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Hynek Roubk
Hynek Roubk
Department of Sustainable Technologies, Czech University of Life Sciences Prague
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Trch dẫn bởi
Phosphogypsum Recycling: a Review of Environmental Issues, Current Trends and Prospects
Y Chernysh, O Yakhnenko, V Chubur, H Roubk
Applied Sciences, 2021
Addressing problems at small-scale biogas plants: a case study from central Vietnam
H Roubk, J Mazancov, J Banout, V Verner
Journal of Cleaner Production 112, 2784-2792, 2016
Current approach to manure management for small-scale Southeast Asian farmers - Using Vietnamese biogas and non-biogas farms as an example
H Roubk, J Mazancov, LD Phung, J Banout
Renewable Energy, 2018
Potential of Tropical Fruit Waste Biomass for Production of Bio-Briquette Fuel: Using Indonesia as an Example
A Brunerov, H Roubk, M Brožek, D Herk, V Šleger, J Mazancov
Energies 10 (12), 2017
Biogas Quality across Small-Scale Biogas Plants: A Case of Central Vietnam
H Roubk, J Mazancov, LD Phung, VD Dinh, J Banout
Energies 11 (7), 2018
Investment management of business digital innovations
I Sotnyk, K Zavrazhnyi, V Kasianenko, H Roubk, O Sidorov
Suitability of small-scale biogas systems based on livestock manure for the rural areas of Sumatra
H Roubk, J Mazancov
Environmental Development, 2020
Small-scale biogas plants in central Vietnam and biogas appliances with a focus on a flue gas analysis of biogas cook stoves
H Roubk, J Mazancov
Renewable Energy 131, 1138-1145, 2019
Bamboo Fiber and Sugarcane Skin as a Bio-Briquette Fuel
A Brunerov, H Roubk, M Brožek
Energies 11 (9), 2018
Tropical waste biomass potential for solid biofuels production
A Brunerov, J Malaťk, M Mller, P Valšek, H Roubk
Agronomy Research 15 (2), 359-368, 2017
Valorization of bio-briquette fuel by using spent coffee ground as an external additive
A Brunerov, H Roubk, M Brožek, A Haryanto, U Hasanudin, DA Iryani, ...
Energies 13 (54), 1-15, 2020
Current Coronavirus Crisis and Past Pandemics - what can happen in post-COVID-19 agriculture?
H Roubk, M Lošťk, CT Ketuama, P Prochzka, J Soukupov, J Hakl, ...
Sustainable Production and Consumption, 2022
Quantification of biogas potential from livestock waste in Vietnam
H Roubk, J Mazancov, DP Le, VD Dinh
Agronomy Research 15, 540-552, 2017
Briquetting of sugarcane bagasse as a proper waste management technology in Vietnam
A Brunerov, H Roubk, M Brožek, DV Dung, LD Phung, U Hasanudin, ...
Waste Management & Research, 2020
Uncovering the dynamic complexity of the development of small–scale biogas technology through causal loops
H Roubk, J Mazancov, Jana, Rydval, R Kvasnička
Renewable Energy 149, 235-243, 2020
State support policy for renewable energy development in emerging economies: the case of Ukraine
T Kurbatova, I Sotnyk, O Kubatko, Y Baranchenko, E Arakpogun, ...
International Journal of Global Environmental Issues 19 (1/2/3), 26-52, 2020
International Collaboration in the Field of Environmental Protection: Trend Analysis and COVID-19 Implications
Y Chernysh, H Roubk
Sustainability 12 (24), 10384, 2020
Closing the Upcoming EU Gypsum Gap with Phosphogypsum
N Haneklaus, S Barbossa, D Basallote-Snchez, M Bertau, E BIlal, ...
Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 2022
Emission reduction potential of household biogas plants in developing countries: The case of central Vietnam
H Roubk, S Barrera, DV Dung, LD Phung, J Mazancov
Journal of Cleaner Production, 2020
Gain without pain: an international case for a tradable green certificates system to foster renewable energy development in Ukraine
T Kurbatova, I Sotnyk, O Telizhenko, T Skibina, H Roubk
Problems and Perspectives in Management 7 (3), 464-476, 2019
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