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Naokazu Ahagon
Naokazu Ahagon
Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Techonolgy
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Trích dẫn bởi
Florisphaera profunda, a possible nannoplankton indicator of late Quaternary changes in sea-water turbidity at the northwestern margin of the Pacific
N Ahagon, Y Tanaka, H Ujiie
Marine Micropaleontology 22 (3), 255-273, 1993
Rapid fluctuation of alkenone temperature in the southwestern Okhotsk Sea during the past 120 ky
N Harada, N Ahagon, T Sakamoto, M Uchida, M Ikehara, Y Shibata
Global and Planetary Change 53 (1-2), 29-46, 2006
Mid‐depth circulation in the northwest Pacific during the last deglaciation: Evidence from foraminiferal radiocarbon ages
N Ahagon, K Ohkushi, M Uchida, T Mishima
Geophysical Research Letters 30 (21), 2003
Depth distribution of radiolarians from the Chukchi and Beaufort Seas, western Arctic
T Itaki, M Ito, H Narita, N Ahagon, H Sakai
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Northward and southward migrations of frontal zones during the past 40 kyr in the Kuroshio‐Oyashio transition area
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Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 5 (9), 2004
Biogenic sediments in the West Caroline Basin, the western equatorial Pacific during the last 330,000 years
H Kawahata, A Suzuki, N Ahagon
Marine Geology 149 (1-4), 155-176, 1998
Episodic methane release events from Last Glacial marginal sediments in the western North Pacific
M Uchida, Y Shibata, K Ohkushi, N Ahagon, M Hoshiba
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 5 (8), 2004
Foraminiferal isotope anomalies from northwestern Pacific marginal sediments
K Ohkushi, N Ahagon, M Uchida, Y Shibata
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Foraminiferal oxygen and carbon isotopes during the last 34 kyr off northern Japan, northwestern Pacific
M Hoshiba, N Ahagon, K Ohkushi, M Uchida, I Motoyama, A Nishimura
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Examination of gas hydrate-bearing deep ocean sediments by X-ray Computed Tomography and verification of physical property measurements of sediments
LP Gupta, W Tanikawa, Y Hamada, T Hirose, N Ahagon, T Sugihara, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 108, 239-248, 2019
Indian monsoonal variations during the past 80 kyr recorded in NGHP‐02 Hole 19B, western Bay of Bengal: Implications from chemical and mineral properties
Y Ota, H Kawahata, J Kuroda, A Yamaguchi, A Suzuki, D Araoka, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 20 (1), 148-165, 2019
High-resolution 14C analyses of annually-banded coral skeletons from Ishigaki Island, Japan: implications for oceanography
T Mitsuguchi, H Kitagawa, E Matsumoto, Y Shibata, M Yoneda, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2004
Porosity, permeability, and grain size of sediment cores from gas-hydrate-bearing sites and their implication for overpressure in shallow argillaceous formations: Results from …
W Tanikawa, T Hirose, Y Hamada, LP Gupta, N Ahagon, Y Masaki, N Abe, ...
Marine and Petroleum Geology 108, 332-347, 2019
Deglacial–Holocene environmental changes at the Pacific entrance of the Strait of Magellan
N Harada, U Ninnemann, CB Lange, ME Marchant, M Sato, N Ahagon, ...
Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 375, 125-135, 2013
Glacial intermediate water ventilation in the northwestern Pacific based on AMS radiocarbon dating
K Ohkushi, M Uchida, N Ahagon, T Mishima, T Kanematsu
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2004
Carbonate preservation variation in the Caroline Basin during the last 330 kyr
H Kawahata, N Ahagon, N Eguchi
Geochemical Journal 31 (2), 85-103, 1997
Using Late and Middle Pleistocene tephrostratigraphy and cryptotephrostratigraphy to refine age models of Holes ODP1150A and ODP1151C, NW Pacific Ocean: A cross-check between …
T Matsu'ura, J Komatsubara, N Ahagon
Quaternary Geochronology 47, 29-53, 2018
Repeated large-scale mass-transport deposits and consequent rapid sedimentation in the western part of the Bay of Bengal, India
Y Yamamoto, S Chiyonobu, T Kanamatsu, N Ahagon, K Aoike, N Kamiya, ...
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Intensification of North Pacific intermediate water ventilation during the Younger Dryas
K Ohkushi, N Hara, M Ikehara, M Uchida, N Ahagon
Geo-Marine Letters 36, 353-360, 2016
Culturing protocol and maintenance for living calcareous plankton~ Preliminary results of the culturing experiment~
海洋科学技術センター試験研究報告 48, 155-164, 2003
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