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Nhat-Duc Hoang
Nhat-Duc Hoang
Institute of Research and Development, Faculty of Civil Engineering, Duy Tan University, Vietnam
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A novel deep learning neural network approach for predicting flash flood susceptibility: A case study at a high frequency tropical storm area
DT Bui, ND Hoang, F Martínez-Álvarez, PTT Ngo, PV Hoa, TD Pham, ...
Science of The Total Environment 701, 134413, 2020
Automatic recognition of asphalt pavement cracks using metaheuristic optimized edge detection algorithms and convolution neural network
H Nhat-Duc, N Quoc-Lam, T Van-Duc
Automation in Construction 94 (October 2018), 203-213, 2018
Spatial prediction of rainfall-induced landslides for the Lao Cai area (Vietnam) using a hybrid intelligent approach of least squares support vector machines inference model …
DT Bui, TA Tuan, ND Hoang, NQ Thanh, DB Nguyen, N Van Liem, ...
Landslides 14 (2), 447–458, 2017
Detection of surface crack in building structures using image processing technique with an improved Otsu method for image thresholding
ND Hoang
Advances in Civil Engineering 2018 (1), 3924120, 2018
A novel method for asphalt pavement crack classification based on image processing and machine learning
ND Hoang, QL Nguyen
Engineering with Computers 35, 487-498, 2019
Spatial prediction of rainfall-induced shallow landslides using hybrid integration approach of Least-Squares Support Vector Machines and differential evolution optimization: a …
D Tien Bui, BT Pham, QP Nguyen, ND Hoang
International Journal of Digital Earth 9 (11), 1077-1097, 2016
An Artificial Intelligence Method for Asphalt Pavement Pothole Detection Using Least Squares Support Vector Machine and Neural Network with Steerable Filter‐Based Feature …
ND Hoang
Advances in Civil Engineering 2018 (1), 7419058, 2018
Prediction of soil compression coefficient for urban housing project using novel integration machine learning approach of swarm intelligence and multi-layer perceptron neural …
DT Bui, VH Nhu, ND Hoang
Advanced Engineering Informatics 38, 593-604, 2018
Effectiveness assessment of Keras based deep learning with different robust optimization algorithms for shallow landslide susceptibility mapping at tropical area
VH Nhu, ND Hoang, H Nguyen, PTT Ngo, TT Bui, PV Hoa, P Samui, ...
Catena 188, 104458, 2020
A novel hybrid swarm optimized multilayer neural network for spatial prediction of flash floods in tropical areas using sentinel-1 SAR imagery and geospatial data
PTT Ngo, ND Hoang, B Pradhan, QK Nguyen, XT Tran, QM Nguyen, ...
Sensors 18 (11), 3704, 2018
Image processing–based classification of asphalt pavement cracks using support vector machine optimized by artificial bee colony
ND Hoang, QL Nguyen, D Tien Bui
Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering 32 (5), 04018037, 2018
Spatial pattern assessment of tropical forest fire danger at Thuan Chau area (Vietnam) using GIS-based advanced machine learning algorithms: A comparative study
NN Thach, DBT Ngo, P Xuan-Canh, N Hong-Thi, BH Thi, H Nhat-Duc, ...
Ecological informatics 46, 74-85, 2018
Spatial pattern analysis and prediction of forest fire using new machine learning approach of Multivariate Adaptive Regression Splines and Differential Flower Pollination …
DT Bui, ND Hoang, P Samui
Journal of environmental management 237, 476-487, 2019
Predicting compressive strength of high-performance concrete using metaheuristic-optimized least squares support vector regression
AD Pham, ND Hoang, QT Nguyen
Journal of Computing in Civil Engineering 30 (3), 06015002, 2016
Hybrid artificial intelligence approach based on metaheuristic and machine learning for slope stability assessment: A multinational data analysis
ND Hoang, AD Pham
Expert Systems with Applications 46, 60-68, 2016
Predicting earthquake-induced soil liquefaction based on a hybridization of kernel Fisher discriminant analysis and a least squares support vector machine: a multi-dataset study
ND Hoang, DT Bui
Bulletin of Engineering Geology and the Environment 77 (1), 191–204, 2018
Estimating compressive strength of high performance concrete with Gaussian process regression model
ND Hoang, AD Pham, QL Nguyen, QN Pham
Advances in civil engineering 2016 (1), 2861380, 2016
A novel fuzzy K-nearest neighbor inference model with differential evolution for spatial prediction of rainfall-induced shallow landslides in a tropical hilly area using GIS
DT Bui, QP Nguyen, ND Hoang, H Klempe
Landslides 14 (1), 1-17, 2017
A novel integrated approach of relevance vector machine optimized by imperialist competitive algorithm for spatial modeling of shallow landslides
D Tien Bui, H Shahabi, A Shirzadi, K Chapi, ND Hoang, BT Pham, QT Bui, ...
Remote Sensing 10 (10), 1538, 2018
Punching shear capacity estimation of FRP-reinforced concrete slabs using a hybrid machine learning approach
DT Vu, ND Hoang
Structure and Infrastructure Engineering 12 (9), 1153-1161, 2016
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