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Alexis Achim
Alexis Achim
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lidR: An R package for analysis of Airborne Laser Scanning (ALS) data
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Wind loading of trees: influence of tree size and competition
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The stability of different silvicultural systems: a wind-tunnel investigation
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The relationship between standing tree acoustic assessment and timber quality in Scots pine and the practical implications for assessing timber quality from naturally …
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The changing culture of silviculture
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Genetic improvement of white spruce mechanical wood traits—early screening by means of acoustic velocity
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Effect of Tree Spacing on Tree Level Volume Growth, Morphology, and Wood Properties in a 25-Year-Old Pinus banksiana Plantation in the Boreal Forest of Quebec
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Effect of process parameters and raw material characteristics on physical and mechanical properties of wood pellets made from sugar maple particles
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Evaluating the effect of precommercial thinning on the resistance of balsam fir to windthrow through experimentation, modelling, and development of simple indices
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D Pothier, M Fortin, D Auty, S Delisle-Boulianne, LV Gagné, A Achim
Canadian journal of forest research 43 (3), 288-298, 2013
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