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Ahmad Sohankar
Ahmad Sohankar
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Trích dẫn bởi
Low‐Reynolds‐number flow around a square cylinder at incidence: study of blockage, onset of vortex shedding and outlet boundary condition
A Sohankar, C Norberg, L Davidson
International journal for numerical methods in fluids 26 (1), 39-56, 1998
Simulation of three-dimensional flow around a square cylinder at moderate Reynolds numbers
A Sohankar, C Norberg, L Davidson
Physics of fluids 11 (2), 288-306, 1999
Large eddy simulation of flow past a square cylinder: comparison of different subgrid scale models
A Sohankar, L Davidson, C Norberg
J. Fluids Eng. 122 (1), 39-47, 2000
Numerical simulation of unsteady low-Reynolds number flow around rectangular cylinders at incidence
A Sohankar, C Norbergb, L Davidson
Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 69, 189-201, 1997
Flow over a bluff body from moderate to high Reynolds numbers using large eddy simulation
A Sohankar
Computers & Fluids 35 (10), 1154-1168, 2006
Numerical simulation of unsteady flow around a square two-dimensional cylinder
A Sohankar, L Davidson, C Norberg
Twelfth Australasian Fluid Mechanics Conference: The University of Sydney …, 1995
Forced‐convection heat transfer from tandem square cylinders in cross flow at low Reynolds numbers
A Sohankar, A Etminan
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 60 (7), 733-751, 2009
Large eddy simulation of flow past rectangular-section cylinders: Side ratio effects
A Sohankar
Journal of wind engineering and industrial aerodynamics 96 (5), 640-655, 2008
A numerical investigation of the flow over a pair of identical square cylinders in a tandem arrangement
A Sohankar
International Journal for Numerical Methods in Fluids 70 (10), 1244-1257, 2012
Heat transfer augmentation in a rectangular channel with a vee-shaped vortex generator
A Sohankar
International journal of heat and fluid flow 28 (2), 306-317, 2007
Effect of inclined vortex generators on heat transfer enhancement in a three-dimensional channel
ASL Davidson
Numerical Heat Transfer: Part A: Applications 39 (5), 433-448, 2001
Low-Reynolds-number flow around a wall-mounted square cylinder: Flow structures and onset of vortex shedding
MR Rastan, A Sohankar, MM Alam
Physics of Fluids 29 (10), 2017
Reduction of fluid forces and heat transfer on a square cylinder in a laminar flow regime using a control plate
S Malekzadeh, A Sohankar
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 34, 15-27, 2012
An experimental study on the evaluation of natural ventilation performance of a two-sided wind-catcher for various wind angles
M Afshin, A Sohankar, MD Manshadi, MK Esfeh
Renewable Energy 85, 1068-1078, 2016
A LES study of the flow interference between tandem square cylinder pairs
A Sohankar
Theoretical and Computational Fluid Dynamics 28, 531-548, 2014
Effect of cylinder corner radius and attack angle on heat transfer and flow topology
MM Alam, T Abdelhamid, A Sohankar
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 175, 105566, 2020
Control of fluid flow and heat transfer around a square cylinder by uniform suction and blowing at low Reynolds numbers
A Sohankar, M Khodadadi, E Rangraz
Computers & Fluids 109, 155-167, 2015
Flow over rectangular cylinder: Effects of cylinder aspect ratio and Reynolds number
A Mashhadi, A Sohankar, MM Alam
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 195, 106264, 2021
Dynamic analysis of small pig through two and three-dimensional liquid pipeline
M Lesani, M Rafeeyan, A Sohankar
Numerical investigation for finding the appropriate design parameters of a fin-and-tube heat exchanger with delta-winglet vortex generators
M Behfard, A Sohankar
Heat and Mass Transfer 52, 21-37, 2016
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