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Alina M. Balu (ORCID: 0000-0002-8872-3400)
Alina M. Balu (ORCID: 0000-0002-8872-3400)
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Mechanochemical synthesis of advanced nanomaterials for catalytic applications
C Xu, S De, AM Balu, M Ojeda, R Luque
Chemical communications 51 (31), 6698-6713, 2015
Biomass‐derived porous carbon materials: synthesis and catalytic applications
S De, AM Balu, JC Van Der Waal, R Luque
ChemCatChem 7 (11), 1608-1629, 2015
Catalytic insights into the production of biomass-derived side products methyl levulinate, furfural and humins
L Filiciotto, AM Balu, JC Van der Waal, R Luque
Catalysis Today 302, 2-15, 2018
Valorisation of orange peel residues: waste to biochemicals and nanoporous materials
AM Balu, V Budarin, PS Shuttleworth, LA Pfaltzgraff, K Waldron, R Luque, ...
ChemSusChem 5 (9), 1694, 2012
Incorporation of chemical functionalities in the framework of mesoporous silica
N Linares, E Serrano, M Rico, AM Balu, E Losada, R Luque, ...
Chemical Communications 47 (32), 9024-9035, 2011
Catalytic transformations of biomass-derived acids into advanced biofuels
JC Serrano-Ruiz, A Pineda, AM Balu, R Luque, JM Campelo, AA Romero, ...
Catalysis Today 195 (1), 162-168, 2012
Catalytic transfer hydrogenolysis of lignin-derived aromatic ethers promoted by bimetallic Pd/Ni systems
F Mauriello, E Paone, R Pietropaolo, AM Balu, R Luque
ACS sustainable chemistry & engineering 6 (7), 9269-9276, 2018
Heterogeneously catalysed mild hydrogenolytic depolymerisation of lignin under microwave irradiation with hydrogen‐donating solvents
A Toledano, L Serrano, J Labidi, A Pineda, AM Balu, R Luque
ChemCatChem 5 (4), 977-985, 2013
Fractionation of organosolv lignin from olive tree clippings and its valorization to simple phenolic compounds
A Toledano, L Serrano, AM Balu, R Luque, A Pineda, J Labidi
ChemSusChem 6 (3), 529-536, 2013
Mild ultrasound-assisted synthesis of TiO2 supported on magnetic nanocomposites for selective photo-oxidation of benzyl alcohol
JC Colmenares, W Ouyang, M Ojeda, E Kuna, O Chernyayeva, ...
Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 183, 107-112, 2016
Recent advances in the catalytic production of platform chemicals from holocellulosic biomass
G Gómez Millán, S Hellsten, J Llorca, R Luque, H Sixta, AM Balu
ChemCatChem 11 (8), 2022-2042, 2019
Nanocatalysis in continuous flow: supported iron oxide nanoparticles for the heterogeneous aerobic oxidation of benzyl alcohol
D Obermayer, AM Balu, AA Romero, W Goessler, R Luque, CO Kappe
Green chemistry 15 (6), 1530-1537, 2013
Magnetically separable nanocomposites with photocatalytic activity under visible light for the selective transformation of biomass-derived platform molecules
AM Balu, B Baruwati, E Serrano, J Cot, J Garcia-Martinez, RS Varma, ...
Green Chemistry 13 (10), 2750-2758, 2011
Environmental catalysis: present and future
D Rodríguez‐Padrón, AR Puente‐Santiago, AM Balu, MJ Muñoz‐Batista, ...
ChemCatChem 11 (1), 18-38, 2019
Non-porous carbonaceous materials derived from coffee waste grounds as highly sustainable anodes for lithium-ion batteries
F Luna-Lama, D Rodríguez-Padrón, AR Puente-Santiago, ...
Journal of cleaner production 207, 411-417, 2019
Fe/Al synergy in Fe 2 O 3 nanoparticles supported on porous aluminosilicate materials: excelling activities in oxidation reactions
AM Balu, A Pineda, K Yoshida, JM Campelo, PL Gai, R Luque, ...
Chemical communications 46 (41), 7825-7827, 2010
A dry milling approach for the synthesis of highly active nanoparticles supported on porous materials
A Pineda, AM Balu, JM Campelo, AA Romero, D Carmona, F Balas, ...
ChemSusChem 4 (11), 1561, 2011
Valorisation of corncob residues to functionalised porous carbonaceous materials for the simultaneous esterification/transesterification of waste oils
RA Arancon, HR Barros Jr, AM Balu, C Vargas, R Luque
Green chemistry 13 (11), 3162-3167, 2011
Nanomaterials and catalysis for green chemistry
P Gómez-López, A Puente-Santiago, A Castro-Beltrán, ...
Current opinion in Green and sustainable Chemistry 24, 48-55, 2020
Laser-driven heterogeneous catalysis: efficient amide formation catalysed by Au/SiO 2 systems
A Pineda, L Gomez, AM Balu, V Sebastian, M Ojeda, M Arruebo, ...
Green chemistry 15 (8), 2043-2049, 2013
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