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Bui Hoang Bac
Bui Hoang Bac
Hanoi University of Mining and Geology
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Trích dẫn bởi
A comparative study of artificial neural networks in predicting blast-induced air-blast overpressure at Deo Nai open-pit coal mine, Vietnam
NLM Hoang Nguyen, Xuan-Nam Bui, Hoang-Bac Bui
Neural Computing and Applications, 2018
Prediction of blast-induced air over-pressure in open-pit mine: assessment of different artificial intelligence techniques
XN Bui, H Nguyen, HA Le, HB Bui, NH Do
Natural Resources Research 29 (2), 571-591, 2020
Developing an XGBoost model to predict blast-induced peak particle velocity in an open-pit mine: a case study
H Nguyen, XN Bui, HB Bui, DT Cuong
Acta Geophysica 67, 477-490, 2019
Humidity control materials prepared from diatomite and volcanic ash
DH Vu, KS Wang, BH Bac, BX Nam
Construction and Building Materials 38, 1066-1072, 2013
Glass–ceramic from mixtures of bottom ash and fly ash
DH Vu, KS Wang, JH Chen, BX Nam, BH Bac
Waste management 32 (12), 2306-2314, 2012
Humidity control porous ceramics prepared from waste and porous materials
DH Vu, KS Wang, BH Bac
Materials Letters 65 (6), 940-943, 2011
Predicting the sorption efficiency of heavy metal based on the biochar characteristics, metal sources, and environmental conditions using various novel hybrid machine learning …
B Ke, H Nguyen, XN Bui, HB Bui, Y Choi, J Zhou, H Moayedi, R Costache, ...
Chemosphere 276, 130204, 2021
Estimating PM10 Concentration from Drilling Operations in Open-Pit Mines Using an Assembly of SVR and PSO
XN Bui, CW Lee, H Nguyen, HB Bui, NQ Long, QT Le, VD Nguyen, ...
Applied Sciences 9 (14), 2806, 2019
Preparation of humidity-controlling porous ceramics from volcanic ash and waste glass
DH Vu, KS Wang, BX Nam, BH Bac, TC Chu
Ceramics International 37 (7), 2845-2853, 2011
Prediction of the sorption efficiency of heavy metal onto biochar using a robust combination of fuzzy C-means clustering and back-propagation neural network
B Ke, H Nguyen, XN Bui, HB Bui, T Nguyen-Thoi
Journal of Environmental Management 293, 112808, 2021
Composition and morphology characteristics of magnetic fractions of coal fly ash wastes processed in high-temperature exposure in thermal power plants
DH Vu, HB Bui, B Kalantar, XN Bui, DA Nguyen, QT Le, NH Do, H Nguyen
Applied Sciences 9 (9), 1964, 2019
A novel artificial intelligence technique to estimate the gross calorific value of coal based on meta-heuristic and support vector regression algorithms
HB Bui, H Nguyen, Y Choi, XN Bui, T Nguyen-Thoi, Y Zandi
Applied Sciences 9 (22), 4868, 2019
A comparative study of empirical and ensemble machine learning algorithms in predicting air over-pressure in open-pit coal mine
H Nguyen, XN Bui, QH Tran, P Van Hoa, DA Nguyen, LTT Hoa, QT Le, ...
Acta Geophysica 68, 325-336, 2020
A comparative study of different machine learning algorithms in predicting the content of ilmenite in titanium placer
Y Lv, QT Le, HB Bui, XN Bui, H Nguyen, T Nguyen-Thoi, J Dou, X Song
Applied Sciences 10 (2), 635, 2020
Prediction of rock size distribution in mine bench blasting using a novel ant colony optimization-based boosted regression tree technique
S Zhang, XN Bui, NT Trung, H Nguyen, HB Bui
Natural Resources Research 29, 867-886, 2020
Surface-modified aluminogermanate nanotube by OPA: synthesis and characterization
BH Bac, Y Song, MH Kim, YB Lee, IM Kang
Inorganic Chemistry Communications 12 (10), 1045-1048, 2009
Predicting ground vibrations due to mine blasting using a novel artificial neural network-based cuckoo search optimization
XN Bui, H Nguyen, QH Tran, DA Nguyen, HB Bui
Natural resources research 30, 2663-2685, 2021
Rapid determination of gross calorific value of coal using artificial neural network and particle swarm optimization
H Nguyen, HB Bui, XN Bui
Natural Resources Research 30, 621-638, 2021
Highly ordered Ge-incorporated akaganeite (β-FeOOH): A tunnel-type nanorod
Y Song, BH Bac, YB Lee, MH Kim, IM Kang
CrystEngComm 13 (1), 287-292, 2011
A novel approach in adsorption of heavy metal ions from aqueous solution using synthesized MCM-41 from coal bottom ash
DH Vu, HB Bui, XN Bui, D An-Nguyen, QT Le, NH Do, H Nguyen
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry 100 (11), 1226-1244, 2020
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