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Md Didarul Islam
Md Didarul Islam
Khalifa University of Science and Technology
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Measurement of solar energy radiation in Abu Dhabi, UAE
MD Islam, I Kubo, M Ohadi, AA Alili
Applied Energy 86 (4), 511-515, 2009
Effect of anti-transforming growth factor-βbgr; antibodies in cyclosporine-induced renal dysfunction
M Islam, JF Burke JR, TA McGowan, Y Zhu, SR Dunn, P McCue, ...
Kidney international 59 (2), 498-506, 2001
An experimental investigation of shale mechanical properties through drained and undrained test mechanisms
MA Islam, P Skalle
Rock Mechanics and Rock Engineering 46, 1391-1413, 2013
Modeling of a solar powered absorption cycle for Abu Dhabi
A Al-Alili, MD Islam, I Kubo, Y Hwang, R Radermacher
Applied Energy 93, 160-167, 2012
Numerical study of winglets vortex generator effects on thermal performance in a circular pipe
Y Xu, MD Islam, N Kharoua
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 112, 304-317, 2017
Concentration and formation behavior of naturally occurring formaldehyde in foods
F Nowshad, MN Islam, MS Khan
Agriculture & Food Security 7, 1-8, 2018
Measurement of solar-energy (direct beam radiation) in Abu Dhabi, UAE
MD Islam, AA Alili, I Kubo, M Ohadi
Renewable Energy 35 (2), 515-519, 2010
Heat transfer augmentation in a circular tube with delta winglet vortex generator pairs
C Zhai, MD Islam, R Simmons, I Barsoum
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 140, 480-490, 2019
Fabrication of bulk piezoelectric and dielectric BaTiO3 ceramics using paste extrusion 3D printing technique
H Kim, A Renteria‐Marquez, MD Islam, LA Chavez, CA Garcia Rosales, ...
Journal of the American Ceramic Society 102 (6), 3685-3694, 2019
Rainfall and temperature scenario for Bangladesh
MN Islam
The Open Atmospheric Science Journal 3 (1), 2009
Experimental study of thermal performance and flow behaviour with winglet vortex generators in a circular tube
Y Xu, MD Islam, N Kharoua
Applied Thermal Engineering 135, 257-268, 2018
Heat transfer and flow around cylinder: Effect of corner radius and Reynolds number
T Abdelhamid, MM Alam, M Islam
International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 171, 121105, 2021
Numerical study of heat transfer and flow behavior in a circular tube fitted with varying arrays of winglet vortex generators
G Liang, MD Islam, N Kharoua, R Simmons
International Journal of Thermal Sciences 134, 54-65, 2018
Study on heat transfer and fluid flow characteristics with short rectangular plate fin of different pattern
IM Didarul, O Kenyu, Y Minoru, S Izuru
Experimental Thermal and Fluid Science 31 (4), 367-379, 2007
Calibration of TRMM derived rainfall over Nepal during 1998-2007
MN Islam, S Das, H Uyeda
The Open Atmospheric Science Journal 4 (1), 2010
Physiological and biochemical changes in sugar beet seedlings to confer stress adaptability under drought condition
MJ Islam, JW Kim, MK Begum, MAT Sohel, YS Lim
Plants 9 (11), 1511, 2020
Localized surface plasmon resonance biosensor: an improved technique for SERS response intensification
MS Islam, J Sultana, RA Aoni, MS Habib, A Dinovitser, BWH Ng, D Abbott
Optics letters 44 (5), 1134-1137, 2019
A review on the legislative aspect of artificial fruit ripening
MN Islam, M Mursalat, MS Khan
Agriculture & Food Security 5, 1-10, 2016
Increased piezoelectric response in functional nanocomposites through multiwall carbon nanotube interface and fused-deposition modeling three-dimensional printing
H Kim, F Torres, MT Islam, MD Islam, LA Chavez, CAG Rosales, ...
MRS Communications 7 (4), 960-966, 2017
Experimental characterization of a solar powered MSF desalination process performance
I Darawsheh, MD Islam, F Banat
Thermal Science and Engineering Progress 10, 154-162, 2019
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