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Arito Sakaguchi
Arito Sakaguchi
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Seismic slip propagation to the updip end of plate boundary subduction interface faults: Vitrinite reflectance geothermometry on Integrated Ocean Drilling Program NanTro SEIZE …
A Sakaguchi, F Chester, D Curewitz, O Fabbri, D Goldsby, G Kimura, ...
Geology 39 (4), 395-398, 2011
Hadal disturbance in the Japan Trench induced by the 2011 Tohoku–Oki Earthquake
K Oguri, K Kawamura, A Sakaguchi, T Toyofuku, T Kasaya, M Murayama, ...
Scientific Reports 3 (1), 1915, 2013
Paleothermal structure of the Shimanto accretionary prism, Shikoku, Japan: Role of an out-of-sequence thrust
K Ohmori, A Taira, H Tokuyama, A Sakaguchi, M Okamura, A Aihara
Geology 25 (4), 327-330, 1997
Pseudotachylyte from an ancient accretionary complex: Evidence for melt generation during seismic slip along a master décollement?
E Ikesawa, A Sakaguchi, G Kimura
Geology 31 (7), 637-640, 2003
Deformation and fluid flow of a major out‐of‐sequence thrust located at seismogenic depth in an accretionary complex: Nobeoka Thrust in the Shimanto Belt, Kyushu, Japan
H Kondo, G Kimura, H Masago, K Ohmori‐Ikehara, Y Kitamura, E Ikesawa, ...
Tectonics 24 (6), 2005
High paleogeothermal gradient with ridge subduction beneath the Cretaceous Shimanto accretionary prism, southwest Japan
A Sakaguchi
Geology 24 (9), 795-798, 1996
Pseudotachylytes in an ancient accretionary complex and implications for melt lubrication during subduction zone earthquakes
K Ujiie, H Yamaguchi, A Sakaguchi, S Toh
Journal of Structural Geology 29 (4), 599-613, 2007
Large submarine landslides in the Japan Trench: A new scenario for additional tsunami generation
K Kawamura, T Sasaki, T Kanamatsu, A Sakaguchi, Y Ogawa
Geophysical Research Letters 39 (5), 2012
Co-seismic frictional melting along an out-of-sequence thrust in the Shimanto accretionary complex. Implications on the tsunamigenic potential of splay faults in modern …
H Mukoyoshi, A Sakaguchi, K Otsuki, T Hirono, W Soh
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 245 (1-2), 330-343, 2006
Progressive illitization in fault gouge caused by seismic slip propagation along a megasplay fault in the Nankai Trough
A Yamaguchi, A Sakaguchi, T Sakamoto, K Iijima, J Kameda, G Kimura, ...
Geology 39 (11), 995-998, 2011
Interactions between deformation and fluids in the frontal thrust region of the NanTroSEIZE transect offshore the Kii Peninsula, Japan: Results from IODP Expedition 316 Sites …
E Screaton, G Kimura, D Curewitz, G Moore, F Chester, O Fabbri, ...
Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems 10 (12), 2009
Initial science report of shallow drilling penetrating into the Chelungpu fault zone, Taiwan
H Tanaka, CY Wang, WM Chen, A Sakaguchi, K Ujiie, H Ito, M Ando
Terrestrial Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences 13 (3), 227-252, 2002
Thermal maturity in the Shimanto accretionary prism, southwest Japan, with the thermal change of the subducting slab: fluid inclusion and vitrinite reflectance study
A Sakaguchi
Earth and Planetary Science Letters 173 (1-2), 61-74, 1999
Episodic seafloor mud brecciation due to great subduction zone earthquakes
A Sakaguchi, G Kimura, M Strasser, EJ Screaton, D Curewitz, ...
Geology 39 (10), 919-922, 2011
Thermal maturity of a fold–thrust belt based on vitrinite reflectance analysis in the Western Foothills complex, western Taiwan
A Sakaguchi, A Yanagihara, K Ujiie, H Tanaka, M Kameyama
Tectonophysics 443 (3-4), 220-232, 2007
Permeability structure around an ancient exhumed subduction‐zone fault
A Kato, A Sakaguchi, S Yoshida, H Yamaguchi, Y Kaneda
Geophysical Research Letters 31 (6), 2004
Unexpected biotic resilience on the Japanese seafloor caused by the 2011 Tōhoku-Oki tsunami
T Toyofuku, P Duros, C Fontanier, B Mamo, S Bichon, R Buscail, ...
Scientific Reports 4 (1), 7517, 2014
In situ pressure–temperature conditions of a tectonic mélange: Constraints from fluid inclusion analysis of syn‐mélange veins
Y Hashimoto, M Enjoji, A Sakaguchi, G Kimura
Island arc 12 (4), 357-365, 2003
PT conditions of cataclastic deformation associated with underplating: An example from the Cretaceous Shimanto complex, Kii Peninsula, SW Japan
Y Hashimoto, M Enjoji, A Sakaguchi, G Kimura
Earth, planets and space 54, 1133-1138, 2002
Style of fluid flow and deformation in and around an ancient out‐of‐sequence thrust: An example from the Nobeoka Tectonic Line in the Shimanto accretionary complex, Southwest Japan
H Mukoyoshi, T Hirono, H Hara, K Sekine, N Tsuchiya, A Sakaguchi, ...
Island Arc 18 (2), 333-351, 2009
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