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Amin Shahsavar
Amin Shahsavar
Department of Mechanical Engineering, Kermanshah University of Technology
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A review of melting and freezing processes of PCM/nano-PCM and their application in energy storage
S Rostami, M Afrand, A Shahsavar, M Sheikholeslami, R Kalbasi, ...
Energy 211, 118698, 2020
Heat transfer reduction in buildings by embedding phase change material in multi-layer walls: Effects of repositioning, thermophysical properties and thickness of PCM
ZX Li, AAAA Al-Rashed, M Rostamzadeh, R Kalbasi, A Shahsavar, ...
Energy Conversion and Management 195, 43-56, 2019
Experimental investigation and modeling of a direct-coupled PV/T air collector
A Shahsavar, M Ameri
Solar Energy 84 (11), 1938-1958, 2010
A novel comprehensive experimental study concerned synthesizes and prepare liquid paraffin-Fe3O4 mixture to develop models for both thermal conductivity & viscosity: a new …
A Shahsavar, S Khanmohammadi, A Karimipour, M Goodarzi
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 131, 432-441, 2019
Impact of variable fluid properties on forced convection of Fe3O4/CNT/water hybrid nanofluid in a double-pipe mini-channel heat exchanger
A Shahsavar, A Godini, PT Sardari, D Toghraie, H Salehipour
Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 137, 1031-1043, 2019
Thermal performance evaluation of non-uniform fin array in a finned double-pipe latent heat storage system
A Shahsavar, A Goodarzi, HI Mohammed, A Shirneshan, ...
Energy 193, 116800, 2020
Experimental investigation on laminar forced convective heat transfer of ferrofluid loaded with carbon nanotubes under constant and alternating magnetic fields
A Shahsavar, M Saghafian, MR Salimpour, MB Shafii
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 76, 1-11, 2016
Free convection heat transfer and entropy generation analysis of water-Fe3O4/CNT hybrid nanofluid in a concentric annulus
A Shahsavar, PT Sardari, D Toghraie
International Journal of Numerical Methods for Heat & Fluid Flow 29 (3), 915-934, 2018
Effect of porous medium and nanoparticles presences in a counter-current triple-tube composite porous/nano-PCM system
Z Li, A Shahsavar, AAAA Al-Rashed, P Talebizadehsardari
Applied Thermal Engineering 167, 114777, 2020
Experimental investigation and develop ANNs by introducing the suitable architectures and training algorithms supported by sensitivity analysis: measure thermal conductivity …
A Shahsavar, S Khanmohammadi, D Toghraie, H Salihepour
Journal of Molecular Liquids 276, 850-860, 2019
Numerical assessment into the hydrothermal and entropy generation characteristics of biological water-silver nano-fluid in a wavy walled microchannel heat sink
AAAA Al-Rashed, A Shahsavar, O Rasooli, MA Moghimi, A Karimipour, ...
International Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer 104, 118-126, 2019
Numerical investigation of natural convection behavior of molten PCM in an enclosure having rectangular and tree-like branching fins
Ç Yıldız, M Arıcı, S Nižetić, A Shahsavar
Energy 207, 118223, 2020
Experimental investigation and modeling of thermal conductivity and viscosity for non-Newtonian hybrid nanofluid containing coated CNT/Fe3O4 nanoparticles
A Shahsavar, M Bahiraei
Powder technology 318, 441-450, 2017
An experimental study on the effect of ultrasonication on thermal conductivity of ferrofluid loaded with carbon nanotubes
A Shahsavar, MR Salimpour, M Saghafian, MB Shafii
Thermochimica Acta 617, 102-110, 2015
Prediction of energetic performance of a building integrated photovoltaic/thermal system thorough artificial neural network and hybrid particle swarm optimization models
A AA, M H, A Shahsavar, N TK
Energy Conversion and Mnagement 183 (3), 137-148, 2019
Energy saving in buildings by using the exhaust and ventilation air for cooling of photovoltaic panels
A Shahsavar, M Salmanzadeh, M Ameri, P Talebizadeh
Energy and buildings 43 (9), 2219-2226, 2011
Numerical investigation of non-Newtonian water-CMC/CuO nanofluid flow in an offset strip-fin microchannel heat sink: thermal performance and thermodynamic considerations
AAAA Al-Rashed, A Shahsavar, S Entezari, MA Moghimi, SA Adio, ...
Applied Thermal Engineering 155, 247-258, 2019
Comprehensive preference learning and feature validity for designing energy-efficient residential buildings using machine learning paradigms
W Gao, J Alsarraf, H Moayedi, A Shahsavar, H Nguyen
Applied Soft Computing 84, 105748, 2019
The effects of tape insert material on the flow and heat transfer in a nanofluid-based double tube heat exchanger: two-phase mixture model
A Karimi, AAAA Al-Rashed, M Afrand, O Mahian, S Wongwises, ...
International Journal of Mechanical Sciences 156, 397-409, 2019
Effect of magnetic field on thermal conductivity and viscosity of a magnetic nanofluid loaded with carbon nanotubes
A Shahsavar, MR Salimpour, M Saghafian, MB Shafii
Journal of Mechanical Science and Technology 30, 809-815, 2016
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