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Wan-Young Chung
Wan-Young Chung
Dept. of AI Convergence & Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Pukyong National University, Korea
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Wireless sensor network based wearable smart shirt for ubiquitous health and activity monitoring
YD Lee, WY Chung
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 140 (2), 390-395, 2009
Solvatochromic discrimination of alcoholic solvents by structural colors of polydopamine nanoparticle thin films
YS Lim, JS Kim, JH Choi, JM Kim, TS Shim
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Driver fatigue and drowsiness monitoring system with embedded electrocardiogram sensor on steering wheel
SJ Jung, HS Shin, WY Chung
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Detection of driver drowsiness using wavelet analysis of heart rate variability and a support vector machine classifier
G Li, WY Chung
Sensors 13 (12), 16494-16511, 2013
A wireless sensor network compatible wearable u-healthcare monitoring system using integrated ECG, accelerometer and SpO2
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Driver alertness monitoring using fusion of facial features and bio-signals
BG Lee, WY Chung
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Smartwatch-based wearable EEG system for driver drowsiness detection
G Li, BL Lee, WY Chung
IEEE Sensors Journal 15 (12), 7169-7180, 2015
A comprehensive ubiquitous healthcare solution on an Android™ mobile device
PC Hii, WY Chung
Sensors 11 (7), 6799-6815, 2011
Mobile healthcare for automatic driving sleep-onset detection using wavelet-based EEG and respiration signals
BG Lee, BL Lee, WY Chung
Sensors 14 (10), 17915-17936, 2014
Enhanced RSSI-based real-time user location tracking system for indoor and outdoor environments
WY Chung
2007 International Conference on Convergence Information Technology (ICCIT …, 2007
Wearable-band type visible-near infrared optical biosensor for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring
VP Rachim, WY Chung
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A smartphone-based driver safety monitoring system using data fusion
BG Lee, WY Chung
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Wearable noncontact armband for mobile ECG monitoring system
VP Rachim, WY Chung
IEEE transactions on biomedical circuits and systems 10 (6), 1112-1118, 2016
Remote monitoring system with wireless sensors module for room environment
WY Chung, SJ Oh
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 113 (1), 64-70, 2006
Preparation of indium oxide thin film by spin-coating method and its gas-sensing properties
WY Chung, G Sakai, K Shimanoe, N Miura, DD Lee, N Yamazoe
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 46 (2), 139-145, 1998
Noninvasive cuffless blood pressure estimation using pulse transit time and impedance plethysmography
TH Huynh, R Jafari, WY Chung
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A context-aware EEG headset system for early detection of driver drowsiness
G Li, WY Chung
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Mobile cloud-computing-based healthcare service by noncontact ECG monitoring
EM Fong, WY Chung
Sensors 13 (12), 16451-16473, 2013
A cell phone based health monitoring system with self analysis processor using wireless sensor network technology
WY Chung, CL Yau, KS Shin, R Myllyla
2007 29th Annual International Conference of the IEEE Engineering in …, 2007
Activity monitoring from real-time triaxial accelerometer data using sensor network
A Purwar, DU Jeong, WY Chung
2007 International conference on control, automation and systems, 2402-2406, 2007
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