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Phan Trong Trinh
Phan Trong Trinh
Institute of Geological Sciences, VAST
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
The Ailao Shan-Red river shear zone (Yunnan, China), tertiary transform boundary of Indochina
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A Hybrid Artificial Intelligence Approach Using GIS-Based Neural-Fuzzy Inference System and Particle Swarm Optimization for Forest Fire Susceptibility Modeling at A Tropical Area
DT Bui, QP Nguyen, B Pradhan, H Nampak, PT Trinh
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Comparing the prediction performance of a Deep Learning Neural Network model with conventional machine learning models in landslide susceptibility assessment
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A spatially explicit deep learning neural network model for the prediction of landslide susceptibility
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Long and complex thermal history of the Song Chay metamorphic dome (Northern Vietnam) by multi-system geochronology
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A novel hybrid approach of landslide susceptibility modelling using rotation forest ensemble and different base classifiers
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A comparison of Support Vector Machines and Bayesian algorithms for landslide susceptibility modelling
BT Pham, I Prakash, K Khosravi, K Chapi, PT Trinh, TQ Ngo, SV Hosseini, ...
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Can deep learning algorithms outperform benchmark machine learning algorithms in flood susceptibility modeling?
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Improvement of credal decision trees using ensemble frameworks for groundwater potential modeling
PT Nguyen, DH Ha, HD Nguyen, T Van Phong, PT Trinh, N Al-Ansari, ...
Sustainability 12 (7), 2622, 2020
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