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davood farsadizadeh
davood farsadizadeh
Professor of Water Structures,University of Tabriz
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Trích dẫn bởi
Effect of sinusoidal corrugated bed on hydraulic jump characteristics
A Abbaspour, AH Dalir, D Farsadizadeh, AA Sadraddini
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Application of Gaussian process regression model to predict discharge coefficient of Gated Piano Key Weir
M Akbari, F Salmasi, H Arvanaghi, M Karbasi, D Farsadizadeh
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Dynamic model for water application using centre pivot irrigation
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Effect of horizontal drain size on the stability of an embankment dam in steady and transient seepage conditions
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Experimental observation of saline underflows and turbidity currents, flowing over rough beds
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Genetic programming and its application in rainfall-runoff modeling
A Soltani, MA Gorbani, FA FAKHERI, S Darbandi, D Farsadizadeh
Hydraulic jump over an adverse slope controlled by different roughness elements
P Parsamehr, A Kuriqi, D Farsadizadeh, AH Dalir, R Daneshfaraz, ...
Water Resources Management 36 (14), 5729-5749, 2022
Investigating effect of inlet shape on the flow pattern and vortex generation around inlet of intake using numerical model
HR Jalili, A HoseinzadeDalir, D Farsadizadeh
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Control of undular weir flow by changing of weir geometry
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Numerical simulation of flow pattern around the bridge pier with submerged vanes
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Journal of Hydraulic Structures 2 (2), 46-61, 2016
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