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Meng Sun
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Trích dẫn bởi
Effects of divergent thinking training on students’ scientific creativity: The impact of individual creative potential and domain knowledge
M Sun, M Wang, R Wegerif
Thinking Skills and Creativity 37, 100682, 2020
混合学习视角下 MOOC 的创新研究: SPOC 案例分析?
罗九同, 孙梦, 顾小清
现代教育技术 24 (7), 18-25, 2014
How do students generate ideas together in scientific creativity tasks through computer-based mind mapping?
M Sun, M Wang, R Wegerif, J Peng
Computers & Education 176, 104359, 2022
How to Harness the Potential of ChatGPT in Education?.
C Zhu, M Sun, J Luo, T Li, M Wang
Knowledge Management & E-Learning 15 (2), 133-152, 2023
Using computer‐based cognitive mapping to improve students' divergent thinking for creativity development
M Sun, M Wang, R Wegerif
British journal of educational technology 50 (5), 2217-2233, 2019
Development and validation of a scale to measure media multitasking among adolescents: Results from China
J Luo, M Sun, P Yeung, H Li
Children and Youth Services Review 95, 377-383, 2018
Exposure to nature sounds through a mobile application in daily life: Effects on learning performance among university students
J Luo, M Wang, B Chen, M Sun
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 19 (21), 14583, 2022
Computer-based scaffolding for sustainable project-based learning: Impact on high-and low-achieving students
J Peng, B Yuan, M Sun, M Jiang, M Wang
Sustainability 14 (19), 12907, 2022
Visible thinking to support online project-based learning: Narrowing the achievement gap between high-and low-achieving students
J Peng, M Sun, B Yuan, CP Lim, JJG Van Merriënboer, M Wang
Education and Information Technologies 29 (2), 2329-2363, 2024
钱冬明, 孙梦, 庄俭, 杨平, 余平
远程教育杂志 32 (6), 49-55, 2014
Measuring teacher self-efficacy: Validating a new comprehensive scale among Chinese pre-service teachers
K Ma, J Luo, M Cavanagh, J Dong, M Sun
Frontiers in Psychology 13, 1063830, 2023
Making sense of online learning behavior: A research on learning styles and collaborative learning data
M Sun, J Luo, D Qian, X Gu
Workshop Proceedings of the 22nd International Conference on Computers in …, 2014
How do secondary students engage in complex problem-solving processes in a STEM project?
B Wu, Y Hu, X Yu, M Sun, H Xie, Z Li, M Wang
Knowledge Management & E-Learning 15 (4), 506, 2023
Simulation-Assisted Learning about a Complex Economic System: Impact on Low-and High-Achieving Students
J Fu, M Sun, M Wang
Sustainability 14 (10), 6036, 2022
社区在线学习系统评价体系设计及实证研究 [D]
华东师范大学, 2015
Mindfulness and growth mindset as protective factors for the impact of media multitasking on academic performance: The mediating role of self-control
J Luo, J Cao, P Yeung, J Ng, M Sun
Education and Information Technologies, 1-18, 2024
整合, 实践与创新: 突破国内数字教材建设瓶颈
罗九同, 李恒平, 孙梦
教育探索, 126-129, 2016
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