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Nguyen Hoang Lam
Nguyen Hoang Lam
Tra vinh University
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Trích dẫn bởi
Removal of phosphate from wastewater using coal slag
Nguyen Hoang Lam, Hoa Thai Ma, Mohammed J. K. Bashir, G. Eppe, Pramod Avti ...
International Journal of Environmental Analytical Chemistry - ISSN: 10290397 …, 2020
Nitrate Removal from Waste-Water Using Silica Nanoparticles
PK To, HT Ma, L Nguyen Hoang, TT Nguyen
Journal of Chemistry - ISSN: 20909071, 20909063 2020 ( …, 2020
Evaluation of the Structural Deviation of Cu/Cu2O Nanocomposite Using the X-ray Diffraction Analysis Methods
NH Lam, RP Smith, N Le, CTT Thuy, MS Tamboli, AM Tamboli, S Alshehri, ...
Crystals 12 (4), 566, 2022
Enhanced light absorption and charge separation of In‐doped ZnO nanorod arrays for photoelectrochemical water‐splitting application
N Le, NTN Truong, NH Lam, AM Tamboli, SS Patil, MS Tamboli, K Lee, ...
International Journal of Energy Research 46 (5), 6264-6276, 2022
Improving the photoelectrochemical water splitting performance of CuO photocathodes using a protective CuBi2O4 layer
NH Lam, NTN Truong, N Le, KS Ahn, Y Jo, CD Kim, JH Jung
Scientific Reports 13 (1), 5776, 2023
TiO2–SnO2 Nanocomposites for Photocatalytic Environmental Remediation under UV-Light
SM Deshmukh, SS Patil, SB Babar, S Alshehri, MM Ghoneim, AM Tamboli, ...
Metals 12 (5), 733, 2022
Powder X-ray diffraction analysis of Cu/Cu2O nanocomposites synthesized by colloidal solution method
NH Lam, N Le, ES Kim, MS Tamboli, AM Tamboli, NTN Truong, JH Jung
Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering 39 (9), 2505-2512, 2022
Direct growth of Bi2S3 nanorods onto the Bi2MoO6 nanoflakes: A promising heterostructure for efficient photoelectrochemical water-splitting application
N Le, NTN Truong, NH Lam, AM Tamboli, MS Tamboli, MR Pallavolu, ...
FlatChem 37, 100468, 2023
Fabrication and Characterization of the Broccoli-like Structured CuO Thin Films Synthesized by a Facile Hydrothermal Method and Its Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting Application
NH Lam, NTN Truong, CTT Thuy, MS Tamboli, AM Tamboli, J Jung, K Ahn, ...
Metals 12 (3), 484, 2022
Assessment of Salinity Tolerance of 4 Chili Pepper Genotypes in Vietnam
TN Ai, TNB Tran, NH Lam, MH Nguyen, CH Phan
Journal of Southwest Jiaotong University 56 (2), 2021
Vacuum-Free Quantum Dots Planar Hybrid Solar Cells: Improving Charge Transport Using Reduced Graphene Oxide and PEO as the Buffer Layer
M Kim, NTN Truong, NH Lam, N Le, AM Tamboli, MS Tamboli, TNL Vu, ...
Applied Sciences 12 (3), 1185, 2022
Core-shell nickel-graphene nanoparticles for efficient tin sulfide/polymer bulk hetero-junction solar cells
NTN Truong, NH Lam, VRM Reddy, MS Tamboli, CD Kim, C Park
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 32, 24575-24583, 2021
Plasmonic Gold Nanorod Size-Controlled: Optical, Morphological, and Electrical Properties of Efficiency Improved Tin Disulfide Vacuum-Free Hybrid Solar Cells
M Kim, NTN Truong, NH Lam, N Le, AM Tamboli, MS Tamboli, JH Jung
Metals 11 (12), 1911, 2021
Synthesis of selenium and fluorine co-doped graphitic carbon nitride for photodegradation of toxic organic pollutants and hydrogen peroxide photoproduction
T Do Dat, DTC Minh, H An, ND Hai, NTH Nam, NH Lam, NH Hieu
Environmental Nanotechnology, Monitoring & Management 21, 100920, 2024
Biologically-mediated synthesis of silver‑zinc oxide incorporated with graphene aerogel: Energy storage applications, photodegradation of dyes, and oil-organic solvents adsorption
NH Hieu, TT Buu, TM Khue, VM Quan, BK Ngoc, NNA Hao, ND Hai, ...
Diamond and Related Materials 143, 110861, 2024
CuO photocathode enhancement through ultra-thin carbon coating layer for photoelectrochemical water splitting
NH Lam, NTN Truong, KS Ahn, Y Jo, SB Kang, NH Hieu, SF Shaikh, ...
FlatChem 43, 100600, 2024
Fabrication CuO Thin-Film Synthesized by Hydrothermal Method for Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting
NH Lam, NTN Truong, N Le
한국에너지학회 학술발표회, 218-218, 2023
Growth and property evaluation of nickel–graphite core–shell nanoparticles based on temperature parameters for utilization in silver paste
SB Kang, KS Lee, DC Chung, Y Jo, NH Lam, SF Shaikh, J Jung, ...
Journal of Materials Science: Materials in Electronics 34 (28), 1912, 2023
Effects of Growth Temperature on the Morphological, Structural, and Electrical Properties of CIGS Thin Film for Use in Solar Cell Applications
HL Nguyen, H Lee, SF Shaikh, HA Khan, MS Tamboli, JH Jung, ...
Energies 16 (11), 4467, 2023
Nitrogen-Doped Nickel Graphene Core Shell Synthesis: Structural, Morphological, and Chemical Composition for Planar Hybrid Solar Cells Application
SB Kang, Y Jo, NH Lam, NTN Truong, JH Jung, CD Kim
Photonics 10 (1), 18, 2022
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