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Ana Alves
Ana Alves
Contrato investigadora DL 57 - Instituto Superior de Agronomia
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Trích dẫn bởi
Genetic Variation in the Chemical Components of Eucalyptus globulus Wood
DJ Stackpole, RE Vaillancourt, A Alves, J Rodrigues, BM Potts
G3: Genes, Genomes, Genetics 1 (2), 151-159, 2011
Analytical pyrolysis as a direct method to determine the lignin content in wood: Part 1: Comparison of pyrolysis lignin with Klason lignin
A Alves, M Schwanninger, H Pereira, J Rodrigues
Journal of analytical and applied pyrolysis 76 (1-2), 209-213, 2006
A common near infrared—based partial least squares regression model for the prediction of wood density of Pinus pinaster and Larix× eurolepis
A Alves, A Santos, P Rozenberg, LE Pâques, JP Charpentier, ...
Wood science and technology 46 (1-3), 157-175, 2012
Calibration of NIR to assess lignin composition (H/G ratio) in maritime pine wood using analytical pyrolysis as the reference method
A Alves, M Schwanninger, H Pereira, J Rodrigues
Holzforschung 60 (1), 29-31, 2006
Quantitative evaluation by attenuated total reflectance infrared (ATR-FTIR) spectroscopy of the chemical composition of decayed wood preserved in waterlogged conditions
B Pizzo, E Pecoraro, A Alves, N Macchioni, JC Rodrigues
Talanta 131, 14-20, 2015
Contrasting nitrogen fertilization treatments impact xylem gene expression and secondary cell wall lignification in Eucalyptus
ELO Camargo, LC Nascimento, M Soler, MM Salazar, J Lepikson-Neto, ...
BMC plant biology 14 (1), 1-17, 2014
Molecular and phenotypic profiling from the base to the crown in maritime pine wood‐forming tissue
JAP Paiva, M Garcés, A Alves, P Garnier‐Géré, JC Rodrigues, C Lalanne, ...
New Phytologist 178 (2), 283-301, 2008
Estimation of Wood Basic Density of Acacia Melanoxylon (R. Br.) by near Infrared Spectroscopy
AJA Santos, AMM Alves, RMS Simơes, H Pereira, J Rodrigues, ...
Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 20 (2), 267-274, 2012
Determination of the Syringyl/Guaiacyl Ratio of Eucalyptus Globulus Wood Lignin by near Infrared-Based Partial Least Squares Regression Models Using …
A Alves, R Simơes, DJ Stackpole, RE Vaillancourt, BM Potts, ...
Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 19 (5), 343-348, 2011
Impact of high moisture conditions on the serviceability performance of wood plastic composite decks
JS Machado, S Santos, FFS Pinho, F Luis, A Alves, R Simoes, ...
Materials & Design 103, 122-131, 2016
Plasticity of maritime pine (Pinus pinaster) wood‐forming tissues during a growing season
JAP Paiva, PH Garnier‐Géré, JC Rodrigues, A Alves, S Santos, J Graça, ...
New Phytologist 179 (4), 1180-1194, 2008
Analytical pyrolysis as a direct method to determine the lignin content in wood: Part 3. Evaluation of species-specific and tissue-specific differences in softwood lignin …
A Alves, N Gierlinger, M Schwanninger, J Rodrigues
Journal of Analytical and Applied Pyrolysis 85 (1-2), 30-37, 2009
Improvement of Pinus pinaster Ait elite trees selection by combining near infrared spectroscopy and genetic tools
D da Silva Perez, A Guillemain, P Alazard, C Plomion, P Rozenberg, ...
Walter de Gruyter 61 (6), 611-622, 2007
NIR PLSR results obtained by calibration with noisy, low-precision reference values: Are the results acceptable?
J Rodrigues, A Alves, H Pereira, D da Silva Perez, G Chantre, ...
Walter de Gruyter 60 (4), 402-408, 2006
Determination of Eucalyptus Globulus Wood Extractives Content by near Infrared-Based Partial Least Squares Regression Models: Comparison between …
AMM Alves, RFS Simơes, CA Santos, BM Potts, J Rodrigues, ...
Journal of Near Infrared Spectroscopy 20 (2), 275-285, 2012
Long cold exposure induces transcriptional and biochemical remodelling of xylem secondary cell wall in Eucalyptus
R Ployet, M Soler, V Carocha, N Ladouce, A Alves, JC Rodrigues, ...
Tree physiology 38 (3), 409-422, 2018
NIR PLSR model selection for Kappa number prediction of maritime pine Kraft pulps
A Alves, A Santos, D da Silva Perez, J Rodrigues, H Pereira, R Simoes, ...
Wood science and technology 41 (6), 491-499, 2007
Analytical pyrolysis as a direct method to determine the lignin content in wood: Part 2: Evaluation of the common model and the influence of compression wood
A Alves, J Rodrigues, R Wimmer, M Schwanninger
Journal of analytical and applied pyrolysis 81 (2), 167-172, 2008
Near-infrared spectroscopy enables the genetic analysis of chemical properties in a large set of wood samples from Populus nigra (L.) natural populations
MN Gebreselassie, K Ader, N Boizot, F Millier, JP Charpentier, A Alves, ...
Industrial Crops and Products 107, 159-171, 2017
Physical, chemical and mechanical properties of Pinus sylvestris wood at five sites in Portugal
C Fernandes, MJ Gaspar, J Pires, A Alves, R Simơes, JC Rodrigues, ...
IForest, 2017
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