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Bang Nguyen-Viet
Bang Nguyen-Viet
University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Revisit intention and satisfaction: The role of destination image, perceived risk, and cultural contact
B Nguyen-Viet, D Huu Phuc, H Nguyen Ho
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The impact of green marketing mix elements on green customer based brand equity in an emerging market
B Nguyen-Viet
Asia-Pacific Journal of Business Administration 15 (1), 96-116, 2023
Towards sustainable development: Coupling green marketing strategies and consumer perceptions in addressing greenwashing
S Rahman, B Nguyen-Viet
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B Nguyen-Viet
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Understanding online purchase intention: the mediating role of attitude towards advertising
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The role of selected marketing mix elements in consumer based brand equity creation: milk industry in Vietnam
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Export performance: Evidence from agricultural product firms in Vietnam
Huyen Ngo-Thi-Ngoc & Bang Nguyen-Viet
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B Nguyen-Viet
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Empirical analysis of internet banking adoption in Vietnam
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Inside the intention to join extracurricular activities: Integrating the theory of planned behavior and signaling theory
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Factors effect on tourist loyalty: a Case Study of Homestay Tourism in Ben Tre (Southern Vietnam)
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B Nguyen-Viet
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Factors affecting satisfaction and revisit-intention of Pilgrimage Tourists: Bà Chúa Xứ Shrine in Vietnam
B Nguyen-Viet, SN Van
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Attitudes towards gamification advertising in Vietnam: A social commerce context
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Factors Impact on Tourist Destination Loyalty: A Case Study in Ho Chi Minh City
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Components of brand equity: the case of Binh Thuan dragon fruit
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Enhancing satisfaction among Vietnamese students through gamification: The mediating role of engagement and learning effectiveness
B Nguyen-Viet, B Nguyen-Viet
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