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N.W.M. Ogink
N.W.M. Ogink
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Trích dẫn bởi
Trích dẫn bởi
Air scrubbing techniques for ammonia and odor reduction at livestock operations: Review of on-farm research in the Netherlands
RW Melse, NWM Ogink
Transactions of the ASAE 48 (6), 2303-2313, 2005
Odour from animal production facilities: its relationship to diet
PD Le, AJA Aarnink, NWM Ogink, PM Becker, MWA Verstegen
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Measuring gas emissions from livestock buildings: A review on uncertainty analysis and error sources
S Calvet, RS Gates, GQ Zhang, F Estelles, NWM Ogink, S Pedersen, ...
Biosystems Engineering 116 (3), 221-231, 2013
Methods for measuring gas emissions from naturally ventilated livestock buildings: Developments over the last decade and perspectives for improvement
NWM Ogink, J Mosquera, S Calvet, G Zhang
Biosystems engineering 116 (3), 297-308, 2013
Particulate matter emitted from poultry and pig houses: source identification and quantification
M Cambra-López, T Hermosilla, HTL Lai, AJA Aarnink, NWM Ogink
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Odor and irritation thresholds for ammonia: a comparison between static and dynamic olfactometry
MAM Smeets, PJ Bulsing, S van Rooden, R Steinmann, JA de Ru, ...
Chemical Senses 32 (1), 11-20, 2007
Overview of European and Netherlands' regulations on airborne emissions from intensive livestock production with a focus on the application of air scrubbers
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Y Zhao, AJA Aarnink, MCM De Jong, NWM Ogink, PWGG Koerkamp
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Air treatment techniques for abatement of emissions from intensive livestock production
RW Melse
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Biotrickling filter for the treatment of exhaust air from a pig rearing building: Ammonia removal performance and its fluctuations
RW Melse, JPM Ploegaert, NWM Ogink
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NDIR gas sensor for spatial monitoring of carbon dioxide concentrations in naturally ventilated livestock buildings
LB Mendes, NWM Ogink, N Edouard, HJC Van Dooren, IDFF Tinôco, ...
Sensors 15 (5), 11239-11257, 2015
Odour emissions from pig houses with low ammonia emission
N Verdoes, NWM Ogink
Ammonia and Odour Emissions from Animal Production Facilities. JAM Voermans …, 1997
Reduction of ammonia emission from a cow cubicle house by flushing with water or a formalin solution
NWM Ogink, W Kroodsma
Journal of Agricultural Engineering Research 63 (3), 197-204, 1996
Interactive effects of dietary crude protein and fermentable carbohydrate levels on odour from pig manure
PD Le, AJA Aarnink, AW Jongbloed, CMC Van der Peet-Schwering, ...
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Effects of dietary crude protein level on odour from pig manure
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Animal 1 (5), 734-744, 2007
Measurement protocol for emissions of fine dust from animal houses: considerations, draft protocol and validation
P Hofschreuder, YY Zhao, AJA Aarnink, NWM Ogink
Animal Sciences Group, 2008
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