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Lukš Richtera
Lukš Richtera
stav chemie a biochemie, AF, Mendelova univerzita v Brně
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Trch dẫn bởi
Magnetic nanoparticles: from design and synthesis to real world applications
J Kudr, Y Haddad, L Richtera, Z Heger, M Cernak, V Adam, O Zitka
Nanomaterials 7 (9), 243, 2017
Selenium nanoparticles as a nutritional supplement
S Skalickova, V Milosavljevic, K Cihalova, P Horky, L Richtera, V Adam
Nutrition 33, 83-90, 2017
Carbon dots based FRET for the detection of DNA damage
J Kudr, L Richtera, K Xhaxhiu, D Hynek, Z Heger, O Zitka, V Adam
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 92, 133-139, 2017
Determination of zinc, cadmium, lead, copper and silver using a carbon paste electrode and a screen printed electrode modified with chromium (III) oxide
Z Koudelkova, T Syrovy, P Ambrozova, Z Moravec, L Kubac, D Hynek, ...
Sensors 17 (8), 1832, 2017
Peptide-based electrochemical biosensors utilized for protein detection
V Vanova, K Mitrevska, V Milosavljevic, D Hynek, L Richtera, V Adam
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 180, 113087, 2021
Electrochemical sensing of etoposide using carbon quantum dot modified glassy carbon electrode
HV Nguyen, L Richtera, A Moulick, K Xhaxhiu, J Kudr, N Cernei, ...
Analyst 141 (9), 2665-2675, 2016
Assessment of phytotoxicity, environmental and health risks of historical urban park soils
M Brtnick, V Pecina, J Hladk, M Radziemska, Z Koudelkov, ...
Chemosphere 220, 678-686, 2019
A critical comparison of natural enzymes and nanozymes in biosensing and bioassays
AM Ashrafi, Z Bytesnikova, J Barek, L Richtera, V Adam
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 192, 113494, 2021
Food waste composting-Is it really so simple as stated in scientific literature?–A case study
S Voběrkov, A Maxianov, N Schlosserov, D Adamcov, M Vršansk, ...
Science of the Total Environment 723, 138202, 2020
One-pot synthesis of natural amine-modified biocompatible carbon quantum dots with antibacterial activity
M Gagic, S Kociova, K Smerkova, H Michalkova, M Setka, P Svec, J Pribyl, ...
Journal of Colloid and Interface Science 580, 30-48, 2020
Current trends in electrochemical sensing and biosensing of DNA methylation
L Krejcova, L Richtera, D Hynek, J Labuda, V Adam
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 97, 384-399, 2017
Comparative study on toxicity of extracellularly biosynthesized and laboratory synthesized CdTe quantum dots
M Kominkova, V Milosavljevic, P Vitek, H Polanska, K Cihalova, ...
Journal of Biotechnology 241, 193-200, 2017
The composites of graphene oxide with metal or semimetal nanoparticles and their effect on pathogenic microorganisms
L Richtera, D Chudobova, K Cihalova, M Kremplova, V Milosavljevic, ...
Materials 8 (6), 2994-3011, 2015
Improved electrochemical detection of zinc ions using electrode modified with electrochemically reduced graphene oxide
J Kudr, L Richtera, L Nejdl, K Xhaxhiu, P Vitek, B Rutkay-Nedecky, ...
Materials 9 (1), 31, 2016
Apoferritin as an ubiquitous nanocarrier with excellent shelf life
S Dostalova, K Vasickova, D Hynek, S Krizkova, L Richtera, ...
International journal of nanomedicine, 2265-2278, 2017
Integrated electrochemical biosensors for detection of waterborne pathogens in low-resource settings
J Rainbow, E Sedlackova, S Jiang, G Maxted, D Moschou, L Richtera, ...
Biosensors 10 (4), 36, 2020
Application of the enzymatic electrochemical biosensors for monitoring non-competitive inhibition of enzyme activity by heavy metals
AM Ashrafi, M Ss, E Sedlčkov, A Shaaban Farag, V Adam, J Přibyl, ...
Sensors 19 (13), 2939, 2019
Electrochemical sensors and biosensors for determination of mercury ions
AM Ashrafi, Z Koudelkova, E Sedlackova, L Richtera, V Adam
Journal of The Electrochemical Society 165 (16), B824, 2018
Electrochemical speciation analysis for simultaneous determination of Cr (III) and Cr (VI) using an activated glassy carbon electrode
L Richtera, HV Nguyen, D Hynek, J Kudr, V Adam
Analyst 141 (19), 5577-5585, 2016
Encapsulation of doxorubicin in furcellaran/chitosan nanocapsules by layer-by-layer technique for selectively controlled drug delivery
V Milosavljevic, E Jamroz, M Gagic, Y Haddad, H Michalkova, R Balkova, ...
Biomacromolecules 21 (2), 418-434, 2019
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