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Simona Saponara
Simona Saponara
Associate Professor, University of Siena
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Trích dẫn bởi
The multi-factorial nature of clinical multidrug resistance in cancer
YG Assaraf, A Brozovic, AC Gonçalves, D Jurkovicova, A Linē, ...
Drug Resistance Updates 46, 100645, 2019
(+/−)‐Naringenin as large conductance Ca2+‐activated K+ (BKCa) channel opener in vascular smooth muscle cells
S Saponara, L Testai, D Iozzi, E Martinotti, A Martelli, S Chericoni, ...
British journal of pharmacology 149 (8), 1013-1021, 2006
Effects of quercetin and rutin on vascular preparations: a comparison between mechanical and electrophysiological phenomena.
F Fusi, S Saponara, F Pessina, B Gorelli, G Sgaragli
European journal of nutrition 42 (1), 2003
Quercetin as a novel activator of L‐type Ca2+ channels in rat tail artery smooth muscle cells
S Saponara, G Sgaragli, F Fusi
British journal of pharmacology 135 (7), 1819-1827, 2002
Development and pharmacological characterization of selective blockers of 2-arachidonoyl glycerol degradation with efficacy in rodent models of multiple sclerosis and pain
M Brindisi, S Maramai, S Gemma, S Brogi, A Grillo, L Di Cesare Mannelli, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 59 (6), 2612-2632, 2016
Folate-targeted liposomal nitrooxy-doxorubicin: An effective tool against P-glycoprotein-positive and folate receptor-positive tumors
E Gazzano, B Rolando, K Chegaev, IC Salaroglio, J Kopecka, I Pedrini, ...
Journal of controlled release 270, 37-52, 2018
The beneficial health effects of flavonoids on the cardiovascular system: Focus on K+ channels
F Fusi, A Trezza, M Tramaglino, G Sgaragli, S Saponara, O Spiga
Pharmacological Research 152, 104625, 2020
2,5‐Di‐t‐butyl‐1,4‐benzohydroquinone (BHQ) inhibits vascular L‐type Ca2+ channel via superoxide anion generation
F Fusi, S Saponara, H Gagov, G Sgaragli
British journal of pharmacology 133 (7), 988-996, 2001
Repurposing old drugs to fight multidrug resistant cancers
J Dinić, T Efferth, AT García-Sosa, J Grahovac, JM Padrón, I Pajeva, ...
Drug Resistance Updates 52, 100713, 2020
A specific taurine recognition site in the rabbit brain is responsible for taurine effects on thermoregulation
M Frosini, C Sesti, S Saponara, L Ricci, M Valoti, M Palmi, F Machetti, ...
British journal of pharmacology 139 (3), 487-494, 2003
Characterization of voltage‐gated calcium currents in freshly isolated smooth muscle cells from rat tail main artery
GV Petkov, F Fusi, S Saponara, HS Gagov, GP Sgaragli, KK Boev
Acta physiologica scandinavica 173 (3), 257-265, 2001
Targeting Dopamine D3 and Serotonin 5-HT1A and 5-HT2A Receptors for Developing Effective Antipsychotics: Synthesis, Biological Characterization, and …
M Brindisi, S Butini, S Franceschini, S Brogi, F Trotta, S Ros, A Cagnotto, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 57 (22), 9578-9597, 2014
The flavonoid scaffold as a template for the design of modulators of the vascular Cav1.2 channels
S Saponara, E Carosati, P Mugnai, G Sgaragli, F Fusi
British journal of pharmacology 164 (6), 1684-1697, 2011
The surge of flavonoids as novel, fine regulators of cardiovascular Cav channels
F Fusi, O Spiga, A Trezza, G Sgaragli, S Saponara
European journal of pharmacology 796, 158-174, 2017
Optimization of 4-aminoquinoline/clotrimazole-based hybrid antimalarials: Further structure–activity relationships, in vivo studies, and preliminary toxicity profiling
S Gemma, C Camodeca, S Sanna Coccone, BP Joshi, M Bernetti, ...
Journal of medicinal chemistry 55 (15), 6948-6967, 2012
3, 5‐Dibenzoyl‐4‐(3‐phenoxyphenyl)‐1, 4‐dihydro‐2, 6‐dimethylpyridine (DP7) as a new multidrug resistance reverting agent devoid of effects on vascular smooth muscle contractility
S Saponara, M Kawase, A Shah, N Motohashi, J Molnar, K Ugocsai, ...
British journal of pharmacology 141 (3), 415-422, 2004
Hypoxia as a driver of resistance to immunotherapy
J Kopecka, IC Salaroglio, E Perez-Ruiz, AB Sarmento-Ribeiro, ...
Drug Resistance Updates, 100787, 2021
Mechanism of osthole inhibition of vascular Cav1. 2 current
F Fusi, G Sgaragli, NM Cuong, S Saponara
European Journal of Pharmacology 680 (1-3), 22-27, 2012
Quercetin antagonism of Bay K 8644 effects on rat tail artery L-type Ca2+ channels
S Saponara, G Sgaragli, F Fusi
European journal of pharmacology 598 (1-3), 75-80, 2008
Quercetin antagonism of Bay K 8644 effects on rat tail artery L-type Ca2+ channels
S Saponara, G Sgaragli, F Fusi
European journal of pharmacology 598 (1-3), 75-80, 2008
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