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Babatunde Abiodun Salami
Babatunde Abiodun Salami
Tên khácB. A. Salami, Babatunde A. Salami
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
A risk assessment approach for enhancing construction safety performance
MO Sanni-Anibire, AS Mahmoud, MA Hassanain, BA Salami
Safety science 121, 15-29, 2020
Durability performance of palm oil fuel ash-based engineered alkaline-activated cementitious composite (POFA-EACC) mortar in sulfate environment
BA Salami, MAM Johari, ZA Ahmad, M Maslehuddin
Construction and Building Materials 131, 229-244, 2017
Impact of added water and superplasticizer on early compressive strength of selected mixtures of palm oil fuel ash-based engineered geopolymer composites
BA Salami, MAM Johari, ZA Ahmad, M Maslehuddin
Construction and Building Materials 109, 198-206, 2016
Ensemble machine learning model for corrosion initiation time estimation of embedded steel reinforced self-compacting concrete
BA Salami, SM Rahman, TA Oyehan, M Maslehuddin, SU Al Dulaijan
Measurement 165, 108141, 2020
Influence of composition and concentration of alkaline activator on the properties of natural-pozzolan based green concrete
M Ibrahim, MAM Johari, M Maslehuddin, MK Rahman, BA Salami, ...
Construction and Building Materials 201, 186-195, 2019
Effect of common salt on some engineering properties of eggshell stabilized lateritic soil
OO Amu, BA Salami
ARPN journal of Engineering and applied sciences 5 (9), 64-73, 2010
Tackling the impacts of Covid-19 on construction projects: an exploration of contractual dispute avoidance measures adopted by construction firms
BA Salami, SO Ajayi, AS Oyegoke
International journal of construction management 23 (7), 1196-1204, 2023
Data-driven model for ternary-blend concrete compressive strength prediction using machine learning approach
BA Salami, O Teslim, TA Oyehan, IA Raji
Construction and Building Materials 301 (C), 124152, 2021
Estimating compressive strength of lightweight foamed concrete using neural, genetic and ensemble machine learning approaches
BA Salami, M Iqbal, A Abdulraheem, FE Jalal, W Alimi, A Jamal, ...
Cement and Concrete Composites 133, 104721, 2022
Mathematical prediction of the compressive strength of bacterial concrete using gene expression programming
HA Algaifi, AS Alqarni, R Alyousef, SA Bakar, MHW Ibrahim, S Shahidan, ...
Ain Shams Engineering Journal, 2021
Impact of Al (OH) 3 addition to POFA on the compressive strength of POFA alkali-activated mortar
BA Salami, MAM Johari, ZA Ahmad, M Maslehuddin, AA Adewumi
Construction and Building Materials 190, 65-82, 2018
Bio-inspired self-healing of concrete cracks using new B. pseudomycoides species
AA Hassan, AB Suhaimi, A Rayed, MS Abdul Rahman, I MH Wan, ...
Journal of Materials Research and Technology, 2021
An overview of factors influencing the properties of concrete incorporating construction and demolition wastes
I Mohammed, W Alimi, R Assaggaf, BA Salami, AO Ewebajo,
Construction and Building Materials 367, 130307, 2023
Coping with the Covid-19 pandemic: an exploration of the strategies adopted by construction firms
BA Salami, SO Ajayi, AS Oyegoke
Journal of Engineering, Design and Technology, 2022
Predicting the compressive strength of a quaternary blend concrete using Bayesian regularized neural network
I Ashhad, BA Salami, TA Oyehan
Journal of Structural Integrity and Maintenance 6 (4), 237-246, 2021
Assessment of acid resistance of natural pozzolan-based alkali-activated concrete: Experimental and optimization modelling
I Mohammed, BA Salami, HA Algaifi, M Kalimur Rahman, M Nasir, ...
Construction and Building Materials 304, 124657, 2021
On the control of viscoelastic damped swelling porous elastic soils with internal delay feedbacks
TA Apalara, MO Yusuf, BA Salami
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 504 (2), 125429, 2021
GPT models in construction industry: Opportunities, limitations, and a use case validation
A Saka, R Taiwo, N Saka, BA Salami, S Ajayi, K Akande, H Kazemi
Developments in the Built Environment, 100300, 2024
Estimating Flexural Strength of FRP Reinforced Beam Using Artificial Neural Network and Random Forest Prediction Models
K Khan, M Iqbal, BA Salami, MN Amin, I Ahmad, AA Alabdullah, ...
Polymers 14 (11), 2270, 2022
Palm oil fuel ash (POFA) as a demulsifier for crude oil emulsions: Performance and mechanism
AA Adewunmi, MS Kamal, TI Solling, BA Salami
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 183, 106430, 2019
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