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Isam H. Aljundi
Isam H. Aljundi
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Trích dẫn bởi
Energy and exergy analysis of a steam power plant in Jordan
IH Aljundi
Applied thermal engineering 29 (2-3), 324-328, 2009
Effect of dry hydrocarbons and critical point temperature on the efficiencies of organic Rankine cycle
IH Aljundi
Renewable Energy 36 (4), 1196-1202, 2011
Membrane fouling and modification using surface treatment and layer-by-layer assembly of polyelectrolytes: State-of-the-art review
J Saqib, IH Aljundi
Journal of Water Process Engineering 11, 68-87, 2016
Adsorption of lactic acid from fermentation broth and aqueous solutions on Zeolite molecular sieves
IH Aljundi, JM Belovich, O Talu
Chemical Engineering Science 60 (18), 5004-5009, 2005
Desalination characteristics of TFN-RO membrane incorporated with ZIF-8 nanoparticles
IH Aljundi
Desalination 420, 12-20, 2017
Second-law analysis of a reverse osmosis plant in Jordan
IH Aljundi
Desalination 239 (1-3), 207-215, 2009
Bromate formation during ozonation of drinking water: A response surface methodology study
IH Aljundi
Desalination 277 (1-3), 24-28, 2011
Biodegradation kinetics and modeling of whey lactose by bacterial hemoglobin VHb-expressing Escherichia coli strain
MM Abboud, IH Aljundi, KM Khleifat, S Dmour
Biochemical Engineering Journal 48 (2), 166-172, 2010
A study of characteristics of activated carbon produced from Jordanian olive cake
IH Aljundi, N Jarrah
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 81 (1), 33-36, 2008
Evaluating graphene oxide and holey graphene oxide membrane performance for water purification
C Buelke, A Alshami, J Casler, Y Lin, M Hickner, IH Aljundi
Journal of membrane science 588, 117195, 2019
Mixed-Metal Cu-BTC metal–organic frameworks as a strong adsorbent for molecular hydrogen at low temperatures
AMP Peedikakkal, IH Aljundi
ACS omega 5 (44), 28493-28499, 2020
The nature and kinetics of the adsorption of dibenzothiophene in model diesel fuel on carbonaceous materials loaded with aluminum oxide particles
MK Nazal, M Khaled, MA Atieh, IH Aljundi, GA Oweimreen, ...
Arabian Journal of Chemistry 12 (8), 3678-3691, 2019
Rice husk derived Aminated Silica for the efficient adsorption of different gases
RS Bakdash, IH Aljundi, C Basheer, I Abdulazeez
Scientific reports 10 (1), 19526, 2020
Layer-by-layer assembly of carbide derived carbon-polyamide membrane for CO2 separation from natural gas
A Awad, IH Aljundi
Energy 157, 188-199, 2018
Recent progress in microfiltration/ultrafiltration membranes for separation of oil and water emulsions
N Baig, B Salhi, M Sajid, IH Aljundi
The Chemical Record 22 (7), e202100320, 2022
Improved hydrophilicity and anti-fouling properties of polyamide TFN membrane comprising carbide derived carbon
AUH Khan, Z Khan, IH Aljundi
Desalination 420, 125-135, 2017
Computational machine learning approach for flood susceptibility assessment integrated with remote sensing and GIS techniques from Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
AM Al-Areeq, SI Abba, MA Yassin, M Benaafi, M Ghaleb, IH Aljundi
Remote Sensing 14 (21), 5515, 2022
Biodegradation of 2-Chlorobenzoic Acid by Klebsiella oxytoca: Mathematical Modeling and Effect of Some Growth Conditions
IH Aljundi, KM Khleifat, AM Khlaifat, AM Ibrahim, KA Tarawneh, ...
Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 49 (16), 7159-7167, 2010
Adsorption isotherms and kinetics for dibenzothiophene on activated carbon and carbon nanotube doped with nickel oxide nanoparticles
MK Nazal, GA Oweimreen, M Khaled, MA Atieh, IH Aljundi, ...
Bulletin of Materials Science 39, 437-450, 2016
Sandstone groundwater salinization modelling using physicochemical variables in Southern Saudi Arabia: Application of novel data intelligent algorithms
SI Abba, M Benaafi, AG Usman, IH Aljundi
Ain Shams Engineering Journal 14 (3), 101894, 2023
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