current CO2 Capture and Storage Trends in Europe in a View of Social Knowledge and Acceptance. A Short Review
N Koukouzas, M Christopoulou, PP Giannakopoulou, A Rogkala, ...
Energies 15 (15), 5716, 2022
Adsorption of Pb and Cu from aqueous solutions by raw and heat-treated attapulgite clay
K Pyrgaki, P Messini, V Zotiadis
Geosciences 8 (5), 157, 2018
Occurence of hexavalent chromium in the ophiolite related aquifers of Loytraki and Schinos areas
K Pyrgaki, A Argyraki, E Kelepertzis, V Paraskevopoulou, F Botsou, ...
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 50 (4), 2261-2270, 2016
GIS-based subsurface analysis and 3D geological modeling as a tool for combined conventional mining and in-situ coal conversion: the case of kardia lignite mine, Western Greece
P Krassakis, K Pyrgaki, V Gemeni, C Roumpos, G Louloudis, ...
Mining 2 (2), 297-314, 2022
Hydrogeochemical investigation of Cr in the ultramafic rock-related water bodies of Loutraki basin, Northeast Peloponnese, Greece
K Pyrgaki, A Argyraki, F Botsou, E Kelepertzis, V Paraskevopoulou, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 80, 1-18, 2021
A DPSIR approach to selected Cr (VI) impacted groundwater bodies of central Greece
K Pyrgaki, A Argyraki, E Kelepertzis, F Botsou, I Megremi, S Karavoltsos, ...
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 106, 446-452, 2021
Sustainable removal of uranium from acidic wastewater using various mineral raw materials
P Petrounias, A Rogkala, PP Giannakopoulou, K Pyrgaki, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 330, 117159, 2023
GIS-based assessment of hybrid pumped hydro storage as a potential solution for the clean energy transition: the case of the Kardia Lignite Mine, Western Greece
P Krassakis, A Karavias, E Zygouri, C Roumpos, G Louloudis, K Pyrgaki, ...
Sensors 23 (2), 593, 2023
Environmental hazard quantification toolkit based on modular numerical simulations
M Tranter, S Steding, C Otto, K Pyrgaki, M Hedayatzadeh, V Sarhosis, ...
Advances in Geosciences 58, 67-76, 2022
Geochemical Occurrence of Rare Earth Elements in Mining Waste and Mine Water: A Review. Minerals 2021, 11, 860
K Pyrgaki, V Gemeni, C Karkalis, N Koukouzas, P Koutsovitis, ...
s Note: MDPI stays neutral with regard to jurisdictional claims in published …, 2021
Identification of sources and transformations of nitrate in Cr(VI)-impacted alluvial aquifers by a hydrogeochemical and δ15N-NO3 and δ18O-NO3 isotopes …
K Pyrgaki, E Kelepertzis, A Argyraki, P Boeckx, F Botsou, E Dassenakis
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 29 (38), 57703-57719, 2022
Origin of Cr in alluvial and aeolian sediments and ultramafic rocks in Sultanate of Oman: magnetic fractionation and sunlight effect
D Moraetis, AS Al-Suhai, B Pracejus, K Pyrgaki, A Argyraki, D Dermatas
Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology 106, 458-464, 2021
Assessing groundwater quality of Cr (VI) impacted water bodies along climate gradient from Central-East Mediterranean to Oman.
K Pyrgaki, A Argyraki, M Hatzaki, E Kelepertzis, F Botsou, I Megremi, ...
ΜΕDCLIVAR 2018 Conference, University of Belgrade, Serbia, 2018
Seasonal and Temporal Variation of the Piezometric Level in the Alluvial Aquifer of Loutraki(Korinthia), with the Use of GIS Mapping Techniques
K Pyrgaki, P Krassakis, V Gemeni, N Koukouzas, A Argyraki, K Voudouris
Conference paper, 2019
A DPSIR approach to selected Cr (VI) impacted groundwater bodies within Attica and Eastern Sterea Ellada River Basin Districts
K Pyrgaki, A Argyraki, S Kelepertzis, F Botsou, I Megremi, S Karavoltsos, ...
16th International Conference on Environmental Science and Technology, 2019
An interdisciplinary feasibility study on hybrid pumped hydropower storage of excess energy in open-pit coal mines
T Kempka, P Ernst, K Kapusta, N Koukouzas, J Darmosz, C Roumpos, ...
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