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Sina Sadeghfam
Sina Sadeghfam
Associate Professor, University of Maragheh
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Trích dẫn bởi
Groundwater vulnerability indices conditioned by supervised intelligence committee machine (SICM)
AA Nadiri, M Gharekhani, R Khatibi, S Sadeghfam, AA Moghaddam
Science of the Total Environment 574, 691-706, 2017
Mapping specific vulnerability of multiple confined and unconfined aquifers by using artificial intelligence to learn from multiple DRASTIC frameworks
AA Nadiri, Z Sedghi, R Khatibi, S Sadeghfam
Journal of environmental management 227, 415-428, 2018
Localization of groundwater vulnerability assessment using catastrophe theory
S Sadeghfam, Y Hassanzadeh, AA Nadiri, M Zarghami
Water resources management 30, 4585-4601, 2016
Experimental investigation of screens as energy dissipaters in submerged hydraulic jump
S Sadeghfam, AA Akhtari, R Daneshfaraz, G Tayfur
Turkish Journal of Engineering and Environmental Sciences 38 (2), 126-138, 2015
Mapping groundwater potential field using catastrophe fuzzy membership functions and Jenks optimization method: a case study of Maragheh-Bonab plain, Iran
S Sadeghfam, Y Hassanzadeh, AA Nadiri, R Khatibi
Environmental Earth Sciences 75, 1-19, 2016
Experimental studies on scour of supercritical flow jets in upstream of screens and modelling scouring dimensions using artificial intelligence to combine multiple models (AIMM)
S Sadeghfam, R Daneshfaraz, R Khatibi, O Minaei
Journal of Hydroinformatics 21 (5), 893-907, 2019
Three-dimensional Numerical Investigation of Flow through Screens as Energy Dissipators
R Daneshfaraz, S Sadeghfam, A Ghahramanzadeh
Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering 44, 850-859, 2017
Vulnerability indexing to saltwater intrusion from models at two levels using artificial intelligence multiple model (AIMM)
M Moazamnia, Y Hassanzadeh, AA Nadiri, S Sadeghfam
Journal of environmental management 255, 109871, 2020
Formulating a strategy to combine artificial intelligence models using Bayesian model averaging to study a distressed aquifer with sparse data availability
M Moazamnia, Y Hassanzadeh, AA Nadiri, R Khatibi, S Sadeghfam
Journal of Hydrology 571, 765-781, 2019
Introducing the risk aggregation problem to aquifers exposed to impacts of anthropogenic and geogenic origins on a modular basis using ‘risk cells’
AA Nadiri, S Sadeghfam, M Gharekhani, R Khatibi, E Akbari
Journal of environmental management 217, 654-667, 2018
Experimental investigation of screen as energy dissipators in the movable-bed channel
R Daneshfaraz, S Sadeghfam, A Tahni
Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Civil Engineering …, 2020
A study of uncertainties in groundwater vulnerability modelling using Bayesian model averaging (BMA)
M Gharekhani, AA Nadiri, R Khatibi, S Sadeghfam, AA Moghaddam
Journal of environmental management 303, 114168, 2022
Groundwater remediation through pump-treat-inject technology using optimum control by artificial intelligence (OCAI)
S Sadeghfam, Y Hassanzadeh, R Khatibi, AA Nadiri, M Moazamnia
Water Resources Management 33, 1123-1145, 2019
Transforming subsidence vulnerability indexing based on ALPRIFT into risk indexing using a new fuzzy-catastrophe scheme
S Sadeghfam, R Khatibi, S Dadashi, AA Nadiri
Environmental Impact Assessment Review 82, 106352, 2020
Laboratory Investigation on the Effect of Screen’s Location on the Flow Energy Dissipation
R Daneshfaraz, S Sadeghfam, JA REZAZADEH
Experimental investigation of energy dissipation in vertical drops equipped with a horizontal screen under supercritical flow
R Daneshfaraz, S Sadeghfam, V Hasanniya
Iranian Journal of Soil and Water Research 50 (6), 1421-1436, 2019
Experimental and numerical investigation for energy dissipation of supercritical flow in sudden contractions
R Daneshfaraz, E Aminvash, R Esmaeli, S Sadeghfam, J Abraham, E Vol
Journal of groundwater science and engineering 8 (4), 396-406, 2020
Investigating ‘risk’of groundwater drought occurrences by using reliability analysis
S Sadeghfam, A Ehsanitabar, R Khatibi, R Daneshfaraz
Ecological indicators 94, 170-184, 2018
Investigating the effect of horizontal screen on hydraulic parameters of vertical drop
R Daneshfaraz, V Hasannia, R Norouzi, P Sihag, S Sadeghfam, ...
Iranian Journal of Science and Technology, Transactions of Civil Engineering …, 2021
Transforming vulnerability indexing for saltwater intrusion into risk indexing through a fuzzy catastrophe scheme
S Sadeghfam, R Khatibi, R Daneshfaraz, H Borhan Rashidi
Water Resources Management 34 (1), 175-194, 2020
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