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Akira Iguchi
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Ocean acidification reduces sperm flagellar motility in broadcast spawning reef invertebrates
M Morita, R Suwa, A Iguchi, M Nakamura, K Shimada, K Sakai, A Suzuki
Zygote 18 (2), 103-107, 2010
Effects of acidified seawater on early life stages of scleractinian corals (Genus Acropora)
R Suwa, M Nakamura, M Morita, K Shimada, A Iguchi, K Sakai, A Suzuki
Fisheries Science 76, 93-99, 2010
Perspective on the response of marine calcifiers to global warming and ocean acidification—Behavior of corals and foraminifera in a high CO2 world “hot house”
H Kawahata, K Fujita, A Iguchi, M Inoue, S Iwasaki, A Kuroyanagi, ...
Progress in Earth and Planetary Science 6, 1-37, 2019
Eggs regulate sperm flagellar motility initiation, chemotaxis and inhibition in the coral Acropora digitifera, A. gemmiferaand A. tenuis
M Morita, A Nishikawa, A Nakajima, A Iguchi, K Sakai, A Takemura, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 209 (22), 4574-4579, 2006
Gene flow and genetic diversity of a broadcast-spawning coral in northern peripheral populations
Y Nakajima, A Nishikawa, A Iguchi, K Sakai
PLoS One 5 (6), e11149, 2010
Taxonomic study of shallow-water octopuses (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) in Japan and adjacent waters using mitochondrial genes with perspectives on octopus DNA barcoding
N Kaneko, T Kubodera, A Iguchis
Malacologia 54 (1-2), 97-108, 2011
Effects of acidified seawater on coral calcification and symbiotic algae on the massive coral Porites australiensis
A Iguchi, S Ozaki, T Nakamura, M Inoue, Y Tanaka, A Suzuki, H Kawahata, ...
Marine Environmental Research 73, 32-36, 2012
The potential role of temperate Japanese regions as refugia for the coral Acropora hyacinthus in the face of climate change
A Nakabayashi, T Yamakita, T Nakamura, H Aizawa, YF Kitano, A Iguchi, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1892, 2019
Growth-rate influences on coral climate proxies tested by a multiple colony culture experiment
E Hayashi, A Suzuki, T Nakamura, A Iwase, T Ishimura, A Iguchi, K Sakai, ...
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 362, 198-206, 2013
Sox genes in the coral Acropora millepora: divergent expression patterns reflect differences in developmental mechanisms within the Anthozoa
C Shinzato, A Iguchi, DC Hayward, U Technau, EE Ball, DJ Miller
BMC evolutionary biology 8, 1-16, 2008
Genomic and microarray approaches to coral reef conservation biology
S Foret, KS Kassahn, LC Grasso, DC Hayward, A Iguchi, EE Ball, ...
Coral Reefs 26, 475-486, 2007
An Indo-Pacific coral spawning database
AH Baird, JR Guest, AJ Edwards, AG Bauman, J Bouwmeester, H Mera, ...
Scientific data 8 (1), 35, 2021
Green fluorescence from cnidarian hosts attracts symbiotic algae
Y Aihara, S Maruyama, AH Baird, A Iguchi, S Takahashi, J Minagawa
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 116 (6), 2118-2123, 2019
Bleaching and post-bleaching mortality of Acropora corals on a heat-susceptible reef in 2016
K Sakai, T Singh, A Iguchi
PeerJ 7, e8138, 2019
Unexpected diversity of cnidarian integrins: expression during coral gastrulation
BA Knack, A Iguchi, C Shinzato, DC Hayward, EE Ball, DJ Miller
BMC Evolutionary Biology 8, 1-11, 2008
Estimate of calcification responses to thermal and freshening stresses based on culture experiments with symbiotic and aposymbiotic primary polyps of a coral, Acropora digitifera
M Inoue, K Shinmen, H Kawahata, T Nakamura, Y Tanaka, A Kato, ...
Global and Planetary Change 92, 1-7, 2012
An aposymbiotic primary coral polyp counteracts acidification by active pH regulation
Y Ohno, A Iguchi, C Shinzato, M Inoue, A Suzuki, K Sakai, T Nakamura
Scientific reports 7 (1), 40324, 2017
Comparative analysis on the genetic population structures of the deep-sea whelks Buccinum tsubai and Neptunea constricta in the Sea of Japan
A Iguchi, S Takai, M Ueno, T Maeda, T Minami, I Hayashi
Marine Biology 151, 31-39, 2007
Nutrient availability affects the response of juvenile corals and the endosymbionts to ocean acidification
Y Tanaka, A Iguchi, K Nishida, M Inoue, T Nakamura, A Suzuki, K Sakai
Limnology and Oceanography 59 (5), 1468-1476, 2014
Comparative phylogeography to test for predictions of marine larval dispersal in three amphidromous shrimps
J Fujita, K Zenimoto, A Iguchi, Y Kai, M Ueno, Y Yamashita
Marine Ecology Progress Series 560, 105-120, 2016
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