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Mohd.Aamir Mirza, PhD
Mohd.Aamir Mirza, PhD
Dept of Pharmaceutics, Jamia Hamdard, New Delhi, India
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Trích dẫn bởi
Role of excipients in successful development of self-emulsifying/microemulsifying drug delivery system (SEDDS/SMEDDS)
MA Rahman, A Hussain, MS Hussain, MA Mirza, Z Iqbal
Drug development and industrial pharmacy 39 (1), 1-19, 2013
Development of Curcumin loaded chitosan polymer based nanoemulsion gel: In vitro, ex vivo evaluation and in vivo wound healing studies
L Thomas, F Zakir, MA Mirza, MK Anwer, FJ Ahmad, Z Iqbal
International journal of biological macromolecules 101, 569-579, 2017
Nanotechnology in cosmetics and cosmeceuticals—a review of latest advancements
V Gupta, S Mohapatra, H Mishra, U Farooq, K Kumar, MJ Ansari, ...
Gels 8 (3), 173, 2022
Oral lipid based drug delivery system (LBDDS): formulation, characterization and application: a review
A Rahman, R Harwansh, A Mirza, S Hussain, A Hussain
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Development of a novel synergistic thermosensitive gel for vaginal candidiasis: an in vitro, in vivo evaluation
MA Mirza, S Ahmad, MN Mallick, N Manzoor, S Talegaonkar, Z Iqbal
Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 103, 275-282, 2013
Revisiting the nanoformulation design approach for effective delivery of topotecan in its stable form: an appraisal of its in vitro Behavior and tumor amelioration …
S Padhi, MA Mirza, D Verma, T Khuroo, AK Panda, S Talegaonkar, ...
Drug Delivery 23 (8), 2827-2837, 2016
Role of humic acid on oral drug delivery of an antiepileptic drug
MA Mirza, SP Agarwal, MA Rahman, A Rauf, N Ahmad, A Alam, Z Iqbal
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Preparation, evaluation and pharmacokinetic studies of spray dried PLGA polymeric submicron particles of simvastatin for the effective treatment of breast cancer
N Anzar, MA Mirza, K Anwer, T Khuroo, AS Alshetaili, SM Alshahrani, ...
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A vaginal drug delivery model
MA Mirza, AK Panda, S Asif, D Verma, S Talegaonkar, N Manzoor, ...
Drug delivery 23 (8), 3123-3134, 2016
Development and optimization of ketoconazole loaded nano-transfersomal gel for vaginal delivery using Box-Behnken design: In vitro, ex vivo characterization and antimicrobial …
S Singh, D Verma, MA Mirza, AK Das, MK Anwer, Y Sultana, ...
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3D printing technology in healthcare: applications, regulatory understanding, IP repository and clinical trial status
D Kumar Gupta, MH Ali, A Ali, P Jain, MK Anwer, Z Iqbal, MA Mirza
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Comparative evaluation of humic substances in oral drug delivery
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Biomedical application, patent repository, clinical trial and regulatory updates on hydrogel: An extensive review
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Gels 7 (4), 207, 2021
Periodontitis and systemic disorder—an overview of relation and novel treatment modalities
P Jain, N Hassan, K Khatoon, MA Mirza, PP Naseef, MS Kuruniyan, ...
Pharmaceutics 13 (8), 1175, 2021
Co-delivery of gemcitabine and simvastatin through PLGA polymeric nanoparticles for the treatment of pancreatic cancer: in-vitro characterization, cellular uptake …
A Jamil, M Aamir Mirza, MK Anwer, PS Thakur, SM Alshahrani, ...
Drug Development and Industrial Pharmacy 45 (5), 745-753, 2019
Eugenol as a potential drug candidate: A review
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Development of ethosomal gel of ranolazine for improved topical delivery: in vitro and ex vivo evaluation
D Bisht, D Verma, MA Mirza, MK Anwer, Z Iqbal
Journal of molecular liquids 225, 475-481, 2017
Lipid nanocarriers for neurotherapeutics: introduction, challenges, blood-brain barrier, and promises of delivery approaches
M Aslam, MN Javed, HH Deeb, MK Nicola, M Mirza, MS Alam, MH Akhtar, ...
CNS & Neurological Disorders-Drug Targets (Formerly Current Drug Targets-CNS …, 2022
Benefits of Black Cohosh (Cimicifuga racemosa) for Women Health: An Up-Close and In-Depth Review
S Mohapatra, A Iqubal, MJ Ansari, B Jan, S Zahiruddin, MA Mirza, ...
Pharmaceuticals 15 (3), 278, 2022
Design and development of a commercially viable in situ nanoemulgel for the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis
F Zakir, A Ahmad, U Farooq, MA Mirza, A Tripathi, D Singh, F Shakeel, ...
Nanomedicine 15 (12), 1167-1187, 2020
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