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Adam Ekielski
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Zinc oxide nanoparticles: a promising nanomaterial for biomedical applications
PK Mishra, H Mishra, A Ekielski, S Talegaonkar, B Vaidya
Drug discovery today 22 (12), 1825-1834, 2017
Melanoma treatment: from conventional to nanotechnology
H Mishra, PK Mishra, A Ekielski, M Jaggi, Z Iqbal, S Talegaonkar
Journal of cancer research and clinical oncology 144, 2283-2302, 2018
The self-assembly of lignin and its application in nanoparticle synthesis: A short review
PK Mishra, A Ekielski
Nanomaterials 9 (2), 243, 2019
A review of adsorbents for heavy metal decontamination: Growing approach to wastewater treatment
A Gupta, V Sharma, K Sharma, V Kumar, S Choudhary, P Mankotia, ...
Materials 14 (16), 4702, 2021
Assessing the potential of lignin nanoparticles as drug carrier: Synthesis, cytotoxicity and genotoxicity studies
ST Lubna Siddiqui,Janmejaya Bag, Seetha,Disha Mittal,Ankita Leekha,Harshita ...
International Journal of Biological Macromolecules, 2020
Lignin for Bioeconomy: The Present and Future Role of Technical Lignin
A Ekielski, PK Mishra
International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22 (1), 63, 2021
On the rapid and non-destructive approach for wood identification using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy and Chemometric methods
V Sharma, J Yadav, R Kumar, D Tesarova, A Ekielski, PK Mishra
Vibrational Spectroscopy, 2020
Pojazdy i ciągniki rolnicze
A Skrobacki, A Ekielski
Wydawnictwo" Wieś Jutra", 2012
Ecotone dynamics and stability from soil perspective: Forest-agriculture land transition
T Danso Marfo, R Datta, V Vranová, A Ekielski
Agriculture 9 (10), 228, 2019
Methylene blue dye adsorption from wastewater using hydroxyapatite/gold nanocomposite: Kinetic and thermodynamics studies
K Sharma, S Sharma, V Sharma, PK Mishra, A Ekielski, V Sharma, ...
Nanomaterials 11 (6), 1403, 2021
Energy efficiency of a confectionery plant–Case study
J Wojdalski, J Grochowicz, B Dróżdż, K Bartoszewska, P Zdanowska, ...
Journal of Food Engineering 146, 182-191, 2015
Effects of moisture content, temperature, and die thickness on the compaction process, and the density and strength of walnut shell pellets
A Lisowski, M Pajor, A Świętochowski, M Dąbrowska, J Klonowski, ...
Renewable energy 141, 770-781, 2019
Optimization of multiple arcs protrusion obstacle parameters using AHP-TOPSIS approach in an impingement jet solar air passage
PK Mishra, R Nadda, R Kumar, A Rana, M Sethi, A Ekielski
Heat and Mass Transfer 54 (54), 3797–3808, 2018
The impact of extrusion on the biogas and biomethane yield of plant substrates
K Pilarski, AA Pilarska, K Witaszek, Z Dworecki, T Żelaziński, A Ekielski, ...
Journal of Ecological Engineering 17 (4), 264-272, 2016
A simple method to synthesize lignin nanoparticles
PK Mishra, A Ekielski
Colloids and Interfaces 3 (2), 52, 2019
Materials used for the microencapsulation of probiotic bacteria in the food industry
E Kowalska, M Ziarno, A Ekielski, T Żelaziński
Molecules 27 (10), 3321, 2022
Wood-Based Cellulose Nanofibrils: Haemocompatibility and Impact on the Development and Behaviour of Drosophila melanogaster
PK Mishra, A Ekielski, S Mukherjee, S Sahu, S Chowdhury, M Mishra, ...
Biomolecules 9 (8), 363, 2019
Identification and classification of mechanical damage during continuous harvesting of root crops using computer vision methods
A Osipov, V Shumaev, A Ekielski, T Gataullin, S Suvorov, S Mishurov, ...
IEEE Access 10, 28885-28894, 2022
Effect of extrusion conditions on physical properties of buckwheat-maize blend extrudate
A Ekielski, Z Majewski, T Zelazinski
Polish Journal of Food and Nutrition Sciences 57 (2 [A]), 57-61, 2007
Structure, genome, infection cycle and clinical manifestations associated with human papillomavirus
S Vashisht, H Mishra, PK Mishra, A Ekielski, S Talegaonkar
Current pharmaceutical biotechnology 20 (15), 1260-1280, 2019
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