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Vahid Karimi Khosrowshahi
Vahid Karimi Khosrowshahi
M.Sc. Water Resources Engineering
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Trích dẫn bởi
A hybrid support vector regression–firefly model for monthly rainfall forecasting
A Danandeh Mehr, V Nourani, V Karimi Khosrowshahi, MA Ghorbani
International Journal of Environmental Science and Technology 16, 335-346, 2019
Implementation of a hybrid MLP-FFA model for water level prediction of Lake Egirdir, Turkey
MA Ghorbani, RC Deo, V Karimi, ZM Yaseen, O Terzi
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 32, 1683-1697, 2018
Modeling monthly pan evaporation process over the Indian central Himalayas: application of multiple learning artificial intelligence model
A Malik, A Kumar, S Kim, MH Kashani, V Karimi, A Sharafati, MA Ghorbani, ...
Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 14 (1), 323-338, 2020
Learning from multiple models using artificial intelligence to improve model prediction accuracies: application to river flows
MA Ghorbani, R Khatibi, V Karimi, ZM Yaseen, M Zounemat-Kermani
Water resources management 32, 4201-4215, 2018
River flow prediction using hybrid PSOGSA algorithm based on feed-forward neural network
SG Meshram, MA Ghorbani, S Shamshirband, V Karimi, C Meshram
Soft Computing 23, 10429-10438, 2019
Application of artificial neural networks, support vector machine and multiple model-ANN to sediment yield prediction
SG Meshram, VP Singh, O Kisi, V Karimi, C Meshram
Water Resources Management 34 (15), 4561-4575, 2020
Development and evaluation of the cascade correlation neural network and the random forest models for river stage and river flow prediction in Australia
MA Ghorbani, RC Deo, S Kim, M Hasanpour Kashani, V Karimi, ...
Soft Computing 24, 12079-12090, 2020
New approach for sediment yield forecasting with a two-phase feedforward neuron network-particle swarm optimization model integrated with the gravitational search algorithm
SG Meshram, MA Ghorbani, RC Deo, MH Kashani, C Meshram, V Karimi
Water Resources Management 33, 2335-2356, 2019
A framework for ‘Inclusive Multiple Modelling’with critical views on modelling practices–Applications to modelling water levels of Caspian Sea and Lakes Urmia and Van
R Khatibi, MA Ghorbani, S Naghshara, H Aydin, V Karimi
Journal of Hydrology 587, 124923, 2020
Design and implementation of a hybrid MLP-GSA model with multi-layer perceptron-gravitational search algorithm for monthly lake water level forecasting
MA Ghorbani, RC Deo, V Karimi, MH Kashani, S Ghorbani
Stochastic environmental research and risk assessment 33, 125-147, 2019
An investigation into seasonal variations of groundwater nitrate by spatial modelling strategies at two levels by kriging and co-kriging models
AA Rostami, V Karimi, R Khatibi, B Pradhan
Journal of environmental management 270, 110843, 2020
Developing a predictive tropospheric ozone model for Tabriz
R Khatibi, L Naghipour, MA Ghorbani, MS Smith, V Karimi, R Farhoudi, ...
Atmospheric Environment 68, 286-294, 2013
Application of complex networks for monthly rainfall dynamics over central Vietnam
MA Ghorbani, V Karimi, H Ruskeepää, B Sivakumar, QB Pham, ...
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 35, 535-548, 2021
Strategies for learning groundwater potential modelling indices under sparse data with supervised and unsupervised techniques
V Karimi, R Khatibi, MA Ghorbani, DT Bui, S Darbandi
Water Resources Management 34, 2389-2417, 2020
Sensitivity Analysis of the Effective Input Parameters upon the Ozone Concentration using Artificial Neural Networks
MA GHORBANI, L Naghipour, V Karimi, R Farhoudi
Iranian Journal of Health and Environment (IJHE) 6 (1), 11-22, 2013
Temporal connections in reconstructed monthly rainfall time series in different rainfall regimes of Turkey
MA Ghorbani, E Kahya, H Ruskeepää, T Roshni, M Hasanpour Kashani, ...
Arabian Journal of Geosciences 15 (10), 1015, 2022
Nonlinear and periodic dynamics of chaotic hydro-thermal process of Skokomish river
H Ruskeepää, LN Ferreira, MA Ghorbani, E Kahya, G Golmohammadi, ...
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment 37 (7), 2739-2756, 2023
Energy dissipation in rough chute: experimental approach versus artificial intelligence modeling
S Kim, F Salmasi, MA Ghorbani, V Karimi, A Malik, E Kahya
Intelligent Data Analytics for Decision-Support Systems in Hazard Mitigation …, 2021
Groundwater potential mapping using index of entropy and naïve bayes models at ardabil plain
V Karimi Khosrowshahi, MA Ghorbani, S Darbandi
Journal of Watershed Management Research 11 (22), 273-286, 2020
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