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Nasrin Fathollahzadeh Attar
Nasrin Fathollahzadeh Attar
Post doc researcher at Padua University, Padua, Italy
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Physicochemical parameters data assimilation for efficient improvement of water quality index prediction: Comparative assessment of a noise suppression hybridization approach
M Rezaie-Balf, NF Attar, A Mohammadzadeh, MA Murti, AN Ahmed, ...
Journal of Cleaner Production 271, 122576, 2020
On the reliability of soft computing methods in the estimation of dew point temperature: The case of arid regions of Iran
NF Attar, K Khalili, J Behmanesh, N Khanmohammadi
Computers and electronics in agriculture 153, 334-346, 2018
Enhancing the prediction accuracy of data-driven models for monthly streamflow in Urmia Lake basin based upon the autoregressive conditionally heteroskedastic time-series model
NF Attar, QB Pham, SF Nowbandegani, M Rezaie-Balf, CM Fai, ...
Applied Sciences 10 (2), 571, 2020
Monthly streamflow prediction using a hybrid stochastic-deterministic approach for parsimonious non-linear time series modeling
Z Wang, N Fathollahzadeh Attar, K Khalili, J Behmanesh, SS Band, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 14 (1), 1351-1372, 2020
A gradient boosting tree approach for SPEI classification and prediction in Turkey
A Danandeh Mehr, N Fathollahzadeh Attar
Hydrological Sciences Journal 66 (11), 1653-1663, 2021
Comprehensive review of solar radiation modeling based on artificial intelligence and optimization techniques: future concerns and considerations
N Fathollahzadeh Attar, MT Sattari, R Prasad, H Apaydin
Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 2022
Assessing land use changes’ effect on river water quality in the Dez Basin using land change modeler
MR Goodarzi, ARR Niknam, S, H Rahmati, N Fathollahzadeh Attar
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, 2023
GTAR: a new ensemble evolutionary autoregressive approach to model dissolved organic carbon
A Danandeh Mehr, H Marttila, AT Haghighi, D Croghan, ...
AQUA—Water Infrastructure, Ecosystems and Society 72 (3), 381-394, 2023
Climate change impacts on snow cover area and snowmelt runoff in the Ajichai Basin-Iran
MR Goodarzi, M Sabaghzadeh, A Fatehifar, N Fathollahzadeh Attar
International Journal of climatology, 2023
Daily Streamflow Time Series Modeling by Using a Periodic Autoregressive Model(ARMA) Based on Fuzzy Clustering
M khazaeiathar, R Hadizadeh, N Fathollahzadeh Attar, B Schmalz
Water 14 (23), 2022
On the Effect of Preprocessing Techniques for Evapotranspiration Estimation Using Soft Computing Methods
A Amir-Ashayeri, J Behmanesh, VR Verdinezhad, NF Attar
A Novel Stochastic Tree Model for Daily Streamflow Prediction Based on A Noise Suppression Hybridization Algorithm and Efficient Uncertainty Quantification
NF Attar, MT Sattari, H Apaydin
Water Resources Management, 1-22, 2024
Assessing windstorm hazard emerging from multiple types of storms
NF Attar, F Marra, A Canale
Precipitation Modeling Based on Spatio-Temporal Variation in Lake Urmia Basin Using Machine Learning Methods
S Arbabi, MT Sattari, NF Attar, A Milewski, M Sakizadeh
Water 16 (9), 1246, 2024
Evapotranspiration estimation using hybrid and intelligent methods
A Amirashayeri, J Behmanesh, V Rezaverdinejad, N Fathollahzadeh Attar
Soft Computing 27 (14), 9801-9821, 2023
The application of R software in water science
N Fathollahzadeh Attar, MT Sattari
Earth Observation Data Analytics Using Machine and Deep Learning Modern …, 2023
Extreme windstorm hazard in northern Italy using non-asymptotic statistics
N Fathollahzadeh Attar, A Canale, F Marra
EGU23, 2023
Simulating Snow Cover Extent by Combined Principal Component Analysis and Artificial Intelligence Approaches Using Climatic Parameters
A Amini Rakan, K Khalili, H Rezaie, N Fathollahzadeh Attar
Water Harvesting Research 5, 241-256, 2023
Intercomparison of Partial Least Square Regression-based Feature Selection Techniques for Snow Cover Area Models
A Rakan, H Rezaie, N Attar
تحلیلی بر علل آبگرفتگی و پیامدهای بهداشتی و زیست محیطی آن (مطالعه موردی: محله اسلام آباد ارومیه)
فتح اله زاده عطار, رحیمی جاریحان
جغرافیا و روابط انسانی 4 (1), 263-278, 2021
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