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Patrice Estellé
Patrice Estellé
Univ Rennes LGCGM
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Trích dẫn bởi
Recent advances in modeling and simulation of nanofluid flows-Part I: Fundamentals and theory
O Mahian, L Kolsi, M Amani, P Estellé, G Ahmadi, C Kleinstreuer, ...
Physics reports 790, 1-48, 2019
A state of the art review on viscosity of nanofluids
SMS Murshed, P Estellé
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 76, 1134-1152, 2017
Viscosity of carbon nanotubes water-based nanofluids: Influence of concentration and temperature
S Halelfadl, P Estellé, B Aladag, N Doner, T Maré
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 71, 111-117, 2013
Experimental investigations of the viscosity of nanofluids at low temperatures
B Aladag, S Halelfadl, N Doner, T Maré, S Duret, P Estellé
Applied energy 97, 876-880, 2012
Efficiency of carbon nanotubes water based nanofluids as coolants
S Halelfadl, T Maré, P Estellé
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 53, 104-110, 2014
Comparison of the thermal performances of two nanofluids at low temperature in a plate heat exchanger
T Maré, S Halelfadl, O Sow, P Estellé, S Duret, F Bazantay
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 35 (8), 1535-1543, 2011
A brief review of natural convection in enclosures under localized heating with and without nanofluids
HF Öztop, P Estellé, WM Yan, K Al-Salem, J Orfi, O Mahian
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 60, 37-44, 2015
Recent advances in preparation methods and thermophysical properties of oil-based nanofluids: A state-of-the-art review
A Asadi, S Aberoumand, A Moradikazerouni, F Pourfattah, G Żyła, ...
Powder technology 352, 209-226, 2019
Experimental comparison between ZnO and MoS2 nanoparticles as additives on performance of diesel oil-based nano lubricant
SB Mousavi, SZ Heris, P Estellé
Scientific reports 10 (1), 5813, 2020
Current trends in surface tension and wetting behavior of nanofluids
P Estellé, D Cabaleiro, G Żyła, L Lugo, SMS Murshed
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 94, 931-944, 2018
Optimization of thermal performances and pressure drop of rectangular microchannel heat sink using aqueous carbon nanotubes based nanofluid
S Halelfadl, AM Adham, N Mohd-Ghazali, T Maré, P Estellé, R Ahmad
Applied Thermal Engineering 62 (2), 492-499, 2014
Use of ram extruder as a combined rheo-tribometer to study the behaviour of high yield stress fluids at low strain rate
A Perrot, Y Mélinge, D Rangeard, F Micaelli, P Estellé, C Lanos
Rheologica acta 51, 743-754, 2012
Processing the Couette viscometry data using a Bingham approximation in shear rate calculation
P Estellé, C Lanos, A Perrot
Journal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 154 (1), 31-38, 2008
Viscosity, tribological and physicochemical features of ZnO and MoS2 diesel oil-based nanofluids: An experimental study
SB Mousavi, SZ Heris, P Estellé
Fuel 293, 120481, 2021
Thermal conductivity of CNT water based nanofluids: Experimental trends and models overview
P Estellé, S Halelfadl, T Maré
Journal of Thermal Engineering 1 (2), 381-390, 2015
Processing the vane shear flow data from Couette analogy
P Estelle, C Lanos, A Perrot, S Amziane
Applied Rheology 18 (3), 34037-1-34037-6, 2008
Extension of spread-slump formulae for yield stress evaluation
A Pierre, C Lanos, P Estelle
Applied Rheology 23 (6), 63849, 2013
Thermophysical and dielectric profiles of ethylene glycol based titanium nitride (TiN–EG) nanofluids with various size of particles
G Żyła, J Fal, P Estellé
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 113, 1189-1199, 2017
A critical review on thermal conductivity enhancement of graphene-based nanofluids
M Pavía, K Alajami, P Estellé, A Desforges, B Vigolo
Advances in Colloid and Interface Science 294, 102452, 2021
Heat transfer properties of aqueous carbon nanotubes nanofluids in coaxial heat exchanger under laminar regime
S Halelfadl, P Estellé, T Maré
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 55, 174-180, 2014
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