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Alban Kuriqi
Alban Kuriqi
Tên khácKuriqi Alban, A. Kuriqi, Kuriqi, A.
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Trích dẫn bởi
Ecological impacts of run-of-river hydropower plants—Current status and future prospects on the brink of energy transition
A Kuriqi, AN Pinheiro, A Sordo-Ward, MD Bejarano, L Garrote
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 142, 110833, 2021
Influence of hydrologically based environmental flow methods on flow alteration and energy production in a run-of-river hydropower plant
A Kuriqi, AN Pinheiro, A Sordo-Ward, L Garrote
Journal of Cleaner Production 232, 1028-1042, 2019
Flood susceptibility modelling using advanced ensemble machine learning models
ARMT Islam, S Talukdar, S Mahato, S Kundu, KU Eibek, QB Pham, ...
Geoscience Frontiers 12 (3), 101075, 2021
Water-energy-ecosystem nexus: Balancing competing interests at a run-of-river hydropower plant coupling a hydrologic–ecohydraulic approach
A Kuriqi, AN Pinheiro, A Sordo-Ward, L Garrote
Energy Conversion and Management 223, 113267, 2020
Flow regime aspects in determining environmental flows and maximising energy production at run-of-river hydropower plants
A Kuriqi, AN Pinheiro, A Sordo-Ward, L Garrote
Applied Energy 256, 113980, 2019
Long-term trends and seasonality detection of the observed flow in Yangtze River using Mann-Kendall and Sen’s innovative trend method
R Ali, A Kuriqi, S Abubaker, O Kisi
Water (Switzerland) 11 (9), 1855, 2019
Hydrologic alteration at the upper and middle part of the Yangtze river, China: towards sustainable water resource management under increasing water exploitation
R Ali, A Kuriqi, S Abubaker, O Kisi
Sustainability 11 (19), 5176, 2019
Optimisation of cascade reservoir operation considering environmental flows for different environmental management classes
N Suwal, X Huang, A Kuriqi, Y Chen, KP Pandey, KP Bhattarai
Renewable Energy 158, 453-464, 2020
Seasonality shift and streamflow variability trends in central India
A Kuriqi, R Ali, QB Pham, J Montenegro Gambini, V Gupta, A Malik, ...
Acta Geophysica 68 (5), 1461-1475, 2020
Modelling reference evapotranspiration by combining neuro-fuzzy and evolutionary strategies
M Alizamir, O Kisi, R Muhammad Adnan, A Kuriqi
Acta Geophysica, 1-14, 2020
Hourly predictions of direct normal irradiation using an innovative hybrid LSTM model for concentrating solar power projects in hyper-arid regions
A Djaafari, A Ibrahim, N Bailek, K Bouchouicha, MA Hassan, A Kuriqi, ...
Energy Reports 8, 15548-15562, 2022
Human–environment natural disasters interconnection in China: A review
R Ali, A Kuriqi, O Kisi
Climate 8 (4), 48, 2020
DEM resolution effects on machine learning performance for flood probability mapping
M Avand, A Kuriqi, M Khazaei, O Ghorbanzadeh
Journal of Hydro-Environment Research 40, 1-16, 2022
Calibration of channel roughness in intermittent rivers using HEC-RAS model: Case of Sarimsakli creek, Turkey
M Ardiclioglu, A Kuriqi
SN Applied Sciences 1 (9), 1-9, 2019
Artificial neural network optimized with a genetic algorithm for seasonal groundwater table depth prediction in Uttar Pradesh, India
K Pandey, S Kumar, A Malik, A Kuriqi
Sustainability 12 (21), 8932, 2020
Methods to estimate evapotranspiration in humid and subtropical climate conditions
DK Vishwakarma, K Pandey, A Kaur, NL Kushwaha, R Kumar, R Ali, ...
Agricultural Water Management 261, 107378, 2022
Evaluation of management practices on agricultural nonpoint source pollution discharges into the rivers under climate change effects
N Badrzadeh, JMV Samani, M Mazaheri, A Kuriqi
Science of the Total Environment 838, 156643, 2022
Prediction of combined terrestrial evapotranspiration index (CTEI) over large river basin based on machine learning approaches
A Elbeltagi, N Kumari, JK Dharpure, A Mokhtar, K Alsafadi, M Kumar, ...
Water (Switzerland) 13 (4), 547, 2021
Estimating reference evapotranspiration using hybrid adaptive fuzzy inferencing coupled with heuristic algorithms
RM Adnan, RR Mostafa, ARMT Islam, O Kisi, A Kuriqi, S Heddam
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 191, 106541, 2021
Environmental flows assessment in Nepal: the case of Kaligandaki River
N Suwal, A Kuriqi, X Huang, J Delgado, D Młyński, A Walega
Sustainability 12 (21), 8766, 2020
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