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Maciej Haras
Maciej Haras
CENTERA Labs, Institute of High Pressure Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland
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Trích dẫn bởi
Thermoelectricity for IoT–A review
M Haras, T Skotnicki
Nano Energy 54, 461-476, 2018
Fabrication of thin-film silicon membranes with phononic crystals for thermal conductivity measurements
M Haras, V Lacatena, TM Bah, S Didenko, JF Robillard, S Monfray, ...
IEEE Electron Device Letters 37 (10), 1358-1361, 2016
Thermoelectric energy conversion: How good can silicon be?
M Haras, V Lacatena, F Morini, JF Robillard, S Monfray, T Skotnicki, ...
Materials Letters 157, 193-196, 2015
Native-oxide limited cross-plane thermal transport in suspended silicon membranes revealed by scanning thermal microscopy
AM Massoud, JM Bluet, V Lacatena, M Haras, JF Robillard, PO Chapuis
Applied Physics Letters 111 (6), 2017
Toward quantitative modeling of silicon phononic thermocrystals
V Lacatena, M Haras, JF Robillard, S Monfray, T Skotnicki, E Dubois
Applied Physics Letters 106 (11), 2015
Phononic engineering of silicon using “dots on the fly” e-beam lithography and plasma etching
V Lacatena, M Haras, JF Robillard, S Monfray, T Skotnicki, E Dubois
Microelectronic engineering 121, 131-134, 2014
Unconventional thin-film thermoelectric converters: structure, simulation, and comparative study
M Haras, V Lacatena, S Monfray, JF Robillard, T Skotnicki, E Dubois
Journal of electronic materials 43, 2109-2114, 2014
Fabrication of integrated micrometer platform for thermoelectric measurements
M Haras, V Lacatena, F Morini, JF Robillard, S Monfray, T Skotnicki, ...
2014 IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting, 8.5. 1-8.5. 4, 2014
Piezoelectric response and substrate effect of ZnO nanowires for mechanical energy harvesting in internet-of-things applications
M Wlazło, M Haras, G Kołodziej, O Szawcow, J Ostapko, W Andrysiewicz, ...
Materials 15 (19), 6767, 2022
Pulse mode of operation–A new booster of TEG, improving power up to X2. 7–to better fit IoT requirements
M Haras, M Markiewicz, S Monfray, T Skotnicki
Nano Energy 68, 104204, 2020
Organic vapor sensing mechanisms by large-area graphene back-gated field-effect transistors under UV irradiation
K Drozdowska, A Rehman, P Sai, B Stonio, A Krajewska, M Dub, ...
ACS sensors 7 (10), 3094-3101, 2022
Highly efficient absorption of THz radiation using waveguide-integrated carbon nanotube/cellulose aerogels
PA Dróżdż, N Xenidis, J Campion, S Smirnov, A Przewłoka, A Krajewska, ...
Applied Materials Today 29, 101684, 2022
The atomic layer deposition (ALD) synthesis of copper-tin sulfide thin films using low-cost precursors
M Witkowski, Z Starowicz, A Zięba, B Adamczyk-Cieślak, RP Socha, ...
Nanotechnology 33 (50), 505603, 2022
Heat dissipation in partially perforated phononic nano-membranes with periodicities below 100 nm
AM Massoud, V Lacatena, M Haras, E Dubois, S Monfray, JM Bluet, ...
APL Materials 10 (5), 2022
A wide-band modeling of DC-DC two-transistor flyback converter.
M Turzynski, M Haras, G Kostro, P Musznicki
2011 IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics, 113-118, 2011
A graphene/h-BN MEMS varactor for sub-THz and THz applications
PA Dróżdż, M Haras, A Przewłoka, A Krajewska, M Filipiak, ...
Nanoscale 15 (30), 12530-12539, 2023
Pulsed UV-irradiated graphene sensors for ethanol detection at room temperature
K Drozdowska, A Rehman, P Sai, B Stonio, A Krajewska, G Cywiński, ...
2021 IEEE Sensors, 1-4, 2021
ZnO nanorods as a piezoelectric energy harvester from light induced flexions
M Haras, M Wlazło, W Andrysiewicz, T Skotnicki
Smart Materials for Opto-Electronic Applications 12584, 59-69, 2023
Integrated CNT Aerogel Absorbers for Sub-THz Waveguide Systems
PA Dróżdż, J Campion, N Xenidis, A Krajewska, A Przewłoka, S Smirnov, ...
2022 IEEE/MTT-S International Microwave Symposium-IMS 2022, 906-909, 2022
Artificially-induced anisotropic heat flow in 2D patterned membranes
S Didenko, T M'Bah, A Massoud, V Lacatena, M Haras, R Orobtchouk, ...
Eurotherm 111: Nanoscale and Microscale Heat Transfer VI, 2018
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