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Slobodan Mickovski
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The influence of cellulose content on tensile strength in tree roots
M Genet, A Stokes, F Salin, SB Mickovski, T Fourcaud, JF Dumail, ...
Plant and soil 278, 1-9, 2005
Ecological mitigation of hillslope instability: ten key issues facing researchers and practitioners
A Stokes, GB Douglas, T Fourcaud, F Giadrossich, C Gillies, T Hubble, ...
Plant and Soil 377, 1-23, 2014
Slope stability and erosion control: ecotechnological solutions
JE Norris, A Stokes, SB Mickovski, E Cammeraat, R Van Beek, BC Nicoll, ...
Springer Science & Business Media, 2008
Root reinforcement in plantations of Cryptomeria japonica D. Don: effect of tree age and stand structure on slope stability
M Genet, N Kokutse, A Stokes, T Fourcaud, X Cai, J Ji, S Mickovski
Forest ecology and Management 256 (8), 1517-1526, 2008
Mechanical reinforcement of soil by willow roots: impacts of root properties and root failure mechanism
SB Mickovski, PD Hallett, MF Bransby, MCR Davies, R Sonnenberg, ...
Soil Science Society of America Journal 73 (4), 1276-1285, 2009
How vegetation reinforces soil on slopes
A Stokes, JE Norris, LPH Van Beek, T Bogaard, E Cammeraat, ...
Slope stability and erosion control: ecotechnological solutions, 65-118, 2008
Root morphology and effects on soil reinforcement and slope stability of young vetiver (Vetiveria zizanioides) plants grown in semi-arid climate
SB Mickovski, LPH Van Beek
Plant and soil 324 (1), 43-56, 2009
Material stiffness, branching pattern and soil matric potential affect the pullout resistance of model root systems
SB Mickovski, AG Bengough, MF Bransby, MCR Davies, PD Hallett, ...
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Towards an operationalisation of nature-based solutions for natural hazards
P Kumar, SE Debele, J Sahani, L Aragăo, F Barisani, B Basu, ...
Science of the Total Environment 731, 138855, 2020
Hydrological effect of vegetation against rainfall-induced landslides
A Gonzalez-Ollauri, SB Mickovski
Journal of Hydrology 549, 374-387, 2017
Soil and water bioengineering: Practice and research needs for reconciling natural hazard control and ecological restoration
F Rey, C Bifulco, GB Bischetti, F Bourrier, G De Cesare, F Florineth, F Graf, ...
Science of the total environment 648, 1210-1218, 2019
Nature-based solutions for hydro-meteorological hazards: Revised concepts, classification schemes and databases
SE Debele, P Kumar, J Sahani, B Marti-Cardona, SB Mickovski, LS Leo, ...
Environmental Research 179, 108799, 2019
Nature-based solutions efficiency evaluation against natural hazards: Modelling methods, advantages and limitations
P Kumar, SE Debele, J Sahani, N Rawat, B Marti-Cardona, SM Alfieri, ...
Science of the Total Environment 784, 147058, 2021
An overview of monitoring methods for assessing the performance of nature-based solutions against natural hazards
P Kumar, SE Debele, J Sahani, N Rawat, B Marti-Cardona, SM Alfieri, ...
Earth-Science Reviews 217, 103603, 2021
Laboratory study on the potential use of recycled inert construction waste material in the substrate mix for extensive green roofs
SB Mickovski, K Buss, BM McKenzie, B Sökmener
Ecological Engineering 61, 706-714, 2013
Uprooting of Vetiver Uprooting Resistance of Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria zizanioides)
SB Mickovski, LPH Van Beek, F Salin
Plant and Soil 278, 33-41, 2005
Simulation of direct shear tests on rooted and non-rooted soil using finite element analysis
SB Mickovski, A Stokes, R Van Beek, M Ghestem, T Fourcaud
Ecological engineering 37 (10), 1523-1532, 2011
Plant-soil reinforcement response under different soil hydrological regimes
A Gonzalez-Ollauri, SB Mickovski
Geoderma 285, 141-150, 2017
Anchorage and asymmetry in the root system of Pinus peuce
SB Mickovski
Silva Fennica 37 (2), 161-173, 2003
Centrifuge modelling of soil slopes reinforced with vegetation
R Sonnenberg, MF Bransby, PD Hallett, AG Bengough, SB Mickovski, ...
Canadian Geotechnical Journal 47 (12), 1415-1430, 2010
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