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Dr. Faizur Rahman
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Nanostructured materials for water desalination
T Humplik, J Lee, SC O’hern, BA Fellman, MA Baig, SF Hassan, MA Atieh, ...
Nanotechnology 22 (29), 292001, 2011
Vanadium redox battery: Positive half-cell electrolyte studies
F Rahman, M Skyllas-Kazacos
Journal of Power Sources 189 (2), 1212-1219, 2009
Decomposition of hydrocarbons to hydrogen and carbon
S Ahmed, A Aitani, F Rahman, A Al-Dawood, F Al-Muhaish
Applied Catalysis A: General 359 (1-2), 1-24, 2009
Solubility of vanadyl sulfate in concentrated sulfuric acid solutions
F Rahman, M Skyllas-Kazacos
Journal of Power Sources 72 (2), 105-110, 1998
Scaling of reverse osmosis membranes used in water desalination: Phenomena, impact, and control; future directions
A Matin, F Rahman, HZ Shafi, SM Zubair
Desalination 455, 135-157, 2019
Overview of energy storage systems for storing electricity from renewable energy sources in Saudi Arabia
F Rahman, S Rehman, MA Abdul-Majeed
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 16 (1), 274-283, 2012
Calcium sulfate precipitation studies with scale inhibitors for reverse osmosis desalination
F Rahman
Desalination 319, 79-84, 2013
Characterization of foulants by autopsy of RO desalination membranes
FH Butt, F Rahman, U Baduruthamal
Desalination 114 (1), 51-64, 1997
Synthesis and evaluation of phosphate-free antiscalants to control CaSO4· 2H2O scale formation in reverse osmosis desalination plants
SA Ali, IW Kazi, F Rahman
Desalination 357, 36-44, 2015
Identification of scale deposits through membrane autopsy
FH Butt, F Rahman, U Baduruthamal
Desalination 101 (3), 219-230, 1995
Evaluation of SHMP and advanced scale inhibitors for control of CaSO4, SrSO4, and CaCO3 scales in RO desalination
FH Butt, F Rahman, U Baduruthamal
Desalination 109 (3), 323-332, 1997
Kinetics and mechanism of partial oxidation of ethane to ethylene and acetic acid over MoV type catalysts
F Rahman, KF Loughlin, MA Al-Saleh, MR Saeed, NM Tukur, MM Hossain, ...
Applied Catalysis A: General 375 (1), 17-25, 2010
Pilot plant evaluation of advanced vs. conventional scale inhibitors for RO desalination
FH Butt, F Rahman, U Baduruthamal
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Development of polyelectrolyte multilayer thin film composite membrane for water desalination application
F Fadhillah, SMJ Zaidi, Z Khan, MM Khaled, F Rahman, PT Hammond
Desalination 318, 19-24, 2013
Reverse osmosis membranes surface-modified using an initiated chemical vapor deposition technique show resistance to alginate fouling under cross-flow conditions: filtration …
A Matin, H Shafi, M Wang, Z Khan, K Gleason, F Rahman
Desalination 379, 108-117, 2016
Evaluation of additive formulations to inhibit precipitation of positive electrolyte in vanadium battery
F Rahman, M Skyllas-Kazacos
Journal of Power Sources 340, 139-149, 2017
Simultaneous operation of dibenzothiophene hydrodesulfurization and methanol reforming reactions over Pd promoted alumina based catalysts
M Yaseen, M Shakirullah, I Ahmad, AU Rahman, FU Rahman, M Usman, ...
Journal of Fuel Chemistry and Technology 40 (6), 714-720, 2012
Synthesis and characterization of reactive macroporous poly (glycidyl methacrylate‐triallyl isocyanurate‐ethylene glycol dimethacrylate) microspheres by suspension …
A Rahman, M Iqbal, F Rahman, D Fu, M Yaseen, Y Lv, M Omer, M Garver, ...
Journal of applied polymer science 124 (2), 915-926, 2012
Techno-economic evaluation of waste lube oil rerefining
MF Ali, F Rahman, AJ Hamdan
International journal of production economics 42 (3), 263-273, 1996
Hollow fine fiber vs. spiral-wound reverse osmosis desalination membranes part 2: membrane autopsy
FH Butt, F Rahman, U Baduruthamal
Desalination 109 (1), 83-94, 1997
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