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Mazda Kompanizare
Mazda Kompanizare
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Trích dẫn bởi
Groundwater depth and elevation interpolation by kriging methods in Mohr Basin of Fars province in Iran
L Nikroo, M Kompani-Zare, AR Sepaskhah, SR Fallah Shamsi
Environmental monitoring and assessment 166, 387-407, 2010
Natural vs. artificial groundwater recharge, quantification through inverse modeling
H Hashemi, R Berndtsson, M Kompani-Zare, M Persson
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 17 (2), 637-650, 2013
The effect of some watershed, soil characteristics and morphometric factors on the relationship between the gully volume and length in Fars Province, Iran
M Kompani-Zare, M Soufi, H Hamzehzarghani, M Dehghani
Catena 86 (3), 150-159, 2011
Agricultural edge‐of‐field phosphorus losses in Ontario, Canada: Importance of the nongrowing season in cold regions
J Plach, W Pluer, M Macrae, M Kompanizare, K McKague, R Carlow, ...
Journal of environmental quality 48 (4), 813-821, 2019
MODFLOW equipped with a new method for the accurate simulation of axisymmetric flow
N Samani, M Kompani-Zare, DA Barry
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Geochemistry of the thermal springs of Mount Taftan, southeastern Iran
A Shakeri, F Moore, M Kompani-Zare
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Analytical study of capture zone of a horizontal well in a confined aquifer
M Kompani-Zare, H Zhan, N Samani
Journal of hydrology 307 (1-4), 48-59, 2005
Steady-state unconfined aquifer simulation of the Gareh-Bygone Plain, Iran
H Hashemi, R Berndtsson, M Kompani-Zare
The Open Hydrology Journal 6 (1), 2012
The cold regions hydrological modelling platform for hydrological diagnosis and prediction based on process understanding
JW Pomeroy, T Brown, X Fang, KR Shook, D Pradhananga, R Armstrong, ...
Journal of Hydrology 615, 128711, 2022
Chemical thermometry and origin of the Dalaki mineral springs, Bushehr Province, Iran
M Kompani-Zare, F Moore
Journal of Hydrology (New Zealand), 189-204, 2001
Analytical solutions for the capture zone of a pumping well near a stream
M Asadi-Aghbolaghi, GR Rakhshandehroo, M Kompani-Zare
Hydrogeology Journal 19 (6), 1161, 2011
Flow to horizontal drains in isotropic unconfined aquifers
N Samani, M Kompani-Zare, H Seyyedian, DA Barry
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Effect of climate change and mining on hydrological connectivity of surficial layers in the Athabasca Oil Sands Region
M Kompanizare, RM Petrone, M Shafii, DT Robinson, RC Rooney
Hydrological processes 32 (25), 3698-3716, 2018
Semiautomatic morphometric land surface segmentation of an arid mountainous area using DEM and self-organizing maps
M Foroutan, M Kompanizare, AH Ehsani
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 6, 4795-4810, 2013
Steady flow to a horizontal drain in an unconfined aquifer with variable thickness
M Kompani-Zare, H Zhan
Journal of hydrology 327 (1-2), 174-185, 2006
An analytical approach to capture zone delineation for a well near a stream with a leaky layer
M Asadi-Aghbolaghi, GR Rakhshandehroo, M Kompani-Zare
Hydrological sciences journal 58 (8), 1813-1823, 2013
Chemical assessment of dam irrigation effects on groundwater qualities in Bigherd plain, Fars Province, Iran
E Kamali Maskooni, M Kompanizare, SF Afzali
Environmental Earth Sciences 76 (238), 2017
Steady flow rate to a partially penetrating well with seepage face in an unconfined aquifer
S Behrooz-Koohenjani, N Samani, M Kompani-Zare
Hydrogeology Journal 19 (4), 811, 2011
Assessment of different water use efficiency calculations for dominant forage crops in the Great Lakes Basin
K De Haan, M Khomik, A Green, W Helgason, ML Macrae, ...
Agriculture 11 (8), 739, 2021
Flow to horizontal and slanted drains in anisotropic unconfined aquifers
N Samani, M Kompani-Zare, H Seyyedian, DA Barry
Developments in Water Science 55, 427-440, 2004
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