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Professor Phil Longhurst
Professor Phil Longhurst
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Trích dẫn bởi
Biodrying for mechanical–biological treatment of wastes: A review of process science and engineering
CA Velis, PJ Longhurst, GH Drew, R Smith, SJT Pollard
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Biomass resources and biofuels potential for the production of transportation fuels in Nigeria
J Ben-Iwo, V Manovic, P Longhurst
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An R&D options selection model for investment decisions
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Production and quality assurance of solid recovered fuels using mechanical—biological treatment (MBT) of waste: a comprehensive assessment
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Y Jiang, M Lei, L Duan, P Longhurst
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C Vrancken, PJ Longhurst, ST Wagland
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The application of a new research and development project selection model in SMEs
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ST Wagland, P Kilgallon, R Coveney, A Garg, R Smith, PJ Longhurst, ...
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Sampling for measurement of odours
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Estimating fugitive bioaerosol releases from static compost windrows: feasibility of a portable wind tunnel approach
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Quantifying the percentage of methane formation via acetoclastic and syntrophic acetate oxidation pathways in anaerobic digesters
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GH Drew, R Smith, V Gerard, C Burge, M Lowe, R Kinnersley, R Sneath, ...
Atmospheric Environment 41 (13), 2870-2880, 2007
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