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Nicola Macchioni
Nicola Macchioni
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Guidelines for on-site assessment of historic timber structures
H Cruz, D Yeomans, E Tsakanika, N Macchioni, A Jorissen, M Touza, ...
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High performance UV-cured coatings for wood protection
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Wooden tools and fire technology in the early Neanderthal site of Poggetti Vecchi (Italy)
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Quantitative evaluation by attenuated total reflectance infrared (ATR-FTIR) spectroscopy of the chemical composition of decayed wood preserved in waterlogged conditions
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How an integrated diagnostic approach can help in a correct evaluation of the state of preservation of waterlogged archaeological wooden artefacts
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The wood of “C” and “F” Roman ships found in the ancient harbour of Pisa (Tuscany, Italy): the utilisation of different timbers and the probable geographical area which …
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La scoperta del porto di" Neapolis": dalla ricostruzione topografica allo scavo e al recupero dei relitti
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Archaeologia maritima mediterranea: International Journal on Underwater …, 2005
Grading the decay of waterlogged archaeological wood according to anatomical characterisation. The case of the Fiavé site (NE Italy)
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Ring shake in chestnut (Castanea sativa Mill.): state of the art
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A methodological approach in the evaluation of the efficacy of treatments for the dimensional stabilisation of waterlogged archaeological wood
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Provenance effect on the ring structure of teak (Tectona grandis L.f.) wood by X-ray microdensitometry
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New trials in the consolidation of waterlogged archaeological wood with different acetone-carried products
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Unilateral NMR, 13C CPMAS NMR spectroscopy and micro-analytical techniques for studying the materials and state of conservation of an ancient Egyptian …
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Microbial community analysis and biodeterioration of waterlogged archaeological wood from the Nanhai No. 1 shipwreck during storage
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The timber structures in the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem: Typologies and diagnosis
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Physical characteristics of the wood from the excavations of the ancient port of Pisa
N Macchioni
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Natural durability, physical and mechanical properties of Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica Manetti) wood from Southern Italy
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Ring shake and structural characteristics of a chestnut (Castanea sativa Miller) coppice stand in northern Piedmont (northwest Italy)
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Argentinean native wood species: physical and mechanical characterization of some Prosopis species and Acacia aroma (Leguminosae; Mimosoideae)
CL Pometti, B Pizzo, M Brunetti, N Macchioni, M Ewens, BO Saidman
Bioresource technology 100 (6), 1999-2004, 2009
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