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Yousef Hassanzadeh
Yousef Hassanzadeh
Professor of Civil Engineering, University of Tabriz
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Trích dẫn bởi
Determining the main factors in declining the Urmia Lake level by using system dynamics modeling
E Hassanzadeh, M Zarghami, Y Hassanzadeh
Water Resources Management 26, 129-145, 2012
Impacts of climate change on runoffs in East Azerbaijan, Iran
M Zarghami, A Abdi, I Babaeian, Y Hassanzadeh, R Kanani
Global and Planetary Change 78 (3-4), 137-146, 2011
Developing a robust SHM method for offshore jacket platform using model updating and fuzzy logic system
A Mojtahedi, MAL Yaghin, Y Hassanzadeh, MM Ettefagh, MH Aminfar, ...
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Localization of groundwater vulnerability assessment using catastrophe theory
S Sadeghfam, Y Hassanzadeh, AA Nadiri, M Zarghami
Water resources management 30, 4585-4601, 2016
Mapping groundwater potential field using catastrophe fuzzy membership functions and Jenks optimization method: a case study of Maragheh-Bonab plain, Iran
S Sadeghfam, Y Hassanzadeh, AA Nadiri, R Khatibi
Environmental Earth Sciences 75, 1-19, 2016
Assessment of landfill leachate in semi-arid climate and its impact on the groundwater quality case study: Hamedan, Iran
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Environmental monitoring and assessment 191, 1-19, 2019
Regional bivariate modeling of droughts using L-comoments and copulas
A Abdi, Y Hassanzadeh, S Talatahari, A Fakheri-Fard, R Mirabbasi
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 31, 1199-1210, 2017
Climate change forecasting in a mountainous data scarce watershed using CMIP5 models under representative concentration pathways
A Aghakhani Afshar, Y Hasanzadeh, AA Besalatpour, M Pourreza-Bilondi
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Vulnerability indexing to saltwater intrusion from models at two levels using artificial intelligence multiple model (AIMM)
M Moazamnia, Y Hassanzadeh, AA Nadiri, S Sadeghfam
Journal of environmental management 255, 109871, 2020
Formulating a strategy to combine artificial intelligence models using Bayesian model averaging to study a distressed aquifer with sparse data availability
M Moazamnia, Y Hassanzadeh, AA Nadiri, R Khatibi, S Sadeghfam
Journal of Hydrology 571, 765-781, 2019
Meta-heuristic algorithms for hydrologic frequency analysis
Y Hassanzadeh, A Abdi, S Talatahari, VP Singh
Water resources management 25, 1855-1879, 2011
Parameter estimation of copula functions using an optimization-based method
A Abdi, Y Hassanzadeh, S Talatahari, A Fakheri-Fard, R Mirabbasi
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Groundwater potential assessment of the Sero plain using bivariate models of the frequency ratio, Shannon entropy and evidential belief function
S Khoshtinat, B Aminnejad, Y Hassanzadeh, H Ahmadi
Journal of Earth System Science 128, 1-16, 2019
Detection of nonlinearity effects in structural integrity monitoring methods for offshore jacket-type structures based on principal component analysis
A Mojtahedi, MAL Yaghin, MM Ettefagh, Y Hassanzadeh, M Fujikubo
Marine Structures 33, 100-119, 2013
An investigation on changes and prediction of Urmia Lake water surface evaporation by chaos theory
S Farzin, P Ifaei, N Farzin, Y Hassanzadeh, MT Aalami
Regional drought frequency analysis using L-moments and adjusted charged system search
A Abdi, Y Hassanzadeh, S Talatahari, A Fakheri-Fard, R Mirabbasi
Journal of Hydroinformatics 19 (3), 426-442, 2017
Groundwater remediation through pump-treat-inject technology using optimum control by artificial intelligence (OCAI)
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Regional frequency analysis using Growing Neural Gas network
A Abdi, Y Hassanzadeh, TBMJ Ouarda
Journal of Hydrology 550, 92-102, 2017
Hydraulics of sediment transport
Y Hassanzadeh
Hydrodynamics: Theory and Model, 23-58, 2012
Analyzing long-term spatial variability of blue and green water footprints in a semi-arid mountainous basin with MIROC-ESM model (case study: Kashafrood River Basin, Iran)
A Aghakhani Afshar, Y Hassanzadeh, M Pourreza-Bilondi, A Ahmadi
Theoretical and Applied Climatology 134 (3), 885-899, 2018
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