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Dr. Vasilios N. Katsikis
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Trích dẫn bởi
BAS-ADAM: An ADAM based approach to improve the performance of beetle antennae search optimizer
AH Khan, X Cao, S Li, VN Katsikis, L Liao
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An improved method for the computation of the Moore–Penrose inverse matrix
VN Katsikis, D Pappas, A Petralias
Applied Mathematics and Computation 217 (23), 9828-9834, 2011
Quantum beetle antennae search: a novel technique for the constrained portfolio optimization problem
AT Khan, X Cao, S Li, B Hu, VN Katsikis
Science China Information Sciences 64, 1-14, 2021
Core and core-EP inverses of tensors
JK Sahoo, R Behera, PS Stanimirović, VN Katsikis, H Ma
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Fast computing of the Moore-Penrose inverse matrix
V Katsikis, D Pappas
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Optimal portfolio management for engineering problems using nonconvex cardinality constraint: A computing perspective
AH Khan, X Cao, VN Katsikis, P Stanimirović, I Brajević, S Li, S Kadry, ...
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MATLAB: A Fundamental Tool for Scientific Computing and Engineering Applications-Volume 3
V Katsikis
BoD–Books on Demand, 2012
Applications of the Moore-Penrose inverse in digital image restoration
S Chountasis, VN Katsikis, D Pappas
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Solving complex-valued time-varying linear matrix equations via QR decomposition with applications to robotic motion tracking and on angle-of-arrival localization
VN Katsikis, SD Mourtas, PS Stanimirović, Y Zhang
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Full-rank representations of outer inverses based on the QR decomposition
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Fraud detection in publicly traded US firms using Beetle Antennae Search: A machine learning approach
AT Khan, X Cao, S Li, VN Katsikis, I Brajevic, PS Stanimirovic
Expert Systems with Applications 191, 116148, 2022
Zeroing neural network with fuzzy parameter for computing pseudoinverse of arbitrary matrix
VN Katsikis, PS Stanimirović, SD Mourtas, L Xiao, D Karabašević, ...
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Perturbation theory for Moore–Penrose inverse of tensor via Einstein product
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Integration enhanced and noise tolerant ZNN for computing various expressions involving outer inverses
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Randomized time‐varying knapsack problems via binary beetle antennae search algorithm: Emphasis on applications in portfolio insurance
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Outer and (b, c) inverses of tensors
PS Stanimirović, M Ćirić, VN Katsikis, C Li, H Ma
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Digital image reconstruction in the spectral domain utilizing the Moore‐Penrose inverse
S Chountasis, VN Katsikis, D Pappas
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Hybrid GNN-ZNN models for solving linear matrix equations
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Representations and properties of the W-Weighted Drazin inverse
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MD Petković, PS Stanimirović, VN Katsikis
Neurocomputing 289, 155-165, 2018
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