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Ho Viet Duc
Ho Viet Duc
University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Hue University
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Trích dẫn bởi
In Vitro Antimicrobial Activity of Essential Oil Extracted from Leaves of Leoheo domatiophorus Chaowasku, D.T. Ngo and H.T. Le in Vietnam
N Trong Le, D Viet Ho, T Quoc Doan, A Tuan Le, A Raal, D Usai, ...
Plants 9 (4), 453, 2020
Phytochemical Compositions and Biological Activities of Essential Oils from the Leaves, Rhizomes and Whole Plant of Hornstedtia bella Škorničk
MG Donadu, N Trong Le, D Viet Ho, T Quoc Doan, A Tuan Le, A Raal, ...
Antibiotics 9 (6), 334, 2020
Biological Activities of Essential Oils from Leaves of Paramignya trimera (Oliv.) Guillaum and Limnocitrus littoralis (Miq.) Swingle
N Trong Le, D Viet Ho, T Quoc Doan, A Tuan Le, A Raal, D Usai, G Sanna, ...
Antibiotics 9 (4), 207, 2020
Biological activities of essential oil extracted from leaves of Atalantia sessiflora Guillauminin Vietnam
NT Le, MG Donadu, DV Ho, TQ Doan, AT Le, R Ain, U Donatella, ...
Journal of Infection in Developing Countries 14 (9), 1054-1064, 2020
Selectivity of Pinus sylvestris extract and essential oil to estrogen-insensitive breast cancer cells Pinus sylvestris against cancer cells
NT Hoai, HV Duc, A Orav, A Raal
Pharmacognosy Magazine 11 (Suppl 2), S290, 2015
Cytotoxic effect of chamomile (Matricaria recutita) and marigold (Calendula officinalis) extracts on human melanoma SK-MEL-2 and epidermoid carcinoma KB cells
K Sak, TH Nguyen, VD Ho, TT Do, A Raal
Cogent Medicine 4 (1), 1333218, 2017
A new lignan glycoside from the aerial parts and cytotoxic investigation of Uvaria rufa
TH Nguyen, VD Ho, TT Do, HT Bui, VK Phan, K Sak, A Raal
Natural product research 29 (3), 247-252, 2015
Alkylphloroglucinol derivatives and triterpenoids with soluble epoxide hydrolase inhibitory activity from Callistemon citrinus
PN Khanh, HV Duc, TT Huong, NT Son, VT Ha, DT Van, BH Tai, JE Kim, ...
Fitoterapia 109, 39-44, 2016
Antibacterial activities of chemical constituents from the aerial parts of Hedyotis pilulifera
HT Nguyen, DV Ho, HQ Vo, AT Le, HM Nguyen, T Kodama, T Ito, H Morita, ...
Pharmaceutical biology 55 (1), 787-791, 2017
Huperphlegmines A and B, two novel Lycopodium alkaloids with an unprecedented skeleton from Huperzia phlegmaria, and their acetylcholinesterase inhibitory activities
HT Nguyen, HT Doan, DV Ho, KT Pham, A Raal, H Morita
Fitoterapia 129, 267-271, 2018
Vasorelaxing activity of two coumarins from Murraya paniculata leaves
NM Cuong, PN Khanh, HV Duc, TT Huong, BH Tai, NQ Binh, M Durante, ...
Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 37 (4), 694-697, 2014
A new polyoxygenated cyclohexene and a new megastigmane glycoside from Uvaria grandiflora
DV Ho, T Kodama, HTB Le, K Van Phan, TT Do, TH Bui, AT Le, NN Win, ...
Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters 25 (16), 3246-3250, 2015
Vascular L-Type Ca2+ Channel Blocking Activity of Sulfur-Containing Indole Alkaloids from Glycosmis petelotii
NM Cuong, PN Khanh, PT Huyen, HV Duc, TT Huong, VT Ha, M Durante, ...
Journal of Natural Products 77 (7), 1586-1593, 2014
A new triterpene ester and other chemical constituents from the aerial parts of Anodendron paniculatum and their cytotoxic activity
D Viet Ho, HN Thi Hoang, H Quoc Vo, H Minh Nguyen, A Raal, ...
Journal of asian natural Products research 20 (2), 188-194, 2018
Phenolic compounds from Callistemon citrinus leaves and stems
PN Khanh, HV Đuc, TT Huong, VT Ha, DT Van, YH Kim, NM Cuong
Vietnam Journal of Science and Technology 54 (2), 190-197, 2016
Three new steroidal saponins from Aspidistra letreae plants and their cytotoxic activities
DV Ho, HNT Hoang, HQ Vo, KV Nguyen, TV Pham, AT Le, K Van Phan, ...
Journal of natural medicines 74, 591-598, 2020
Cytotoxic Evaluation of Compounds Isolated from the Aerial Parts of Hedyotis pilulifera and Methanol Extract of Inonotus obliquus
HT Nguyen, DV Ho, PDQ Nguyen, HQ Vo, TT Do, A Raal
Natural Product Communications 13 (8), 1934578X1801300805, 2018
Antimelanogenic activity of ocotillol-type saponins from Panax vietnamensis
HM Nguyen, HT Nguyen, N Win, CP Wong, KLV Huynh, NN Hoang, ...
Chemistry & biodiversity 17 (5), e2000037, 2020
Preformulation study of electrospun haemanthamine-loaded amphiphilic nanofibers intended for a solid template for self-assembled liposomes
K Viet Nguyen, I Laidmäe, K Kogermann, A Lust, A Meos, D Viet Ho, ...
Pharmaceutics 11 (10), 499, 2019
Selective cytotoxic action of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.) needles extract in human cancer cell lines
A Raal, TH Nguyen, VD Ho, TT Do
Pharmacognosy Magazine 11 (44 Supplement 2), S290-295, 2015
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