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Dr. Amitava Moulick
Dr. Amitava Moulick
Scientist, Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC), Mendel University, Czech Republic
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Trích dẫn bởi
Enzymatic degradation of lignin in soil: a review
R Datta, A Kelkar, D Baraniya, A Molaei, A Moulick, RS Meena, ...
Sustainability 9 (7), 1163, 2017
A review of adsorbents for heavy metal decontamination: Growing approach to wastewater treatment
A Gupta, V Sharma, K Sharma, V Kumar, S Choudhary, P Mankotia, ...
Materials 14 (16), 4702, 2021
MALDI-TOF MS as evolving cancer diagnostic tool: a review
MAM Rodrigo, O Zitka, S Krizkova, A Moulick, V Adam, R Kizek
Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis 95, 245-255, 2014
Induction of laccase, lignin peroxidase and manganese peroxidase activities in white-rot fungi using copper complexes
M Vrsanska, S Voberkova, V Langer, D Palovcikova, A Moulick, V Adam, ...
Molecules 21 (11), 1553, 2016
Staphylococcus aureus and MRSA Growth and Biofilm Formation after Treatment with Antibiotics and SeNPs
K Cihalova, D Chudobova, P Michalek, A Moulick, R Guran, P Kopel, ...
International journal of molecular sciences 16 (10), 24656-24672, 2015
How enzymes are adsorbed on soil solid phase and factors limiting its activity: A Review
R Datta, S Anand, A Moulick, D Baraniya, S Imran Pathan, K Rejsek, ...
International agrophysics 31 (2), 2017
Transport phenomena of nanoparticles in plants and animals/humans
NA Anjum, MAM Rodrigo, A Moulick, Z Heger, P Kopel, O Zítka, V Adam, ...
Environmental Research 151, 233-243, 2016
Nanoparticle-drug conjugates treating bacterial infections
P Jelinkova, A Mazumdar, VP Sur, S Kociova, K Dolezelikova, ...
Journal of controlled Release 307, 166-185, 2019
Algal metabolites: An inevitable substitute for antibiotics
S Bhowmick, A Mazumdar, A Moulick, V Adam
Biotechnology advances 43, 107571, 2020
Platinum nanoparticles induce damage to DNA and inhibit DNA replication
L Nejdl, J Kudr, A Moulick, D Hegerova, B Ruttkay-Nedecky, J Gumulec, ...
PLoS One 12 (7), e0180798, 2017
Fabrication of solid‐state nanopores and its perspectives
J Kudr, S Skalickova, L Nejdl, A Moulick, B Ruttkay–Nedecky, V Adam, ...
Electrophoresis 36 (19), 2367-2379, 2015
Electrochemical sensing of etoposide using carbon quantum dot modified glassy carbon electrode
HV Nguyen, L Richtera, A Moulick, K Xhaxhiu, J Kudr, N Cernei, ...
Analyst 141 (9), 2665-2675, 2016
Using CdTe/ZnSe core/shell quantum dots to detect DNA and damage to DNA
A Moulick, V Milosavljevic, J Vlachova, R Podgajny, D Hynek, P Kopel, ...
International Journal of Nanomedicine, 1277-1291, 2017
Synthesis of carbon quantum dots for DNA labeling and its electrochemical, fluorescent and electrophoretic characterization
V Milosavljevic, HV Nguyen, P Michalek, A Moulick, P Kopel, R Kizek, ...
Chemical Papers 69 (1), 192-201, 2015
Antiviral activity of fullerene C60 nanocrystals modified with derivatives of anionic antimicrobial peptide maximin H5
S Dostalova, A Moulick, V Milosavljevic, R Guran, M Kominkova, ...
Monatshefte für Chemie-Chemical Monthly 147, 905-918, 2016
Multi-function role as nutrient and scavenger off reeradical in soil. Sustain MDPI 9: 402
R Datta, D Baraniya, YF Wang, A Kelkar, A Moulick, RS Meena, GS Yadav, ...
Peptide-carbon quantum dots conjugate, derived from human retinoic acid receptor responder protein 2, against antibiotic-resistant gram positive and gram negative pathogenic …
A Mazumdar, Y Haddad, V Milosavljevic, H Michalkova, R Guran, ...
Nanomaterials 10 (2), 325, 2020
Application of CdTe/ZnSe Quantum Dots in In Vitro Imaging of Chicken Tissue and Embryo
A Moulick, I Blazkova, V Milosavljevic, Z Fohlerova, J Hubalek, P Kopel, ...
Photochemistry and photobiology 91 (2), 417-423, 2015
Encapsulation of doxorubicin in furcellaran/chitosan nanocapsules by layer-by-layer technique for selectively controlled drug delivery
V Milosavljevic, E Jamroz, M Gagic, Y Haddad, H Michalkova, R Balkova, ...
Biomacromolecules 21 (2), 418-434, 2019
Novel vancomycin-peptide conjugate as potent antibacterial agent against vancomycin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus
P Jelinkova, Z Splichal, AMJ Jimenez, Y Haddad, A Mazumdar, VP Sur, ...
Infection and drug resistance, 1807-1817, 2018
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