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Trích dẫn bởi
Machine learning algorithm-based risk assessment of riparian wetlands in Padma River basin of Northwest Bangladesh (Mar, 10.1007/s11356-021-12806-z, 2021)
T Islam, AR Md, S Talukdar, S Mahato, S Ziaul, KU Eibek, S Akhter, ...
Quantitative assessment of regional land use and climate change impact on runoff across Gilgit watershed
M Shahid, KU Rahman, S Haider, HF Gabriel, AJ Khan, QB Pham, ...
Environmental Earth Sciences 80, 1-18, 2021
Innovative and polygonal trend analyses applications for rainfall data in Vietnam
M Şan, F Akçay, NTT Linh, M Kankal, QB Pham
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 144, 809-822, 2021
Comparison of multi-criteria-analytical hierarchy process and machine learning-boosted tree models for regional flood susceptibility mapping: a case study from Slovakia
M Vojtek, J Vojteková, R Costache, QB Pham, S Lee, A Arshad, S Sahoo, ...
Geomatics, Natural Hazards and Risk 12 (1), 1153-1180, 2021
Soil management effects on soil water erosion and runoff in central Syria—A comparative evaluation of general linear model and random forest regression
S Mohammed, A Al-Ebraheem, IJ Holb, K Alsafadi, M Dikkeh, QB Pham, ...
Water 12 (9), 2529, 2020
Characterization of the 2014 indus river flood using hydraulic simulations and satellite images
A Tariq, H Shu, A Kuriqi, S Siddiqui, AS Gagnon, L Lu, NTT Linh, ...
Remote Sensing 13 (11), 2053, 2021
A novel approach for predicting daily pan evaporation in the coastal regions of Iran using support vector regression coupled with krill herd algorithm model
Y Guan, B Mohammadi, QB Pham, S Adarsh, KS Balkhair, KU Rahman, ...
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 142, 349-367, 2020
Application of soft computing to predict water quality in wetland
QB Pham, R Mohammadpour, NTT Linh, M Mohajane, A Pourjasem, ...
Environmental Science and Pollution Research 28, 185-200, 2021
Estimating human impacts on soil erosion considering different hillslope inclinations and land uses in the coastal region of Syria
S Mohammed, HG Abdo, S Szabo, QB Pham, IJ Holb, NTT Linh, DT Anh, ...
Water 12 (10), 2786, 2020
Assessment of land suitability potentials for winter wheat cultivation by using a multi criteria decision Support-Geographic information system (MCDS-GIS) approach in Al …
S Mohammed, K Alsafadi, H Ali, SMN Mousavi, S Kiwan, S Hennawi, ...
Geocarto International 37 (6), 1645-1663, 2022
Hybrid model to improve the river streamflow forecasting utilizing multi-layer perceptron-based intelligent water drop optimization algorithm
QB Pham, HA Afan, B Mohammadi, AN Ahmed, NTT Linh, ND Vo, ...
Soft Computing 24, 18039-18056, 2020
Optimization of statistical and machine learning hybrid models for groundwater potential mapping
P Yariyan, M Avand, E Omidvar, QB Pham, NTT Linh, JP Tiefenbacher
Geocarto International 37 (13), 3877-3911, 2022
Developing hybrid time series and artificial intelligence models for estimating air temperatures
B Mohammadi, S Mehdizadeh, F Ahmadi, NTT Lien, NTT Linh, QB Pham
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 35, 1189-1204, 2021
Implementing novel hybrid models to improve indirect measurement of the daily soil temperature: Elman neural network coupled with gravitational search algorithm and ant colony …
S Mehdizadeh, B Mohammadi, QB Pham, DN Khoi, NTT Linh
Measurement 165, 108127, 2020
Development of fuzzy analytic hierarchy process based water quality model of Upper Ganga river basin, India
VK Singh, D Kumar, SK Singh, QB Pham, NTT Linh, S Mohammed, ...
Journal of Environmental Management 284, 111985, 2021
Facile synthesis and antibacterial activity of silver nanoparticles-modified graphene oxide hybrid material: the assessment, utilization, and anti-virus potentiality
NM Dat, DB Thinh, LM Huong, NT Tinh, NTT Linh, ND Hai, ND Viet, ...
Materials Today Chemistry 23, 100738, 2022
Identification of EDI trend using Mann-Kendall and Şen-innovative trend methods (Uttarakhand, India)
A Malik, A Kumar, QB Pham, S Zhu, NTT Linh, DQ Tri
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 13, 1-15, 2020
Land suitability assessment for surface irrigation development at Ethiopian highlands using geospatial technology
YG Hagos, MA Mengie, TG Andualem, M Yibeltal, NTT Linh, ...
Applied Water Science 12 (5), 98, 2022
Groundwater-potential mapping using a self-learning bayesian network model: A comparison among metaheuristic algorithms
S Karimi-Rizvandi, HV Goodarzi, JH Afkoueieh, IM Chung, O Kisi, S Kim, ...
Water 13 (5), 658, 2021
Flood susceptibility modeling based on new hybrid intelligence model: Optimization of XGboost model using GA metaheuristic algorithm
NTT Linh, M Pandey, S Janizadeh, GS Bhunia, A Norouzi, S Ali, QB Pham, ...
Advances in Space Research 69 (9), 3301-3318, 2022
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