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David Parsons
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Agricultural systems research and global food security in the 21st century: An overview and roadmap for future opportunities
EC Stephens, AD Jones, D Parsons
Agricultural Systems 163, 1-6, 2018
Potential of multi-species livestock farming to improve the sustainability of livestock farms: A review
G Martin, K Barth, M Benoit, C Brock, M Destruel, B Dumont, M Grillot, ...
Agricultural Systems 181, 102821, 2020
Farm household models to analyse food security in a changing climate: A review
MT Van Wijk, MC Rufino, D Enahoro, D Parsons, S Silvestri, RO Valdivia, ...
Global Food Security 3 (2), 77-84, 2014
Modeling the impact of natural resource-based poverty traps on food security in Kenya: The Crops, Livestock and Soils in Smallholder Economic Systems (CLASSES) model
EC Stephens, CF Nicholson, DR Brown, D Parsons, CB Barrett, ...
Food Security 4 (3), 423-439, 2012
Wheat cultivars can be screened for NaCl salinity tolerance by measuring leaf chlorophyll content and shoot sap potassium
TA Cuin, D Parsons, S Shabala
Functional Plant Biology 37 (7), 656-664, 2010
Genetic behaviour of physiological traits conferring cytosolic K+/ Na+ homeostasis in wheat
TA Cuin, M Zhou, D Parsons, S Shabala
Plant Biology 14 (3), 438-446, 2012
Development and evaluation of an integrated simulation model for assessing smallholder crop–livestock production in Yucatán, Mexico
D Parsons, CF Nicholson, RW Blake, QM Ketterings, L Ramírez-Aviles, ...
Agricultural Systems 104 (1), 1-12, 2011
Forage yield and quality of Leucaena leucocephala and Guazuma ulmifolia in mixed and pure fodder banks systems in Yucatan, Mexico
F Casanova-Lugo, J Petit-Aldana, FJ Solorio-Sánchez, D Parsons, ...
Agroforestry systems 88, 29-39, 2014
Properties of a clay soil from 1.5 to 3.5 years after biochar application and the impact on rice yield
MTM Carvalho, BE Madari, L Bastiaans, PAJ Van Oort, WGO Leal, ...
Geoderma 276, 7-18, 2016
A framework for modelling soil structure dynamics induced by biological activity
K Meurer, J Barron, C Chenu, E Coucheney, M Fielding, P Hallett, ...
Global change biology 26 (10), 5382-5403, 2020
Food security outcomes in agricultural systems models: Current status and recommended improvements
CF Nicholson, EC Stephens, B Kopainsky, AD Jones, D Parsons, J Garrett
Agricultural Systems 188, 103028, 2021
Management opportunities for boosting productivity of cool-temperate dairy farms under climate change
DC Phelan, MT Harrison, EP Kemmerer, D Parsons
Agricultural Systems 138, 46-54, 2015
Estimation of yield and quality of legume and grass mixtures using partial least squares and support vector machine analysis of spectral data
Z Zhou, J Morel, D Parsons, SV Kucheryavskiy, AM Gustavsson
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 162, 246-253, 2019
Climate Futures for Tasmania: impacts on agriculture technical report
GK Holz, MR Grose, J Bennett, SP Corney, CJ White, DC Phelan, K Potter, ...
Models calibration and evaluation
M Ahmed, S Ahmad, MA Raza, U Kumar, M Ansar, GA Shah, D Parsons, ...
Systems modeling, 151-178, 2020
Systems of cattle production in south central coastal Vietnam
D Parsons, PA Lane, LD Ngoan, NX Ba, DT Tuan, NH Van, DV Dung, ...
Livestock Research for Rural Development 25 (2), 1-8, 2013
Managing maize production in shifting cultivation milpa systems in Yucatan, through weed control and manure application
D Parsons, L Ramirez-Aviles, JH Cherney, QM Ketterings, RW Blake, ...
Agriculture, ecosystems & environment 133 (1-2), 123-134, 2009
Application of a simulation model for assessing integration of smallholder shifting cultivation and sheep production in Yucatán, Mexico
D Parsons, CF Nicholson, RW Blake, QM Ketterings, L Ramírez-Aviles, ...
Agricultural Systems 104 (1), 13-19, 2011
Environmental services from tropical agroforestry systems
F Casanova-Lugo, L Ramírez-Avilés, D Parsons, A Caamal-Maldonado, ...
Revista Chapingo serie ciencias forestales y del ambiente 22 (3), 269-284, 2016
Potential of the APSIM model to simulate impacts of shading on maize productivity
A Dilla, PJ Smethurst, K Barry, D Parsons, M Denboba
Agroforestry Systems 92, 1699-1709, 2018
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